Thursday, 3 March 2016

Thursday Morning - Glorious

Hello blog lovers.

What a gorgeous morning it turned out to be, the sun was shining as bright as a summers day!  It just made you feel totally alive!  I couldn't wait to meet up with my running buddies.  There was going to be a new Thursday Morning runner with us too, one of our newbies, graduated from group 1 (formally group 0) and joined group 2 just a couple of weeks ago!  

There were quite a few people in DiscoRich's group and in mine there were 5 of us.  I had planned on an all path route today, through the Cinder path so that we could have a run/walk rather than a run/slide/clamber through puddles type of run today.  It just felt like the day to run!

We started out down Crossways and along Tudor way, the road running will soon be done. Getting onto the path that runs along the back of the woods and the housing estate is our goal. We chatted as we ran along, and I am so glad that I am not the only one that finds that first mile or 10 to fifteen minutes of running seems so tough!  I decided to make a mental note of how I felt at that precises moment at that prescise place, as I knew we will be running back down here in another half hour!

We got to the path and all of us, me, Janet, Trish, Tracey and Charlotte could all just breathe in the the air that was being cleaned by the woods!  The noise of the traffic was gone and we just enjoyed the run through to the other side.  It seemed to go all to quickly, even though we had some walking moments.  I didn't go around the loop today, I needed to be somewhere straight after the run today, and I didn't want to be late.  We continued our run along Crofton road, along next to the traffic. I was eagerly looking forward to the road that will lead us back to the Cinder Path, away from the noise, the fumes and traffic, back into the sanctuary of the woods....well the outskirts at least.

One lady had a bit of cramping in her leg, she didn't want to push it or agrivated so decided to walk/run the rest of the way, Janet said that she would walk along with her, run when they felt they could, while I and the other two ladies carried on.

Running along in the sunshine, with the woods on a left and the little brook on our right was just perfect, I heard voices behind me, and I looked around and I could see Janet and Tracey behind us, "Either they walk really fast or we are runnng very slowly" I said to the ladies "They were definitely running" Charlotte said, "I looked behind earlier and saw them" she said laughing!

The path came to an end and we were back on the road, all still busy chatting away, running, smiling and totally enjoying the morning sunshine, and then we were at the spot, the place where I wanted to remember how I felt when we went past it over half an hour ago. Only now, I felt good, my breathing was totally under control, I felt good, and felt I could go on for at least another couple of miles!  I am going to have to get my ass into gear and get some longer runs under my belt.  Feeling this good is just too darn addictive!  

Just Crossways to do and we were back in the rec.  Just a couple of minutres later DiscoRich came in with his group! Perfect timing!

Just one other thing to add, which totally amazed me today, I was nominated for the Bromley Mums Awards today, I didn't know a thing about it!  I was totally shocked and surprised and chuffed!  But it is all connected to my running!  I love running, and I know others will love it too, and the benefits, so I just encourage people to run!  What a lovely club I run for! 

So geeky stats :)

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