Tuesday, 15 March 2016

Club Run - Group 1

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Club night, I do love club night.  I think it's the only time I do find my mojo kicks me out of the door, no matter what has happened during the day!  And I always, always feel so glad that I did it!

I had a bit of a long day, and really it was literally on the last 30 minutes of me  saying toWendimoo to that she will have to lead.  But then we got back from Kinds by about 7 ish or just after and I decided, "Just get on home and get your trainers on and do it!"  So that's what I did.

I had already decided that it was going to be one of our shorter routes anyway, I had decided that yesterday, just in case of delays today, but I felt really glad of that, as really, I hadn't eaten enough today for anything to strenuous!  Although what I had eaten would probably do for around an 8 mile run!

There were just four of us today, me Wendimoo, Jenny and .....I have forgotten her name!  Silly brain cell that I have!  But both her who I have forgotten her name and Jenny wanted to just run in group 1 today as they had missed a week.  They had already been in group 2 and had kept up, albeit at the back, but they felt that they would probably struggle if they tried again today.

My route was just the simple one of up Queensway, towards Petts Wood, then to the memorial hall, over the bridge, cross the road and then run along Crescent Drive.  It's going to be our shorter run, but still some quality running in there.

We watched as all the rest of the groups went out of the rec, 10 of them to be exact, although group 11 had left as we were all doing our announcements!  And then it was our turn.  Out of the gate, closing it behind us, and then turning right and right again.  The hill seems to get easier as the weeks go on, I can't believe I have just said that, but just looking at Jenny as she ran up the hill, chatting all the way, you just know that we are all getting fitter!  Just a short walk to the hall and then we continue running, over the bridge and to the beginning of Crescent Drive.

By this time we are all in the zone, breathing has synced with our running, muscles are not complaining (too much) and the weather is totally for us.  Then I get a stitch!  I think it was the bread that I had to eat just before I left to come running.  I needed to eat something, or I would have felt quite nauseous!  I feel nauseous if I don't eat and sit down doing nothing all day, let trying to run on a completely empty tummy!  Well, almost empty, I did have this chocolaty thing and a packet of quavers!  Probably just what every runner should fuel themselves with!

By the time we got to the end of Crescent Drive I did start to feel slightly hungry!  But then, that is nothing unusual about that anyway!  But my dinner was firmly in the front of my thoughts!  I couldn't wait to get home.  The last stretch of the run was along the Tudor Way, turn left and then just carry on all the way to Crossways! "Are we doing the little bit around Little Thrift" Jenny asked!  I had forgotten about that bit, but I said yes, of course!

It was a good run, and I am so glad that I went out with my running buddies today, and not listened to my lazy head that wanted to just sit down and do nothing.  I'm glad my running mojo kicked my ass out of the door!  Here's my geeky stats!

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