Tuesday, 1 March 2016

Moving On Up, We're Moving On Up!

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Today at club night it was move up week! My group 0 members decided that they will try it!  So when it came to my turn to describe my route I first asked if there were any that were wanting to do group 0 pace, apart from my team members and sweepers!

When I found out that there weren't any then I abandoned my route and made an executive decision to join group 1.  Now here is the even more interesting bit, stay with me now.  Up to a few months ago we only had 8 groups starting at 8:00 pm, with my group 0 starting at 7:00 pm.  We decided then that group 0 will begin at 8:00 (with help from my buddies, J.J. Wendimoo, Janet and Auriol) which then made 9 groups.  along the way group 1 and half appeared followed a few months later by group 7 and half. So now we have 11 groups, covering every pace possible from 12.5 min pace to 7.5 min pace, if not faster!

We left it like that for a good few months so that people can get used to the groups.  Today, on move up week we have renumbered all the groups,  Group 0 becomes group 1, group 1 becomes group 2, group 1.5 becomes group 3, group 2 becomes 4 and so on until group 8 becoming group 11, You got all that? So not only were group 0 'moving up' to group 1 by changing our number,  we were also moving up running to group 2, just for today!

I think I should have mentioned it to the other ladies, but sometimes it's nicer to have a little surprise, get a little bit of pressure going!  So today, I wasn't leading, I was being led by the lovely Illustrious Leader!  And not only that but the route she was doing was a lovely straight forward one, if there are any struggling along then it will be easy to spot them.

Group 2 (formally group 1) was a very big group this evening! We made our way along Crossways and turned right to run up Petts Wood Road.  We were going over the walking bridge to run down Southborough lane.  With group 1 (formally group 0) taking sweeper duties we followed Illustrious Leader all the way to the Harvester!

Illustrious Leader sent her group on around the little 'lollipop' section while me, J.J. Janet, Wendimoo and Auriol started our run back.  We knew that they will catch up with us when we got to Farringdon Avenue!  I think my group were still suffering from a very wonderful weekend!

The rest of the group joined us as we ran around the green waiting for them.  Then we made our way back to the rec via Chesham, Shepperton and Ryecroft roads!  I decided to stay at the back of I.L.'s group while J.J. and Janet started up at the front.

It was a good run, and it was good to be running with group 1.....oops I mean group 2 members again. The group 0 runners were all do so very well, I felt very proud of them all!  Thanks for having us back I.L.!  It was brilliant!

I am looking forward to the next 8 weeks to welcome some more new members that will join from the beginners course!

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