Wednesday, 9 March 2016

Push It Just A Tad More

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Wednesday afternoon have seen me and Tanya just jogging along, trying to get the speed and stamina up.  Today Tracy came along.  So instead of the planned 5 min run 1 min walk I decided to stick with the beginners 'homework' or 2 minutes  run and 4 mins walk!  But as this is a Trying To Get Tanya Group 1 fit session, I thought we could just make it a little bit more challenging for Tanya to see how she would do.

I know that she can push herself a little bit more than she could before and it's good to show her that she can do it.  I had planned to start out at group 2 pace with them, it's only  going to be for two minutes, but if I don't say anything to them they won't notice to much.  Both Tanya and Tracy kept up really well, even going a tad faster than me!  But that 2 minutes seemed like a like time for them as they both asked 'How long?"  Still two words rather than 1, so there is obviously some 'more' in there, but that will be for next session!

The next run and we had slowed down a bit, Tanya was in front and Tracy at the back, but then Tracy is only just on week 2 of the beginners course now, and Tanya has been running during the weeks, and Tracy has only just started back to it, but she is determined!  After the second run session I always get confused, was that two or three!  Its usually the 'candidates' that know exactly what round we are on!

With the second to last round of 2 minutes running I thought a little bit of interval running, let you body know that although you're tired you can still push it and make your legs go fast!  Just a couple of sections, and then a nice steady jog after that.  All of that should take us to 2 miles done! Well, we didn't do too bad, and although the groans were there, there was also the huge smile at the end, the 'wow I'm pleased I came out". That feeling of a sense of achievement is what keeps us coming out and keep on trying.  Whether its to get a pb, whether it's to run for 20 mins non stop, or to run a mile non stop!  A goal is all you need to keep you going!  So after this next beginners graduation we are just going to have to find new goals for people to get to!

Here is the geeky stats for Tracy's first and Tanyas usual Wednesday workout!

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