Tuesday, 28 February 2017

Club Run - Just A Few Of Us

Hello blog lovers.

Today was certainly 'a day of two halves' wasn't it.  Beautiful sunshine this morning, even if it was a bit chilly, just seeing blue skies puts you in a better place.  This morning I put my bike in for a service.  I'm thinking it will all go to help with capturing my cycling mojo!  Anyway, that was this morning, I guess I am quite pleased really.  There's nothing worse than cycling in the cold and rain.  This evening though, was different.  It was cold, dark (obviously because of the time!) and it was raining! This was going to be a tough one this evening!

I drove up to J.J.'s and got out to walk up to J.J.'s door and noticed that the rain was almost over, "That's good" I thought to myself "J.J. won't have an excuse for not coming out now" I chuckled.  She doesn't like the rain, and I know how she feels.  It's harder to actually walk out the door in the rain than it is to keep on running once when the rain comes after you started!  But, now I know she will be there.

It was just as well she came though, I had a very small group, just five of us.  J.J., Carole and Michael, Christine and me!  The route I chose was one of our hillier ones, not major hills, ooops undulations I mean, not like it was on the train run where it seemed to go on and on for ever!  Just little challenges.  It's good to have these in our list of routes to choose from and it's good to do different ones too.

We were all ready to go and so we set off, nice and steady while we warm up, and we will warm up quiet quickly on our first incline, Birchwood.  On a cold day this road really does wonders in keeping or getting you warm! A great start really.  We were all pretty tight together too, even up the incline.  We took a break at the time, and just walked over to the crossing on the left.  As soon as we were over it was back to running.  I don't know about anyone else, but I was really feeling tired, sluggish, being out running while you feel like this is good! I think! Because I know the endorphins will kick in, I know I will be feeling pretty smug and pleased with myself.  That's when you know at least your running mojo is well and here to stay!

We did the loop of the Berens and Kevington.  I remember when I first took the group out on this route, I had planned it on map my run or plotaroute, I can't remember which one, but what I didn't do was to check on the elevations!  It's all a bit undulationy (I just invented a new word) but that cheeky little hill on Kevington Drive felt like a vertical wall this evening!

We came out of the loop and then ran down to the round about on Petts Wood Road.  This down hill is going to feel good, I just know it!  My legs were feeling like lead, I think it's because I haven't eaten the right things today, I needed more of something, I'm not sure what.  But fuel throughout the day I am sure is what you need, is what I need!  When were were running up to the memorial hall, I sent them all up at their own pace.  Michael was like he was let out of the stalls, like a race horse he was!  Me and Christine ran up side by side, and walked when we needed!  She asked me if we were running a little faster than usual, I think we were on the odd occasion, the geeky stats says we were 14 m/mi avg.  Not too bad for a group 1 pace.

We had the last little down hill of Kingsway to enjoy and hopefully put a spring in our step for a sprint finish!

Here is those geeky stats for you:

Sunday, 26 February 2017

Train Run - Swanley!

Hello blog lovers.

Blog no.2 for today.  I had to do separate blogs, I think David and Pherenice's love story warranted a special blog all to them selves.  What a special moment, and I was so pleased that I was there to witness two friends getting engaged in front of 566 runners!

Back to this morning though. It was particularly early, for a Sunday, for me anyway!  We were getting the 08:00 train from St Mary's Cray so I had to get up before 7 just so that I can get a cuppa at least.  As usual I went to bed quite late and then I tossed and turned until I eventually went to sleep!  Why do I do that, whenever I have to get up particularly early then my brain refuses to shut down!  When the alarm went off I really felt as if I had just put the blimmin' thing on!  I had remembered to get everything I needed for today ready the night before, so it was just a matter off shoving on clothes and grabbing stuff from the table.  I texted Wendimoo to see if she was going by car and fortunately she was, so she came and picked me up! Always good to car share!  And then we drove to St Mary Cray train station!

We were fairly early with only one other person that there.  Just a few minutes more though and then rest of the train crew started to arrive.  As before, there is the 6 miler and the 17 miler, both groups will be getting on the same train tho.  We, the 6 miler's will be getting off the first stop, the rest of them will be travelling on to Wrotham!  Here's a pick of most of the two groups waiting at the top of the station, and down on the platform!

We always seem to fill a carriage up and there is chattering everywhere, something the other passengers probably didn't want to hear as they came home from work or maybe they were going to work, but still wanting a nice quiet journey!
Just some of us, check out more below!
 Our station was first and we got off.  One more photo opportunity before we started our run home!

Groups 1 and 2 make a Super Group!

IllustriousLeader was leading for the first part of our run, then we will say goodbye to the faster runners who will be running with ZippySherry and Debbie. So all that was left in our group, the group 1's and 2's were 14.  Becky and Gary were doing the train run for the first time, in fact, I believe this is Becky's longest run too!  How exciting is that, although she did look a bit nervous!  IllustriousLeader start off running, away from the station.....at a brisk pace!  "We shall just have a warm up slow run first" she said "Just gentle at first" she said "We shall all stick together" she said!  Well, I know what happens really, because I have done it myself on a good few occasions.  When you have faster runners next to you, you kind of forget about pace and just run with whoever is next to you!  So when we come to the place where we split the group I was pretty much warmed up!  We watched as ZippySherry and Debbie took off with their lot, and IllustriousLeader and I had us lot, making up the 14.  Oh, by the way, I think the Swanley crew had the most partakers than the Wrotham crew, not that we are competitive or anything!

Anyway, from this point we did run along at group 1 pace, the faster group 2'ers were at the front while me and Becky were at the back, the only group 1's here, even though Carole and Michael were here, they really are group 2 or higher!  This is a lovely route, it is all on road, quiet lanes, but it's so pretty.  Added bonus we don't have to clean off mud when we finally finish our run!  We ran passed a field at one point and if you peered through the bushes you could see Alpacas!  I still find it amazing that we have these animals here. One of my fav films is called 'The Emperor's New Groove'! It's all about a Llama who used to be a prince!  I just love it, I know Alpaca's and Llamas are two different animals, but I can never tell the difference between them!  Here is a picture of them.
Honest, they are Alpacas

We ran and chatted and walked when we needed, we also had some catch-up stops too.  After all this is fun.  We did some quality running though, and then that hill! Oh my goodness.  The hill seemed to just go on and on!  You think you are getting somewhere near the top and then just around the next bend it goes up again!  We kept up with them though, well there wasn't too much of a gap between me and IllustriousLeader.  I never had to whistle to let them know that we were far behind them!

It was a brilliant run, and really I was slightly, on everso slightly, sad to see that we had reached 'civilisation' again as the block of flats started to come into view.  We had finished with the lovely lanes, with fields, Llamas, sheep and the dogs home.  But it does mean that we are not far from coffee!  As we passed by all the homes and the roads I started to think about that cheeky little blighter of a hill up to the station.  I put it out of my mind and tried to enjoy the rest of the run.  We had to go through a park, the last of the green places, just as we entered you could see were 'Doris' and made her mark with a tree that had half fallen across the path.  We passed that and then thoughts of the little hill going up to the station started creeping into my mind again.  My legs started to feel like lead, and so do Beckys!  We were very close to our finish now, we just had to run to the second bridge which would take us to the Nugent Centre, the shopping centre....which was still all closed.  We had a photo stop here, and this bit of the photo amused me, it's Gary, you can imagine him doing the 'Manaquin challenge'!
perfect mannequin challenge!

