Thursday, 22 October 2020

On A Run And A Prayer!

 Hell blog readers.

Sometimes you do need to go out and just run.  At the moment that is one thing that I am really struggling with, getting out to run just for me!  You just know that a good run can clear your mind, just for a while.  But having a running club and all my running buddies and responsibilities in that club is such a great way of getting out there and doing it.  I lead so I run, simple!  At the moment we are in the middle of the beginners week, during this half term I have been able to do some running with Pat and Paul, my friends, who have being doing this years course.  Their homework is to do what they did the  Saturday just gone, the brisk walking, the drills and then the running of 6 minutes run, 2 minutes walking, times that 4 times!  It's a lot easier to lead the running in an enclosed space like Willet Rec, because there I can, slow down, go in the opposite direction and just take it a little bit easier than everyone else.  Running on a route with Pat and Paul, well, there is no hiding, no going in the opposite direction either.  

But I really do need it.  These past two weeks I have been watching a friend of mine slowly hit rock bottom.  Drinking and depression has taken her to the darkest place of her mind and I am absolutely helpless to stop her going there. Over the years I have watch her battle with her addiction.  I can't imagine having to live it or with someone who has an addiction and depression.  When all the things I have tried have failed to help my friend come to terms with it I just get angry.  Angry at her, angry at myself.  I felt I was doing more harm than good!  Mental health and addiction doesn't just affect the person going through it, it affects their partners and their children.  It also affects their friends.  I have come close to completely turning my back on my friend, just because she refused help that was given to her, time and time again!  But, I can't and won't do that, it's just not in me, too bloody soft! But fortunately I have had a group of friends that I can unload on too, to pray with and share with.  I pray that my friend gets the help, now that her partner has reached out as a last resort, maybe now is the time! 

Hopefully we will go running again, it's what helps me, even though I struggle to get out of the door, when I've done it I feel good again.  Lets see what each day brings, with lots of prayers for everyone I am sure this will come to a conclusion soon.

 Geeky stats, I have no idea why it's not coming up as it used to, my blog page has changed format (I quite like the old one) but since then it only gives the web address.  So copy and paste and I am sure you will see our run this evening.

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Monday, 19 October 2020

Beginners to Homework

 Hello readers

Saturday was a good day!  It wasn't raining!  We had our beginners class, we have lost some of them, sometimes life just gets in the way! It's a huge commitment and one that you really have to try and build into you daily or weekly schedules.  For instance, Tuesday evenings are known as Run Club nights, Saturdays are or were parkrun days, or as they are for most runners notaparkrun day!  At them moment my Saturdays are Beginners days!  

I really so enjoy doing the beginners course.  It inspires me all the time, it helps me to just keep on putting one foot in front of the other.  Watching all the smiling faces.....ok its usually at the end of the running, but still its brilliant.  And it does me a whole world of good too!

So that brings us today.  I really needed to get out at run, but at the moment I am in the 'if no one needs me then I'll sit and watch tv.' kind of mood.  Thankfully Pat and Paul had asked me to come with them at do their homework with them.  I jumped at the chance!  Just to get out, breath in some fresh air and think about nothing but running was just what I needed.  My watch is already set up for the 6 minutes of running and 2 minutes walking, but before we did that, we walked briskly for a few minutes did some drills....blimey that bit puffed me out!  And then we started our running.  Oh my goodness, that felt good.  Just to run in Gods own beautiful creation, the cool afternoon air, the tress still green with leaves, no cars about, just fresh air!  Yup, I needed that!

We did the homework, Pat and Paul did really well indeed.  I did a couple of walking bits when I should have been running!  But it was really what I needed!  I felt so much better afterwards

So here is mine or I should say, our geeky stats.

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Wednesday, 7 October 2020

Club Running

 Hello blog readers.

Well, it has been quite a while!  Every time I run I keep saying "I need to write about this"  But anyway, I have been running.  Some solo's and some not.  

The beginners course has started up again, albeit in a different format!  There are now 3 leaders leading at the same time!  Confusing? No not really, we all have a group of runners and we have split the park, each of us has a bit of the park where we take our group of beginners.  Mind you, last Saturday it was absolutely dreadful weather and we had to cancel!  That's a first in a long while! We have around 25 ish people that have joined in the course this time, so not too bad.  I shall let you know how it all goes.

