Tuesday, 29 March 2016

Club Run - New Posts!

Hello blog readers.

The clocks have gone forward and the light evenings are here at last!  Well, it was still light at 7:30 this evening, but the rain was here.  And it was quite heavy too!  I was wondering if any of Group 1 will be brave enough to come out, it is the Easter school holidays too, so there could be loads of members away.

We had a message in a group Facebook page about trying out a new system for getting the runners out there running as quickly as possible, and tonight we were going to trial it.  There were some lovely new 'posts' with Group 1, Group 2 labels on them  right the way to Group 11, and an extra one with New Runners meet here.  The idea was for all leaders to be by their numbers for the members to be able to see and then mingle there.  Lets see how it all works out.

With just the three of us left in the rec we ran out to see group 2 running down Crossways, we turned left to run up to Birchwood and beyond.  As it was such a horrid evening, and I am totally impressed with Jenny and Becky for getting out here in this weather, I thought I would 'challenge' us all to get around this route without stopping, just to see if we can do it!  They girls were up for it, if we take a walking break then so be it, it will be shorter walking break!

We ran all the up Birchwood, we turned right and ran along there to the Kingsway and crossed over.  Ok so we took a tiny walking bit there to cross over the roads, but they we were straight back to running. We were on fire, at least we would have been if the rain had stopped! Thankfully though the rain had got lighter so we were totally drenched.

Jenny wanted to do the 'training hill' again, but me and Becky stayed at the top, Becky stretched out her calf which was giving her a bit of a niggle, and I had no excuse really, just being lazy!  We didn't stop for too long a Jenny ran up the hill.  We walked to the bus stop (usually we walk to the next lamppost but as we are on a mission to run as much of this course as possible our walking breaks were shorter.

The next bit of the route seem to go by really quickly and we were already up to the memorial hall.  To think that the two girls were thinking of joining group 2 this evening, I think move up week next week can see two more in group 2!  With just the undulations of Woodland Way, Great Thrift and Hazelmere to do, with the little loop of Little Thrift as well, we did great time.  I do believe Group 1 has a PB for this particular route!  I think a great big pat on the back for us all!  Well done Jenny and Becky!

Here's the geeky stats for this run.

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