And now its that road.  We have to cross over the main road and then run straight ahead to the road that will take us to the station.  When we come face to to face with it, it almost makes you nauseous!  It just seems to rise up in front of you like a monster.  Thankfully it's only about 30-40 meters (I am no good at guessing distances) but it is a big challenge after running 6 miles!  Both me and Becky took a short walk before we got there, just to give us some extra energy, "Right, lets do this, just to the car" says Becky, and we both can see the just about a third of the way up.  We ran as best we could, it felt like I was climbing a vertical wall.  It was tough, but we passed the car, and then we passed the second car "Just to the lamppost" she said.  And we did! We took a short walk and I could see all the others at the top of the hill waiting "Come on Becky, lets run the rest of it, we can do it" And we did!

Of course it wasn't the complete end, the end has ended until there has been some sort of liquid being consumed.  As it was still early it meant Costa Coffee was our venue for a nice social.  We all piled into our cars and then drove back to Petts Wood to meet up with the faster runners.  This is us lot here, some had gone home, and two are from the faster group.  And as you're there, why not throw in a plank! (I was demonstrating what a plank is)
6 miles and a plank!

A fabulous time, a fabulous run and fabulous running buddies.  I don't think is a club that even comes close to how fabulous ours is!

Oh and check this picture at the top, did you notice?!  It's me, with air!!! First one ever I think! Here are some more pictures of our run from various people! and our Geeky stats at the end.

<iframe src='https://connect.garmin.com/modern/activity/embed/1592360347' title='Swanley Running' width='465' height='500' frameborder='0'></iframe>

The Most Romantic Parkrun Ever!

Hello blog lovers.

This is a day late, but I had a bit of a film fest day yesterday!  It must have been because of the 'love' that was all around Bromley parkrun yesterday morning!  So let me explain.  Our very own PWR David 'Marmite' was run director yesterday morning.  He made this wonderful speech about his love, how they met because of the log pile that used to be at Normans Park.  By the sounds of it he was after a free bit of wood! But what he ended up with was more warmth a pile of old logs could give him, and more than he could have ever imagined because he fell in love with Pherenice who was 'in charge' of said log pile!  He did add more to it than that, but that was it in a nut shell...........oh and just one other thing.......he did this!

Will you marry me?!

The whole of Normans Park erupted in cheers and screams, which probably drowned out anything that came from Pherenice.......but by the look of her new tee shirt she said yes!

She said Yes!

So with that on our hearts we were all in the best of moods for parkrun, wiping our tears of happiness we set off.  That's, J.J. LittleJ, K, PinkladyJo, and me. Oh, and Wendimoo!  She had come down for the weekend too, so it was just like she had never left.......ok, so it was only a couple of months ago she left!  I don't think I even heard the start as we were all still so thrilled with the news, but I just went with the flow of people.  I also planned to not go at my usual pace either, considering I was going to be do the 'train run' the following day, so I planned to run along with K, in fact we all did, J.J., LittleJ and PinkladyJo, we all ran around together.   Wendimoo was planning on smashing out a PB.  Her local parkrun now has some lovely hills and she has been breaking her pb for that parkrun each time she has done it!  So now, Normans park being flat she is holding out for another pb! So she followed on behind SingstarJo who was pacing at 35 minutes.

The chat was flowing, we were running along with K and just enjoying being out with each other, the laps though seem to be going slowly......yes I know I was running slowly, but you know what I mean.  I think I was feeling a little tired anyway, Friday night,  a curry after getting home, just one of those you can get from Tescos (which we picked up on the way home Friday night!) to throw in the microwave, and plus I think I was probably just feeling 'meh', it made for 'a bit of a slog'. But having the girls to chat to made it worthwhile getting up, and of course, the lovely news of Pherenice and David just made me smile every time I thought about the beginning of yesterdays run.  I was glad that I got up yesterday and did parkrun. As we approached the funnel there to cheer us in was Michael and Carole as always with a cheery wave!

So my geeky stats

Thursday, 23 February 2017

Doris Didn't Do Da Dirty!

Hello blog lovers

Doris, didn't she go on!  My goodness, she cause a bit of havoc with some fences and roof tiles, and I think she did cause worse too!  But PWR's still met up this morning! I, unfortunately, couldn't!  Not because of Doris, it was because I had to babysit!  Looking out at the wind bending the trees outside in my garden, although I would have gone, I was secretly glad I didn't!  Then I did the school run, the rain came down! It was torrential, and that was that, I really was pleased.  I got soaked all the way to the school.  I had Jeans on and they were soaked through, and my socks was getting wet as the water dripped down!  But then as I got home, 'shloooped' my jeans off and put dry ones on, the sun came out, there was blue skies, but the wind was still as strong!

For the whole day is seemed to be blowing a hooligan or a Doris, bending the huge conifer tree in the neighbours garden.  But I was determined that this evening I was going out, and that was that,  Doris can go do one!  Fortunately by the time I needed to leave to go to track Doris had done her worse!  I drove to the track and then walked to over to our group!  I still had my big coat on!  I really didn't want to take it off!  When PhysioMikeTheMod starts, I'll take it off then! Well, it wasn't too long before he called us all to order!

Our warm up was a 10 minutes tempo run, and if we time it perfectly we should finish up on the start of the back straight!  That is where we will be starting our session from this time.  The faster sprinters would probably still be on the track, oh boy could they run fast!  PhysioMikeTheMod didn't want us all clogging up at our usually starting place so that the sprinters could just run off to the end.  Of course I timed it......almost perfectly, only had to walk back a couple of meters!

And then the sessions.  6x400 with 90 sec rests between and then a 3 minute rest then do it again, 6x400 with 90 sec rests.  It sounds good, it sounds so doable too.  But it's deceivingly difficult!  One lap, that's all we got to do and then rest up for 90 seconds.  Easy right!  Well that's the thing, we are doing a session, which means that we have to do it a bit speedy, but in my little fuzzy head I think I can blast round as I only have to go around once!  I surprised myself......well, when I got home and looked at my stats!  I took off with all the others for that first start, then they left me to look at their soles!  (mental note, make sure my soles show like theirs) Most of the speedsters were here today, with very few from group 5 and under.......or maybe I am the only one!  But I don't feel alone at there.  Although I am, and always do, run around by myself, which is tough as Paul said to me, I don't 'feel' like I am alone or even running alone out there!  When we do races like the Ditton Turkey Run, and others like that, then I can feel alone!  But running around on the track, people passing me by, telling me that I am doing good, that's what keeps me going!  There is also another good side to running 'alone' P.M.T.M can see you, he says things like "That's good Old Girl, keep your head up though"  He can see if I was running efficiently, no bad habits!  There is no hiding in a crowd!

The first part of the session was done!  I thought I had done only four laps!  But I remembered that some of these guys are running twice as fast as me, and I was taking my three minutes rest almost the same time as them, so I didn't feel too bad.  But the then second half began.  It was tough, my legs felt like lead, and I was beginning to tire.  I just ran as best as I could, the laps, I felt, were slower.  I did the first one, and then the second one.  And then I heard the speeders say "One more lap and were done"  So I really was a bit slower, as last time I though I had done four!  That's ok, I am in the 1% of people who run, the rest of them don't!  That was said to me twice this evening, and it does make you feel good. I am slow but I am faster than all those that don't do any exercises! "Ok Team A are we ready" I heard the speedsters say.  Well, for a bit of fun I was going to start my last lap (yes, I am only doing three!) with them, as my 90 seconds was about to be up anyway.  3, 2, 1, go said Paul (I think it was him anyway) and I ran with them, chuckling to myself as I did "I wonder how far they would be by the time I get the first 100 meters done.  Well as I have said, they are twice as fast as me, but after doing all the laps before I was slower still, but they seemed to be totally on fire still! So they were quite far in front.