There has been some solo running, some good, some ok is, but as I said to myself (yes, I still talk to myself) "No run is a bad run, it's just good to get out!"  

So thats kind of what I have been doing in the shortest, briefest discriptions that I could have ever done.....ever! 

Which brings us to yesterdays running.  It was a club run.  We have this system where we have extra leaders on most groups to accomodate as many runners as we can.  We have a booking system so that you can book on with your leader, there is a choice of two times, 19:00 or 19:15,  so that we have a staggered start and finish.  It works as well as we can, it means that we can have at least 12 members from each group going out running in two groups per group!  Makes perfect sense, eh?

We didn't need two leaders for my group 1 last night as there was only 3 of us!  Robbie and Angela were running with me and thankfully(?0 both of them said they were totally unfit.  Although Angela was probably the fittest of us all!  This Covid shit really has affected people, whether physically, actually getting it, or just with the whole lockdown, isolating, shielding and just down right feeling scared to go out!  Of course when people do get back out to it, it's when you notice that fitness levels have dropped a bit.  But they best way to deal with that is to just embrace it! So you can't run as fast, so you can't run at all, so you're breathing is all over the place, so (in my case) my rolls of fat look like the mitchelin man!  Let's just embrace it!  Get back to it when we can, do as much as we can and don't beat ourselves up if we can't do it or we are slower!  It don't matter. I am speaking to myself just as much as everyone else too!  The fact that we are still willing and able to do it is a huge blessing, especially the willing bit!  Oh my goodness, the willing bit is the most important bit, in my opinion!  If there is a willing there will be a way!  If you can't run then walk, if you can't walk then exercise at home!  If there is a will then there will be a way!

Oh blimey, don't I go on!  That was just a pre-amble to say that our run yesterday wasn't the fastest that we have every been but my word it feels good(???) Can you actually say that it feels good to have your lungs leave your body and walk home, your legs saying 'stuff you I'm just staying here, all stiff and not moving" then yes you can say it feels good!  Just because we did it!

So, short and brief blog!  Is this the new me!  Who knows!

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Thursday, 27 August 2020

Furlough Coming To An end!

Hello readers.

So my time prancing about in front of my tv watching Team Body Project and all the other fitness kings and queens out there is coming to an end!  I am going back to work this time next week!  Nervous.....yes, pleased to be going back.......yes!  It has been fun doing my workouts with Janice, my workout buddy! 

I started doing the workouts because of the restrictions, stay home, protect the NHS and all that.  I tried to do the one bit of exercise that the government said we could do but, looking back, I don't think my head was in it.  Finding every excuse to stay home, no need to go out!   Then of course it was the anxiety of going out!  A few times of running by myself, it just felt so weird!  People moving away from you, giving you looks as if you shouldn't be out.  Mums hugging children to their legs as you get closer to them for you to pass with the obligatory 2 meters! Eerily empty roads and just an overwhelming sense of WTF!  That about explains how it felt to run in the beginning of lockdown.  But the longer I stayed away from running the harder it seemed to get back out their.  Which is why doing my exercising using YouTube, watching Team Body Project, Jordan burns, Adele Murrell and PopSugar really help to keep me active.  it was just as well, because apart from those 30-60 minutues I was mainly sedentary!  Apart from when I was hanging out of the fridge!

So for the last few weeks I have been doing my exercises, running with PWR a couple of times on Thursday mornings and of course there was the Fitness in the park with PWR too.  There has been a couple of solo runs too, but I struggled with them, blaming heat, technology, anything really.  But what prompted me to write this evening was about my run today.

Today I exercises in front of my t.v. going live on Facebook, ready to workout with my workout buddy.  I had to few things to do, phone calls to make before hand, including one to SMF to find a part for my car, they had it!  So I decided to run their after my workout!  The workout I chose was TBP with Alex leading, usually she is a machine!  But I wanted to do a hard one, to just get hot, sweaty, get those endorphins running through my body, push as hard as I could!  Well I did that! It was a great workout and I tried as hard as I could! I was satisfied.  In fact I was so satisfied I really didn't fancy walking or running to the car parts shop, so I called my daughter to give me a lift!  Fortunately she was heading out somewhere so I had to go by myself.

