Sunday, 27 March 2016

Beginners Easter Session Week 4 +1 week

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I am a day late in posting, but I am back on the ball now.  What a different day it was on Saturday compared Friday!  Friday I was swinging through trees, climbing along rope bridges and swooshing down on zip wires in Bedgbury, (a place I can thoroughly recommend  by the way, for all your little monkeys and yourselves!) and then Saturday!  Saturday!  What can I say, I woke up to the sound of rain and wind and dark grey skies!  Whats going on!

I had already said, publicly, that I would be at the rec to be there for any of the beginners that would turn up.  So no backing out!  Besides, a bit of rain, it wont kill us, we're not made of sugar! Gulp.  I drove to the rec and entered the empty car park.  One dog walker was just leaving the ground, I am sure there was at least two tennis players on the courts, and that was it!  Maybe they won't be turning up.  It's a lot to ask for the beginners to come out on a day like this, during the holiday break, leaving the chocolate eggs unguarded at home!

I sat in the car, I posted on Facebook about the empty rec, and the next thin was a car pulled up beside mine, it was Kelly!  Well that is at least two of us!  But then slowly, slowly others joined us, Tracey and Tracy, Irene, Michael and Carole, Kelly, Emma, Joanne.  And just when I though no one else would turn up then Kay turned up,  She didn't think that anyone else would be here!

We got under way, and due to my brain being waterlogged through the rain, I started doing the drills before we did the warm up walking laps!  So as soon as we had finished the drills we went straight into the walking lap of the park, to keep us nice and warm!  Just as we were coming to the end of the first lap so Tanya came in!  "Oh good I said, you have missed the 'Ministry of silly walks'!" I said to her "But just for you we can do a couple more"  I knew she would be pleased about that!

So the session was just as it was last week, 4 minutes of running and 2 minutes of walking.  I had also forgotten to take my whistle, but as the usual PWR members know, I have my own 'natural' whistle, and it is loud, no strings attached.  After 4 minutes of running, I put my fingers in my mouth and whistle a piecing loud pitch.  Everyone heard it, good, I'm glad that worked!

I managed to stay focused and remembered how many times we had run, and I think maybe just maybe, we had walked for a tad longer than the two minutes, so my timings were slightly different from Michaels, who had kept his eye on his watch the whole time.  I still haven't found out how to pause the 'auto'pause' on my Gamin, and so on the unusually slow bits of our walking session it had stopped recording!

But, still they all did really well! All twelve of them!  The hardest bit of running on days like that is getting your shoes on and getting out of the door!  I know that some of the other beginners also managed to get out and do their homework at different locations as well.  Dedication, and the 'want' to succceed is all that you need to do it.  The only time you fail is when you give up!

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