I finished my final lap, I felt good, I felt like I had worked hard, even though I hadn't completed the whole six laps.  I don't think we would have time for me to do that anyway!  We have to be out by 9!  I am enjoying my running, and I am enjoying track weirdly!  I know I still got to learn to love pushing myself!  Sometimes I feel as if I have held back, sometimes I feel I can't do anymore!  Maybe those are the times that I need to push myself a bit more!

So my geeky stat, and there it shows that I actually done 5 laps, it shows that I did the three, which I knew I did, but I was quite happy about the first half!  Look at me, look at me running with the speedsters! Look at me getting faster!  It's all thanks to PhysioMikeTheMod, who is out there, standing around with his whistle or his Ipad timer, encouraging everyone, and to the 'everyone'. All those that lap me, you don't know it, but for a while you become my 'race' I try for just a few seconds each time to keep up with you!  Thanks everyone! And Doris, well, she couldn't stop me this evening!  Even a final little breeze at the end, we all still ran our hearts out!

Tuesday, 21 February 2017

Club Run - It;s Getting Warmer!

Hello blog lovers.

Love club running, I just love running with my running buddies.  It's great being a part of a fantastic club!  In fact I have decided, I need to invest in more club attire! Wear my colours with pride!  But anyway, about my run!  I met up with the girls at J.J.'s house and we walked to the rec chatting like we do.  We met up with everyone else, all talking about the races they had done over the weekend, and there were quite a few, Matthew in particular smashing his half marathon pb by 25 minutes!  Not only that but our club has come second in the KFL's too!  Not a bad weekend at all!

I had planned to do a loop that involved a hill climb with a tiny little bit of hill reps, just to wake us up a bit, and to get us looking forward to our beach bodies in the summer!  But then LittleJ had told me there she had eaten a little late today!  And also we had a new comer to our group, not a complete beginner, but it's her first run back after have a little baby 8 months ago!  Smashing!  So I quickly changed our route to the easy one, the one that we do when we have new comers, or beginners joining us, or if I have had a particularly heavy weekend! It seemed everyone was pleased with that idea!

My legs felt ready to run actually.  I think.....in fact I know rest days are a necessary thing to happen which is why I felt ready to run.  After a great parkrun (not particularly fast) on Saturday, and no running since my legs felt energised!  I think sometimes we do forget about how good rest days are for us, and we just try and fill all our spare hours with running!  We set off out of the rec and turned right and then the next right.  Kingsway was the first and the steepest of the hills, that's why this is the nice and easy route.  Once we were up there it's plain sailing for the rest of the way.

I noticed that we were all running together pretty tightly, and LittleJ's sandwich was staying where it was put! We walked for a little bit from the top of the hill, and then started running again after I told them all about the running softly over the bridge.  As we were running over there I took note of my own running style. I noticed that today, and I think for a couple of weeks now, I have been running a 'funny'!  My right foot seems to come down a lot harder than my left! Weird! It's weird that I am just noticing.  Is it a new thing, or has it always been like it!  Or am I making it worse by noticing it!?  Who knows!  But what I did know is that we are all still running together, so well, and a tad fast for a group 1 pace!  I needed to slow it down a bit.

As we were running around Crestview I kept an eye on my watch, but when we crossed over Southborough lane and headed for Crescent Drive we picked up the pace again.  Ok, the average pace is our usual group 1, but that includes the walking bits and the stopping for catching breath, crossing roads etc.  But our moving time is spot on for the top end of our group, 12:31 m/mi.  Which means that sometimes we were running at 11:30 for 4 or 5 minutes at a time!  Now it may not seem a lot, but to us lot in group 1, that's pretty good going!

That is how our club run went today.  Some faster bits, some walking bits but all of us doing well, staying together.......and chatting!  There were 10 of us, ten very chatty, very capable running buddies, enjoying this evenings run!  We ran to the Off License and just on the other side of the road was a group running towards us.  They were going over the bridge too.  we stopped, crossed over the road, and we waited for them to pass by.  Most of the group did, and then stopped by the bridge, they were waiting for a couple of their backpackers.  I decided that we didn't need to wait and got everyone running again and we ran passed the group by the bridge who were waiting for their buddies, they were the Orpington Road Runners!

Beaumont road was next and we were still running at a great pace for our group!  I am quite proud of my lot!  And listening to the chat they are more that capable of this pace and they are all enjoying it! We got to the end of Beaumont and turned on to St. Johns and then to Tudor way!  We are nearly back to the rec.  Steve decided that he was going to leave at this point, to go and get his train back home.  We all continued to run towards Petts Wood Road.  Group 3 just came along then at that point and for a short while we were all mingled up together. Linda decided to leave us at this point to, our newbe, to go home from there.  I reminded her to make sure that she does some stretching once she got home.  Then we all ran the last section towards the rec.  I can't help it, I like this bit.  I do try and and be a good leader and send everyone up first, but then I sprint it!  I go flat out, change gear and go for it!  Fantastic! Love it.  Some of the others do this sprint finish too! I know, it's not the way to finish a run, but it is so much fun!

Geeky stats.

Saturday, 18 February 2017

Run With The Walker! - Parkrun!

Hello blog lovers

Sometimes you can have a good parkrun, and sometimes you can have a really good parkrun!  So I didn't smash my pb today, I am still hoping that will happen one day!  But it was good quality running!

I met up with LittleJ and K, and we walked over to the start, chatting as we usually do.  LittleJ was going to be running with K today.  I wasn't quite how I was going to be doing.  After going out last night and enjoying time with family, well all I can say is I am glad I didn't have a curry as well as beer!  The hangover wasn't too bad actually, it was the rather late night.  I didn't think I would be getting up! Excuses out of the way, we all settled at the back of the pack, but not before SingstarJo took this picture of LittleJ and me in our new '50 run' running tops!  We both wore them today for the first time, and we didn't even liaise with each other!

Carole and Michael were there, Pei, Becky and Gary and of course a few other PWR's too, some have their kids with them. TimTheHeadBand was race director today and he got us all off to a great start.  The first couple of meters is a little crowded and we just walked it until it all thinned out a bit but then we ran.  I straight away I started to pull away from LittleJ and K and settled into a good pace.  I had made a pact with myself that I would run at least for 15 minutes before I even thought about walking!  I knew I could do it because I do it at track on Thursdays, in the cold evening air too!  Just because it's the ground is different, it's not a nice spongy track, there's muddy bits and bumpy paths down new the short straight, it doesn't mean that I can't do it. I am not going to make excuses!

By the time I was at the end of the long straight for the first time I was running with Becky and Pei.  We were all running at a nice steady pace chatting and just getting on with it.  I had noticed the Walking Man, he was behind us in the beginning but he soon over took us!  And he walks!  He doesn't run, he just walks the whole way around.  There has been many times I have tried to catch up to him, to over take him but never could!  He is a great incentive to get you going! He is my challenge whenever I see him on this parkrun!

