Tuesday, 22 March 2016

Club Night!

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Club night, and tonight my team are all injured, recovering or just tired from working hard. Ariol is with me but she has been suffering with her foot.  So I nice straight forward route today, one that is not too twisty turny and I can keep an eye on everyone from the back.  There were only the four of us anyway, so not a huge group this evening.

I was still feeling it from this morning.....did I tell you that I rode my bike around my 'training route' of Blackbrook lane and Southborough Road?  Not only that but I got a PB today for it too!  So, today, it's a 'double' exercises day for me, just like on Thursdays!  Must be the 'T' in the day!  Mind you, today I also downloaded this app thingy, for doing core exercises and stuff!  I am grasping at straws now, to lose the weight! But I am hoping, for one thing, that I keep at it, and 2 that it will work!  I did the first and the second session, as I wasn't quite sure how the whole thing worked!

I thought it was a bit chilly when I got into my car to drive to the rec, but when I was chatting to all the others there I suddenly got all hot again.  I think that 'change' thing is happening.  I thought it had all finished, or symptoms eased up at least, but it seems to have started up again! tut.

Our route today was going up Birchwood and then along towards Tillingbourne green, turning right to go up and over the little undulation there.  Me and Auriol decided that we would only be running up it once today, but Jenny and, darn it, I still forgot to get her name, and the other lady did the little undulation twice!

We ran all the down the road, each of us chatting as we did, taking time out to have a walk between lampposts.  At the end of the road, by the memorial, Jenny and the other lady we looking pretty strong! Me and Auriol were just behind them.  Just the undulations of the last long road to do, and by this time even I was looking out for the lampposts to run to and then have a recovery walk!  But the two ladies ran the little loop of Little Thrift, Auriol was going to use this as an opportunity to just rest up a bit.  and the we all continued on to the rec.

It was a good run, had I joined the ladies with the two reps of the hill and running around the loop then the milage would be 3.2, exactly 5k!  But as it is, well you can see what it says.  I enjoyed my run and enjoy runing with this group.  I missed all my 'crew' though and wish the speedy recovery and time out for some R & R (run and resting!)

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