So I went!  I got ready, my money for the car part (which was very small by the way) and went out!  The route I took is one that I usually go with Naggy, through the park, and up the road!  So I did it, I only put on my Garmin to track me, no Jabra, no Peloton, well, I knew I was going to have to pause everything when I go into the shop, pausing my Garmin was the easiest.  I do like to listen to something though, so I put on spotify and started running.  The sounds of the 70's filled my ears, that's what I had chosen, just to take me back to a time when I didn't have too many cares and woes!  It was brilliant!  I was loving the tunes, I was smiling and singing along.  I found I was enjoying my run, I mean really enjoying it! I ignored the buzzing going on from my Garmin to tell me to walk for a minute and just carried on running!  I had no agenda, no one to keep up with, no app telling me my pace or to speed up!  Not that I don't like that, I like geeky stats, I like to listen to peloton to tell me to try just that little bit harder, but right at that minute I didn't want it nor need it!  I was enjoying my run!

Sometimes I ran pretty fast, sometimes I just plodded along other times I walked and the ran again when I felt like it, not because my Garmin told me too.  I got to the shop and pause my Garmin, bought my park and then continued my running! Originally I thought I was just going to go back the same way that I got here, instead I opted to just continue on my run, do the 5k, the 3 miles, just do it as I have done it so far.

As I ran along I joined in with the songs that filled my ears.  Lord knows what I must have sounded like as I am sure I was singing out loud!  But it was too good not to sing along!  As I got to Trinity Estates, the new estate on the corner of Crown Lane Spur 'Grease' came on!  I as actually doing the arm movements! Still smiling, still singing!  Loving it!

So yes, the love of running is still there, I just need to remember that, I need to ease the pressures of of keeping up!  When we get back to club running again there is going to be so many people that will have their post COVID fears, bodys and thoughts with them, we are all going to be in the same boat, only some of us will have had the cheap tickets, down in the bow of the boat no desire to run in, others will have had the dearer tickets, up top with the running track around the deck!  But still, we have all been avoiding the COVID sea, we still all have had to deal with isolation and the anxieties that can come with it!

The new normal is coming and I am glad I have had the desire to still want to go running (even though for quite some time I have struggled with it) and I am grateful that my running club is still there ready to welcome back all members, with social distancing of course.

Monday, 10 August 2020

What Have I Been Up To?

Hello Blog readers.

Well, quite a bit since the last blog!  The for a start, I have finished my One Year No Beer challenge!  A challenge I decided to set by myself, for no particular reason other than I thought I could do it, and I wrote a blog about it, which I started just about a week after I started the challenge and added to over the year!

What else, well, I have done some running! Woo Hoo, some actual running rather than just me working out in my sitting room. I have also been meeting up with my PWR buddies to do Fitness In The Park, our usual summer sessions that we do with out club!  Of course it's all been totally different!  For a start, we have had to split everybody over two parks and then have 1 leader per 5 members.  We have had to have a booking system because of numbers, leaders, and spaces in the two parks.  It works, ok, it's not our usual speed and core sessions but it still feels great to be doing club stuff.

What else, hmm!  The only problem about not writing everything down on the day I do things is that I forget what I have done! Oh yes,  I have done maybe one or two solo runs but also a couple of Thursday morning runs with my run buddies at PWR!  Oh my goodness, totally mixed feelings about the running!  For a start, working out in my sitting room and running are two completely different animals!  Before Covid I was fairly active, I had a regular routine of running, moving, walking. After Covid I have had a regular route of doing half hour workout and sitting on my arse for the rest of the day! Well, maybe some housework thrown in, but yeah, mainly not moving much from my front door! My first run on a Thursday was not last Thursday but the Thursday before that, Illustrious Leader was leading group 1, there were 6 of us in a group!  I am sure that most of them have been running solo throughout Covid!  Anyway, I thought I should be ok, I was so looking forward to going through the woods.  Starting off, of course is always hard, when I was at my fittest it took me at least the first 10 to 15 minutes to get into my stride, and the breathing right!  But if you had seen me trying to keep up with Illustrious leader and everyone you would have thought I had never ran before!