Me, Becky and Pei all got around to the car park without stopping, I was thinking "I could just do with a walk now" But the Becky said "Come on Old Girl, we can do this" and that reminded me of my pact with my self, I had to get to at least 15 minutes running non stop before even thinking about walking.  So it spurred me on.  When we got to to the place where we started I said to Becky that we are running to the 15 minute mark, and she was just fine with that.  But then I noticed we were almost level with WalkingMan, and then we were level with Walking!  I started chatting to him, and I was quite pleased to find that I could still run and chat! And then I found out that he was actually taking it easy today, as he has a cold! But that's fine, in my mind I have still caught up with him, which was an achievement for me! So from the long straight we chatted and ran along next to WalkingMan.  The 15 minutes running passed by, 16, 18, 20 minutes.  We just kept going as we chatted to WalkingMan.  About 25-26 minutes into the run Becky just got out of the zone and wanted to have a walk.  She got behind me so I said to WalkingMan that I will go and encourage her to keep going for just a little bit longer.  "Let's just get to the muddy hill first, then we can walk up that bit" I said to her.  It's a little sticky, muddy section that we do as we by pass running through the car park.  It's probably the best time to do a walk if you decide to have a walking section.  Becky thought that she could do that and got herself running again.

The thing about taking a walk is that it's in your mind then, it' in your psyche.  And you start to think about having another walk as you've already had one!  I know, because that's what I think!  Becky was the same.  So I said that we would run to the building, the second one that's on the long straight, and then from there we can, WE CAN run the rest of the way non stop. Walking man and Pei were ahead of us.  I could still do this, I could still get my challenge of beating WalkingMan (I know it sounds crazy, but WalkingMan does really walk very fast indeed, I think his pb is something like 28 minutes!)

It was on the last Short straight, down to the funnel that we passed WalkingMan and Pei, because Becky was still with me, although I had upped the pace a bit.  Both of us ran faster and faster as we did the sprint finish for the funnel!  Oh body did it feel good!  It felt a good run, I didn't feel sick like some of the times that I do that last sprint finish, and it just felt like a superb run!  Then I check my time, I was thinking at least 37 or less!  But no, my Garmin said 38:41 minutes!  Well, sometimes what you think is a faster time is just actually a bloody good run!  Not necessarily fast!  This was one of those times.  I had fun, I felt good and I didn't struggle at all!  So next week, it will have to be going even further before that first walk!

Geeky stats.

Thursday, 16 February 2017

U Turn At The Track!

Hello Blog Lovers!

You probably noticed that I am only writing about one activity today. I couldn't go out running this morning as I had workmen in.  I am now the proud owner of a new front door and two new windows!  My door looks lush!  And at least it now locks and shuts properly now!  But they were here for most of the day, so there was no running at all.  I only just finished cleaning up by 7:30 and I went straight upstairs to get changed for running!  Let me tell you, I was so needing it!

I got to the track just a couple of minutes before PhysicoMikeTheMod started to call us together to get the session started.  It was a session that we have done before, the marathoners love this particular session!  It's tough.  So for me, doing my half marathon, it will be perfect!  The session was for a 15 minute tempo run, but we were to do a lap and 3/4 and then head out of the stadium(?), is that what this place is called? We ran across the car park and out of the park taking a left turn.  Some of the runners will get to the pub with the rest of the field filling in the gap. I will be at the back......for 'out' bit.  But after 7 and half mins we do a U turn and then head back to the track and then continue to run until the 15 minutes is up.

 It was ok, I did it. and I actually got out of the park and started up the road before we had to turn around.  I wonder if I would be able to do that when we do the tempo run again after the session on the track!  I made a mental note of how far I had got before the U turn, I will try my hardest to get there again.

The session was 3 minutes running with 90 seconds rest times four!  But to mix it up a bit we ran in one direction for 90 seconds and the PhysioMikeTheMod blew the whistle and we did a U turn and ran back to the start.  There's method in the madness, because, just like the tempo run, we should all finish at the start at the same time! Well that was theory!  I started at the start line, and I finished at the start line.....I am not being a 'teachers pet' here, but some of the others didn't quite get there.....mind you, some of the ran slightly passed the start line....they are real swots!

That was good, I did all the running and of course I did all the resting I could!  After the last 3 min run we had a break. But we were at the wrong start line!  PhysioMikeTheMod had a plan!  And it involved running, (of course) running the 200 meters to our usual start line!  I kind of slinked out the back of the pack and ran kind of slowly in the opposite direction as Mike was explaining how to get them all over there quickly!  Well, I got there slowly, I still did a bit of running, but just not as fast as the rest of them!

We started our second 15 min tempo run, doing the same as we did earlier.  Round the track once, then round the track again but for that last 100 meters because we ran outside the track and tried to get to the same spot we did before!  So, as I was doing the 1 and 3/4 laps I was having to do mental arithmetic.....I can't even spell it properly let alone trying do the math after a session.  But I think I figured out that I had to turn around once my watch said 45:30 mins, that's what I was going with any, maths was never my forte!  I ran out of the track, I ran along by the football fields and managed to get to the gate and even turned left! I didn't quite get as far as I did last time!  But I was so pleased that I actually got out of the park!

I was slower running back into the park and back to track though.  I even had a teeny tiny walk! (Don't tell Mr. S........who was at track today, it was good seeing him back at track!) When I entered the track PhysioMikeTheMod was just by corner waiting for us.  He was calling out, a running commentary!  Funnily enough it did spur me on, I found a little bit of energy left.  Before I got to the gate I had thought about just running to the usual start line, but running straight up passed the building, but after I heard them cheering me I just had to go the way that Mike had said.  round the the track in a clockwise direction!  And so I finished the session.  I ran just as long as as everyone else, (not the distance) and I was even in front of everyone else!  Only on track can that happen!  I loved this evenings session, and apparently I was even smiling at some point!

Geeky stats.

Tuesday, 14 February 2017

Love Is All Around Us.

Hello blog lovers.

It's a love run!  Valentines evening, what were you doing today!  Well, there were seven of us finding the love for running!  And what a run it was.  I like to keep things a little different, throwing in a new route every so often, doing hill reps or, like this evening, doing one of our routes in the opposite direction.  The route I chose to flip around is our easier route, mainly because the long undulations are going down!  Flipping this route over and the long undulations are going up!

That is where the love is!  We have to learn to love the hills, all though with me it's a fine balance, and to be totally honest its more on the hate side!  I know hills are good for us, the build up stamina and muscles, as long as you don't go silly, flat arsed up the hills, then they will do you tons of good! We ARE going to feel the love on this run I know it!

We were the last out of the rec this evening, and we turned left.  We are going up Crossways, the turning left again to follow the long road around.  It's undulating, it has the longer hill going up when we go this way, this will clear out a few cobwebs that's for sure.  There was also a newbie with us today, she has done running before, but she is getting back to it.  Well, if she gets up here and still smiling then I would think she will be back!

It was a steady plod, no one gave up, we all ran the whole way, the whole mile!  Brilliant!  I still didn't find the love of hills, but I did notice that I got up there and I wasn't puffing out my backside so much!  Well that's good, I love that fact.  I love the fact they we all got up to here in one go, so there's another bit love!  And I love that fact that Michael and Carole are running together!  Now that really is love going on there!  Carole came in group 1 to run with Michael although last week she ran with group 2, well she said she loved the hill, even giving a fist punch in the air "I loved it" she said.  Not bad for feeling the love for the first mile!

We ran on past the pub, we didn't go over the troll bridge this time, not yet anyway.  We ran all the way to Tudor way and then turned right to the round about!  This is flat, this is nice, everyone can feel the love for this bit of the route.  Once we got to the end of Tudor way we ran left and headed for Shepperton.  It was then that I said to Michael that we actually should have gone up St Johns Road, and run through Little Thrift, but that it will be fine because we can do a little extra once we got back to the rec.  I actually planned on doing this. Because I had an idea.  And I hope it turns out just right.  But we shall see, when I look at the geeky stats.

The ladies, who were J.J., LittleJ, Pei, Natasha, Carole and of course our only gentleman, Michael, noticed that this route, ran this way round, is slightly harder.  It's just the way the hills go,  ooops, the undulations go.  But I think also it depends on your own condition on the day.  If you haven't eaten right, or slightly under the weather, or even, like Carole and Michael, done a long run just a couple of days ago, you will notice that your body sometimes just doesn't want to run!  As for me today, well I have had Saturday off, and Sunday and Monday off!  My body had all knitted up again and was ready for soe more running.  I think J.J. said that I was running quite fast today!

I kept an eye on everyone, slowed down to make sure everyone stayed together, not that we were wide spread, we were running quite tightly together really.  We kept on seeing on of the other groups out running too, they must be looking for the love too, we were talking a brief stop.  You know, a proper brief stop, to talk about the right way to run up hills, and use arms, and keep a steady pace going........well that's what we said out loud when the other group passed us lot as we stood still on the corner, we even cheered them as they ran passed! We soon started running again though, all the way to Lakeswood road, where there on the corner was the other group, stood still, obviously having a briefing as well!  But then they cheered us!  Now, there is some more love!

We were nearly back now, just about half a mile or so to go.  We ran around Crestview to the car park by the walking bridge.  A quick brief to everyone about the keeping quiet, running softly over the bridge and then we were no stop running again.  We just had Kingsway to do, which is down hills, now everyone one does love a down hill, and then straight back to the rec.  With just the last little bit to run around the green, just to make up the distance (as I told the others) and then our run was over!

Everyone, and I mean everyone, loves the finish!  Evenyone loves the fact they did it, and it's over and the sweat, the aching muscles tommorrow will only go to remind us of a very lovely run!

So Geeky stats, and a little picture of the extra bit on the rec!  Not quite perfect, but then, we love imperfections, it makes us all unique!

This little heart, outlined in pink, was the extra bit
I think I did pretty well as it dark!, Oh and
Michael was the only one to follow me!

Thursday, 9 February 2017

Double Day!

Hello blog lovers!

Morning Run

This morning there was only 3 of us, me, K and Amy.  Tracy wasn't feeling to well and J.J., well she just wasn't up for it! If Tracy and called K to tell her that she wasn't going to be here then K would not have come!  So I am so glad that she didn't call her! Amy is still not ready to go with the faster group yet, still recovering from her fall.  It's best to go slowly, build up your stamina and confidence again.  It will come back quicker that you think, but as long as you don't think you can step back into the same pace as you used to run!

I decided that I missed the woods last week, so we just have to go through there today!  Yes, it has been raining, and yes it will be sticky in places!  But I have my old shoes on!  I mentioned that we will be running in the woods anyway, so hopefully the other two had their old shoes on too!  We ran through Dog Poo ally, and turned right, we are go up to Orpington Road first.  It's the easier way up, believe it or not.  It's a longer undulation just not as steep as the middle path.  We ran at K's pace, chatting away to her to keep her encouraged, all the way to the top!  We took a little breather walk, and then continued with our run.  That side of the woods wasn't to bad, quite firm just a few sticky bits to get passed.

It was a really pleasant run, blimmin chilly, but we warmed up nicely getting that first little undulation.  We were running pretty well and got to the top of the middle path in great time.  So I suggested that we continue on along the top of the woods to Botany Bay Lane.  Both of the ladies were up for it.  We ran along there, passing the place where I fell a few weeks ago, and then up the hill.  We walked it, it was quite a muddy hill! 

Once we were at Botany Bay Lane we started running down there, stopping only to let the postman in his van go by!  I had a look at my watch, we still had plenty of time left, we could so easily continue our run.  I mean we were out running, so we might as well take the longer route, and once we got to Botany bay, we might as well go the long longer route!  We were out after all, not out out, just out!  We are going out out, next month, for a curry, but not after we've been out for run!  No, we shall got out out in the evening, when we all looking gorgeous with the 50 other PWR'S.  Anyway!  We went the long longer route, which was Goss Hill!  K remembered that she had ran up this particular hill, so it was nice to run down it!  We couldn't run particularly fast as it was really sticky and muddy! The run along by the river was really nice though.

We got back to Botany bay and ran up to the rail lines.  From here until we go back to Dog Poo the paths were a bit sticky.  We were looking for the best paths!  There was a runner behind us, chatting away, I could hear her getting closer and closer.  She got to us just before the board walk.  I was waiting for the other runner but she was actually chatting away on her phone!  

We covered 5k, 3.2 miles this morning, it was a bit sticky in places, and there were some undulations to cope with.  But I think we all did really well!  Geeky stats.

Track Evening

I really had to tear myself out of my cosy chair this evening.  It really turned cold!  It had been raining, it was wet and damp!  But I had to go, I had a big lunch and I needed to run it off!  I needed to run fast!  So in my car I got, and this time as really shouted out loud as I was driving along "It's flipping Freezing!"  Oh my goodness! I had my cycling jacket on to keep me warm and snug and dry for running in, and I had my big coat on over that to wear while I get to and from track.  I was still so cold.  I couldn't find my running gloves and there is no way I am running with no gloves on so I will have to run with my leather gloves!  At least I will have warm hands.  

When I pulled up in the car park I sat there for a few minutes, figuring out if I should take my big coat off in the car or to walk into the track with it.  I opted for the first, get acclimatised to the weather straight away!  It was so cold!  I paid my money and walked to the top of the track where we all meet. I was a bit early! There was only a couple of other people there, PhysioMikeTheMod being one of them.  I read on Facebook what the session was, it sound interesting!

The other runners all drifted in, ran a warm up lap and then it was time to listen to PMTM.  The first part of this evenings activities was a 12 min tempo run.  I managed to run 4 laps in those 12 mins, finished just at the beginning!  I was pleased with that.  Then the next bit was good.  In fact I felt pretty good.  I felt like one of the faster people.  We were all running for the exact same time, we will all be taking a 90 second break at the same time, it will virtually be like I am running with them!  Which I was, of course, when we started, and when the over took me!  So the session was two 5 minute runs with a break run at a little faster than the tempo run!  I had to see what I had in the tank.  Then after that it was 4 x 3 minutes running.  I know that I can run around the track within 3 minutes, so I will be finishing each lap at the stop/start!  My challenge to myself was to see how far past the stop/start line I could get each time.

I think I did it, on that last lap I did!  I slowed down a bit because I didn't want to walk back to much! I should have kept going really! But I felt good that I ran for the whole of the time that I was supposed to! Yup, it was a good session, almost tailored made for me!

Geeky stats.



Tuesday, 7 February 2017

Club Run - Move Up Week

Hello blog lovers.

This week at club night its Move Up week.  And considering we are at the beginning of the rung at PWR's we don't have anyone to accommodate!  So each month I try to challenge our group instead.  This month it's Tillingbourne Green.  It sound so sweet, doesn't it?  "Tea on Tillingbourne Green any body?" "Game of croquet anyone?" But really it's not that sweet!

There was a couple of regulars that are not here this evening, J.J. and Tracy, both of them are not very well, and also Carole.  Now Carole is here but I kicked her out, it's move up week and Illustrious Leader had asked her to try it out!  She was 'umming' and 'arring' about whether to go to group 2 or not! So I helped her out, "Move up to Group 2 Carole"  Her running is just amazing.  Her parkrun times are impressive, and she finally broke the mental block with the distance by running 7k at the weekend!  So it's time to move.  Of course she is always welcome back into group 1 for social chats, taking it easy runs, and just generally socialising!  That's the beauty of moving up to different groups, when you want to change the scene take it easy then you can just drop down a group or two.  But us lot in group 1 work hard every week, there is no dropping down a group for us!

All the group leaders started giving their details of their run, after our Health and Safety officer, TimTheHeadBand, gave out a gentle reminder about wearing Hi-Viz attire!  Most of us a PWR adhere to that, in fact I am sure there is a competition about who has the brightest jacket or who has the better lights!  *looks at arm bands and light up laces*  I need more lights, my light up laces are dying!  Anyway, as it's move-up week all the leaders are going to be running at their slowest pace advertised, but I also noticed they were going on easier routes, "....it's flat, mainly!" "....I couldn't get it any flatter" were some of the comments.  Then it was my turn!

"Well, as we are the bottom of the rung, we are going to have a challenge, with hills! It's Tillingbourne"  My group just looked at me!  I am sure they will love it once we get started! And I know they will love it once we have finished!  So once we were all ready, all the groups started to move out, slowly the rec emptied.  We started out leaving just a couple more groups to finish their own group chats and we headed up Birchwood.

The first of the undulations this evening.  We ran up there at our fastest advertised pace, which is 12:30 - 13:30 m/mi by the way.  So there is no taking it easy for us!  We had a bit of a walking break and then continued on wards to Tillingbourne.  As we ran towards it, it started to loom up before us.  Even in the dark you can see it! "There she is" I said to group!  It has to be female, because it's so changeable!  You have the nice little short steep up when you first start it, which makes you think that you have done really well!  Then the nice long, long downhill section.  Making you feels really good, happy, nothing to worry about.  Then Boom Baby!  That change, so quickly, an uphill struggle, making you work hard, like wading through treacle!  Then you are back at the beginning all smiles, all forgiven.....until next time!

We all ran together for the first half of the green, and then once we finished the downhill section and the little flat bit we took a breather before the next half!  To give them all a bit of a work out, I said they could do this bit at their own pace.  They all went for it!  Me and LittleJ  swept!  They all ran the who way, I was impressed with every ones efforts!  They did really well.  Once me and LittleJ got to them, which wasn't that long after (I was the last to get there!) then we had the little bit of 'hill training' hill to do! I could just get us to run up it once, and a nice faster pace.....but this is a challenge day!  It's our move-up day, so we did it twice!  I think that is just plenty.

Afterwards we turned right and headed back on home, to the rec, to do some stretches........once we get to the memorial hall....just the very last undulation of the evening!  Again we were all still together, running really well.  On the upward undulation of Petts Wood Road I sent them up at their own pace, just for one last challenge of the evening.  I think everyone had a good work out.  We turned right and then right again to enjoy the 'sweeties' of the down hill road of Kingsway! And then a quick sprint back to the rec.

Fabulous run this evening, with six very lovely people!  Michael, LittleJ, Kelly, Pei and two other ladies whose names I have forgotten!  So our geeky stats!

Monday, 6 February 2017

Morning Monday!

Hello blog lovers.

We are already almost a quarter of the way through February, that Paddock Wood Half seems to be getting nearer and nearer at a speedier rate than my running!  So another 7 miler today, but I am not doing the A21, stuff that!  I will do it again, just not yet!  I got on to plotaroute last night and....would you guess.....I plotted out  a route, covering 7 miles. It took in Normans Park, Whitehall rec and then up Southborough Lane, all the way up Southborough Lane, and then back home!  It looked a lot more friendly than the A21!

As it happened I didn't have to do the morning school run so I had a great opportunity to get out there early!  I had the text this morning saying that I didn't need to go, while I was still snug in my bed!  Do you know how hard it was getting out of the there? Oh my goodness!  But then I had another text, my daughters littlest boy wasn't feeling too good, he has a bit of a cold!  So as she has to work I may have to get him from nursery if he is feeling too poorly!  That really prompted me out of the door.  I can do this 7 miles then be home if I was needed to help out.

I was out of the door as quick as I could....after I got dressed of course!  I had long run pants on black ones.  I have entered the Up and Running competition again today, the prize is some lovely running pants in snazzy colours! Fingers crossed!  Maybe I shouldn't put a link here really, less people who know, the less people will enter!.....  Anyway, there I was in my long black running pants, my short sleeved VLM finishers tee shirt and my running jacket! I stepped outside and I thought it was rather chilly!  I stepped back in again, maybe a long sleeve shirt is needed.  I looked at the sky, it was clear, I think I had chosen wisely with my attire, the short sleeves stay,  so I just went back out and closed my door!

So my 7 mile run begins!  Down my road and turn right, I am going through my local ark first. It looked really nice actually, the was still a bit of mist on the grass, I should have taken a photo of it!  In fact I will make sure that I take lots of photos from now, just to remind myself with pictures as well as words, about what the day brought for me!  There were a couple of people in the park but most people were heading for the schools with their kids.  I was soon out of the local park and running along to Southborough lane. I know running up there will be easier, mentally that is, because I knew that I shall be turning right instead of left!  The A21 can go and do one!

I really did feel better about my running, it was easier, but I still had the walks!  I tried again, to figure out why I was walking, why I can't just keep on running, is it my breathing, muscles, mind? You know all the usual things, the things I say every time to other runners, as well as to myself!  Do you know what? I just don't know!  I have no idea, id didn't have an answer! And even the talking to didn't help (yes, I give my self a talking to, just like I do with all the beginners, and those that are in group 1, or who I meet at parkruns)  so I just don't know how to push past it!

Normans Park looked really good.  The sun had broken through by the time I got there, my jacket had come off and I was running with it tied around my waist.  It was busy!  Mums with pushchairs and family pet dogs, and loads of other dog walkers too.  Plus one or two more runners!  I looked up at the long straight and I thought "Ok, lets get this done"  I started running along, passing the buggies, and the dogs, so many dogs! But seeing them put a smile on my face, I was smiling as I ran the long straight!  I saw a guy running in the opposite direction, he had a huge smile on his face which made me smile too!  I enjoyed running around the park.  I enjoyed it so much that I decided to change the plan that I had done yesterday evening and go around again.  The plan was to do just one lap (usually I don't like doing laps of Normans park) and then run on to the other park, and make up the seven miles through there, and along Southborough, to Petts Wood and then the little roads back to mine!  It will just mean that I won't have to run all the way to Petts Wood!  I liked that idea, I liked it a lot actually and a smile spread on my face again....briefly......and then I concentrated on looking like a runner again!

I saw the same guy again on the second lap, he was a lot faster than me so I saw him in different parts of the park as we passed each other!  We smiled and encouraged one another to keep going as we passed.  There was also a group that was meeting there in the car park.  I am not sure where they are from, I couldn't see any club colours, but there were a few runners gathering to run together in Hook Farm car park.  I passed them by as I ran towards the entrance to the park, and then changed my mind again, and decided to do another lap!  One more.  One more.  That will make up for three miles, 2 miles already done getting here, more or less, so the next two miles can be done using the rest of my planned route, and no going up blimmin' Southborough Lane!

So I did one more lap, I saw a group of 3 ladies at the Hayes car park end, one of them had the PWR finishers tee shirt on!  That always makes me smile, and feel proud that I am a PWR. I saw the smiley guy again, he must have warmed up because his woolly hat had come off! We waved this time and I said that this is my last lap!  I am sure if I had done one more lap we would have been on 'High Five' the next time we passed!   My final lap done, I could see that the big group of runners starting on their laps of the park, I wouldn't be following them, I was heading out of the park, going to the next one!

When I got to Whitehall rec I tried to figure out how much of the park I would have to run and then get back to mine so that it works out at 7 miles.  Normally I am useless at judging distances, and this time is no different.  I looked around the park, and then at the road where I had just come.  Originally I was going to come back this way, but I think that would make for slightly over 7 miles.  I really needed to be home within the hour and half, just in case I was needed.  I figured that I could do half the park, run out at the top and then find my way home from there!  I am sure there is a route somewhere along there.  There is the Dog Poo ally (a different one from the one in Petts Wood).  But this one is long and secluded.  It's the back of houses on the right and the left, so no cars, it's just for pedestrians.  I am not sure what it's like down there at this time of the day.  So I decided that I wouldn't go that way and opted to go on the roads.  I knew I couldn't get lost, it's not as if I far from home!

I followed the road as it turned left and then came out on to another road, a busy road, a road that I recognised!  "Oh, wow, so that was easy" I thought to myself!  The busy road lead to Southborough road!  So I ran along there, and down Holmcroft.  Going back through the first park!  I was nearly done.  But I was going to my house, I had to run and the pooch from his house!  I wouldn't take him on a 7 mile run!  I am not sure he could have done it!  In fact does anyone know how far you can take an 18 month old Jack Russell puppy dog running?   Maybe he could do it!  But I feel it would have been slower!

My geeky stats for you all, a tiny bit faster than Friday's 7 miler! Well, I don't want to get a PB that I can't possible beat.....not like my parkrun PB, I am still chasing that little gem!!

Saturday, 4 February 2017

Seven to three! Miles that is

Hello blog lovers.

I ran out of day to write up my blog for yesterday, (Friday).  And really I should have done it, it was all about my 7 miler!  Todays run was the usual parkrun.

Anyway, so here it is,  Friday, 3rd February 2017.  I had to get out and run in the morning.  A nagging voice in my head said that I needed to go, especially as I didn't go to track Thursday evening!  It's like a penance!  This half marathon isn't going to run itself, I need to put some miles down!  Going out for burritos on Thursday evenings is not going to cut it!  So, nagging voice won, and I was out of the door to do the same route that I did last Sunday.  I felt good.....well I felt good about getting out on what normally is a day I don't do any exercise!  I was feeling a little smug really!  I had decided not to beat myself up too much about walk/run method.  Or even how many times I walk!  I just want to get around this route and come out smiling at the other end, with more running than walking! Preferably quicker than I did last Sunday too!

I had my iPod with me, I thought at least I could listen to some great tunes, to help just get me along, maybe to help set a pace, run to the beat, style of running.  I know there is some great running tunes that are perfect for my pace too!  I shall have to learn how to get them all in a file and put on my iPod, so I can just click on Running Tunes.  I think there is a way.  Getting to the top of Southborough Lane, near the Toby Carvery was fairly ok.  I felt good, but then I looked up at that A21! A big intake of breath and then I started up it!  I felt it was taunting me, laughing at me!  I remembered from when I was doing marathon training, running up there, it was tough then!  You would have thought by now with all the traffic going along it, it would get flatter!  If only things were that easy!  I had a couple of tunes that were good, they took me out of the 'shit, I'm on the A21 again' zone.  I got passed all the short cuts that could have taken me home.  This time they didn't just slip by unnoticed, I saw them, I looked down them longingly!  I didn't pass by them with out them pulling on my shoe laces, tempting me to go down them!

Once I passed McD's then I knew, at least I was 'safe' from going the short way home!  Safe!? What am I thinking about?   This is how the dreaded A21 gets me, dreading it. But it's a blimmin challenge, one I know I will beat one day!  And one that I will smile at as I am running up it!  But not Friday, nope!  I got me again.  I struggled again, I felt every single step of it hard!  The snot factory was in overtime as tried my hardest to get up there! Where does it all come from, really!  As if I hadn't had enough to think about, using my energy and legs to get to the top!  I also had to deal with trying to breath through gunk!  I blew up again!  I used the traffic islands as markers, run to it, then walk a bit, run to the next one.  Or the bus stops, or sign posts, or don't stop running until I get pass the women with the buggy or the runner coming in the other direction!  It all helped to get me to the top, Locks Bottom, it wasn't pretty, but I did it.  I think it was here that Kev 'Two Balls' saw me, I think he said that I didn't look as if I was enjoying it!  Well, I guess that was a slight understatement.

At least I had done it though, I had finished with the A21.....for that day at least.......and now each step is taking me homeward bound!  I found that I was doing some good running along here, I even enjoyed it too!  So much so that I was singing along to the tunes in my ears, and I do believe, doing some 'air guitar' too!  So yeah,  I do still love running......it's just hills that I hate!  I will have to work on that too.....as well as all the other stuff I need to work on......like pacing, my form, running continually, getting faster, going further!  I was running along Crofton road and I saw Michael Maxted as well!  If I noticed him then I must have been in a good place, I wasn't feeling sorry for myself!

I finished my run on a high, I knew I had to just run pass my house to make it 7 miles exact, and I felt good!  My geeky stats shows that I did this quicker than I did on Sunday!  So I am very pleased with that!  I may have had more walking bits, but it seemed to have worked!

My geeky stats.

Saturday parkrun

I woke up this morning feeling tired.  It was grey and overcast.  I really wasn't feeling it!  But I got ready and I went out of the door!  Not only was it grey and overcast, it was raining!  I went back inside my house to get a wet weather jacket!  Ok, lets do this!  I drove to Tracy to pick her up, she wasn't feeling it today either!  This could be a good run or it could be a slow run!

At the carpark I could see the other girls at the other end of the car park.  Tracy and I just sat for just a little while longer and then we followed after them!  J.J., LittleJ and K were by the pavilion by the time we got to them.  We all walked over to the the start together where we met up with PinkLadyJo and Carole and Michael.  Pei also joined us, she has been running with group 1 for a couple of weeks.  
I still wasn't feeling, and Tracy still wasn't feeling the love.  Well as soon as we get going I think I may just find the love on route!  I ran with J.J. and Janet and Pei, Tracy, K and PinkLadyJo were behind us.  for the first mile I kept pace with the girls, but then I just started to feel tired.  I slowed down a bit and the others carried on.  Then Pei had stopped running ahead of me and I caught up with her.  J.J. and LittleJ I think were on a mission!  They were doing really well!  Maybe they are chasing their PB's or maybe they just want to get finished and dry!

For the other two miles those two stayed well in front of us!  But Pei kept me going, and I kept her going!  We ran together for the rest of the run.  It still wasn't easy, I think I am just a little tired, what with doing eleven activities in 10 days!   Maybe tomorrow I will have a rest day....and then do it all again!

Pei and I finished our park run more or less together, I had a little bit of sprint left in my legs, just to finish in my usual style!

My geeky stats 

Thursday, 2 February 2017

Thursday Morning!

Hello blog lovers

This morning was the only run I have done today!  I know Thursdays are usually a double day, but I had this awful affliction that came over me this evening!  Then only cure was......ribs!  It had to be done. I think I am cured, for now!  But I am pleased that I got out this morning for a run.  And I wasn't alone either.  When I got to the rec, Tracy and K were already there waiting with all the others, the faster runners!  J.J. came soon after, ready to go running through the woods!  She had seen Phil and Ian just outside the rec, their legs were covered in mud!  Guess where they had just come back from?  But before she told me that I had decided to do an out and back anyway, mainly because it had been raining and I though the woods would be a little too sticky in the areas that we always go, so it would have been a little difficult to do some decent running in there! Our route was the out and back, along the cinder path, just behind Crofton school!

It looked like the girls were a little disappointed, I think they are really come to love the woods too!  That's good, but it's also good to do some good running.  Along pavements and the cinder path we can do that, walking around the edges of big muddy puddles is a little harder to keep the pace going! We were running at a group 1 pace along Tudor Way, and it felt very comfortable.  The weather was just perfect.  I only had one layer on for this run!  I knew we would soon warm up.

We soon got to the nicer part of todays route, away from the roads, the path that runs behind all the houses at the edge of the woods. Even though it's tarmacked all the way to the end it still feels like we are running in the wood.  There is a stream on our left that we follow from the moment we get on the path behind the school, all the way to we reach the other end of the path.  There is a paddock and field and then the woods on our right!  You can almost believe that you in the country side, if it wasn't for the fact that you can just about hear the traffic still.  It's a popular little walk for dog walkers and ramblers.

It was a perfect run to the end of the path!  We took a little breather and then we ran back the exact same way!  Well, who wants to run along next to the traffic?  On the way back I could tell that Tracy was getting a little tired, the shuffle started.  I remember shuffling, and I know I still do it when I get tired.  But PhysioMiketheMods advice always comes to my mind now, about running correctly.  About your form, about lifting your legs up.  It does make a difference.  When I am tired I think about the form, and try and remember to move my hips in the right position so that my legs can move a lot better, more efficiently.  Then you actually find that you can run faster too!  I know! I tried it on the track......well, not today.....I had..that...thing.....you know....that need to be done......ribs! But it does work.  I shall try it again, and always until it's just natural to run like that! So I can understand the shuffle but we were on the way home, so every step is closer to finishing our run.

It was a good run today, I really enjoyed it....even though I was a bit tired.  I think we were all a little tired, we have all been doing some great running lately.  Having off days is fine, or I should say having slower days is fine!  There was no sprint finish today and we arrived back the rec just as Michelle and Sacha got back.  They made a break away group from the others, just the two of them, as they others were running a little faster than they wanted to!

So our geeky stats.

Wednesday, 1 February 2017

Double Blog

Hello blog lovers.

This is for Tuesday and Wednesday's running.  I was a bit busy yesterday, I didn't manage to write up my blog.  So another double blog today.


Now Tuesdays are usually club nights, but I had a party to go to in the evening, so I handed the reigns over to LittleJ who leader and J.J. who was sweeper.  My run happened in the afternoon.  It was the last one of January!  I failed the 'RED' January challenge, (Run Every Day) I tried my utmost though.  I exercised more days this month than I ever have before.  So I am pleased with that.  I guess I could always try 'RED' February! 

I had the pooch with me and he was keen to get out for a little run about.  I thought I might drive to Normans park and do two laps around the park, but then getting him back home, in my car, all muddy! Nah!  I decided to to run around the two little parks near me, that should work out about 2 miles.  And really, two miles is all I was feeling!

Eventually I dragged us both out of the door, after all it was the last day of January.  I didn't run on the first day, and I have missed a few other days, the least I could do is end it with a run.  I ran to the path that leads to turnaround lamppost.  Little Dexter was pulling me along, he was really keen on his run.  As soon as we got to the path I let him off his leash!  He just loves sniffing around, see who's been around, who's new on the block!  At least now I could run at my pace, and not be pulled along by him.

It was fairly quiet with just one or two dog walkers about so Deci wasn't to distracted when we go the to the first park.  I ran all the way the edge, it was soaking!  We were splashing our way around the edge.  Little Deci was getting muddier and muddier!  I am glad I didn't go with the Norman Park plan!  It would have been wet and muddy there too!  There was only one other dog in the first field, and Little Deci just said his usual 'hello' and then he came running back to me!  I think he is learning!

I ran back to the gate and down the path.  I was taking him into the next park!  When I turned left on the the path I was greeted by little Jessie, a little black curly fluffy dog.  She is just the sweetest thing and Dexter just loves her.  So we had a little rest, well I did while Dexter ran with Jessie.  There was also some other dogs, puppy dogs, Huskies.  They were adorable, and of course Dexter had to play with them too.  I eventually got him to follow me and we continued around the edge of the second field.  It was slow going for me, I was feeling a little tired!  

I got to the other side of the field and the lady with Huskies was there, she was finishing her walk.  She stopped me and we chatted, of course I like to do a little bit of recruiting when it comes to my running.  She said she had done the Dublin marathon ages ago but hadn't done anything since!  So I mentioned about our beginners course which starts on Saturday 4th March.  We continued with our run and completed it.  Nothing spectacular, but at least it was a run! With some walking........and some chatting!  But still better than sitting in doors eating and drinking crap stuff!  All though Dexter would love to do that too!

So my Geeky stats for my non club Tuesday run.

Wicked Wednesday

Why wicked, well if you could see the look in Tracy's eyes, then you will understand.  Yes, it's whipping Tracy's pace into line again.  I decided that we would be running through Jubilee park this time.  Get away from the two laps that we do and try an out and back.  J.J. was with us as well, so we started our run from down the bottom of Hazelmere Road!  That will be a great warm up for us for when we get to the park.  

We ran up the road, it's only a short, not to steep incline, all the way to Little Thrift, we had a little break at the top and then ran nice and steady to the steps.  As we were still warming we continued to run along the path to the steps over the bridge.  I had decided to do two steps at a time, I asked the girls to do it too!  I think even more daggers were thrown at me from Tracy!  But she ran up the stairs which was good.  For health and safety reasons we walked down the other side and then continued to run to the park.

Now the speedy intervals.  I knew that having long speedy sections would be of no good to us here, it was going to be short ones, but as many as I can fit in till we get to Bickley Manor Hotel.  Tracy is not going to like it......at least, not while we are doing it!  Afterwards she will be pleased with herself and feel good that she has done it.  I know getting out of the comfort zone is the hardest thing to do!  Whether it's for half a mile, or a mile or even a marathon.  To keep pushing yourself to be faster, to go further, it's hard!  There is no way to sugar coat it!  I have noticed that I have been finding it extremely hard to get myself out of my comfort zone, especially on my solo runs.  I can do it on track, I can push myself that little bit harder on track, even though I still fail to do that last loop!  I know I am getting better, slowly!  It's like my weight!  I lose some then gain a little bit, then lose it again!  It's most frustrating!  But I haven't stopped trying!  That's what we all need!  So just having that desire in ourselves to keep on trying and we will keep on trying!  It's still blimmin hard though! 

Tracy did feel good after, there was even a smile when we got back on to the bridge.  But, we still had to do the the rest of the run back to our start!  We covered just under two and half miles, slightly more than we would have done if we were at Normans Park.  So now rest day, well, after tomorrow.  Tomorrow is double day!  Also, have you noticed, 1st day of February, double day tomorrow, That's three activities in 2 days......hmmmm!

Geeky stats