When I have been doing my solo running and have been 'Jeffing' all the way, 1 minute run, 1 minute walk, even then I have been struggling!  But Illustrious Leader and all the rest in the group I was running in completely understand my situation because they are all the same......they are just a tad run fitter than me! "Don't worry, Old Girl" says Illustrious Leader "We can wait or we can turn around and run back to you, just go at your own pace"  That's the best thing about our club, we don't leave people to struggle by themselves (even though I had said to her to just carry on and I will take my time as see them back at the rec!) But there were quite a few times they had to run back to me that I began to feel sorry for them, I kept imagining them thinking "Oh blimey back again"  Of course they wasn't, but I still felt like 'Private Pile' from 'Full metal Jacket' 
I kept checking they all had their socks on was they were heading back to me! It's amazing how much I 'beat myself up' something I had learned to stop doing and just enjoy running, but getting back to club running I felt I have to be just as I was, able to keep up, not dragging my ass or getting others to my ass around, but really, everyone is in the same boat as me, we've all struggled through this Covid time and we all need encouragement, we certainly don't need to beat ourselves up that's.  But its funny the things that come into you mind when your struggling!

The second time I went with them, we had run a little further, taking a little bit longer, but I felt I was a little bit quicker than the week before, I was still way behind but definitely not as bad as the week before.

Of course, every weekday I have been working out in my sitting room, going live on Facebook for all to see and working out with Janice! Every day she is working out with me too, even after she has done a 3 miler first thing in the morning!  Having Janice there has really kept my motivation to keep pressing play on Team Body Project you tube videos!

Also I have been working out with the neighbours still, Wednesday evenings and Saturday mornings!  That has been fun, but until park run or PWR activities begin again I shall be doing that!  September though, I will have to rethink the Wednesday evening sessions because I shall be back at work!

Today I did a very short run, I had a club meeting to find out what and how things will look for club members when we meet up again soon, I walked there, (only because I didn't want to look completely all hot and sweaty and breathing heavy) and then I ran/walked home!

So that about sums it all up!  The new norm is coming, until they find a vaccine for this damned virus, things will be different but I will be so glad to get back to the (new)routine of club running!


I got back on my bike too!  I shall write in my cycling blog about that! Very pleased about that!

Monday, 13 July 2020

It's been a while!

Hello blog readers.
Its me again!

So Two weeks worth of exercising and running shoved into one!  Lets see if I can do it!

Well, I have been prancing around in my sitting room doing my exercises in my sitting room! Mainly it's been Team Body Project!  I just love those guys!  I have joined the facebook group and actually joined on the members portal on the web too!  I've not done too much with the web page as yet, but I will get around to it soon.  I'm just having fun(?) doing the workouts from youtube and going live with it!  Janice is still with me and now Tracy is working out with me too!  My sisters both seem to be working now! Darn it!  

I have also been working out on the green with the neighbours and friends too!  That's been a lot of fun, dodging the rain, I think I have only canceled twice because of the the rain. So I am really pleased about that.  Fiona from the close is loving it, and Dawn opposite me is enjoying it too! There has been a couple of friends that are not neighbours that have come along too! I am loving it!  We are all just working out together trying to keep as fit and as active as we can. I think if we just keep on working and moving then we can get through this COVID and come out the other side not as thick around the middle as we thought we would!

I did Adele Murrell class as well!  I am sure I am doing better at her classes, it seems like I am getting up and down from the mat a bit quicker than the first time I did her class!  I shall have to go and have a look at my videos (a great suggestion from Janice)  which is a blimmin great idea actually!  After all, the proof is actually seeing the difference.  My weight hasn't blimmin shifted at all! Not one flaming ounce!  But my clothes still fit!  Well, my black trousers don't or my black dress that I needed!  By my stretchy jeans all fit!   Also someone said that I have a waist again!  Which is good!  I knew it was in there some where,  so I took these pictures from my workout videos, what do you think, is there a slightly less thickening around the middle? Let me know in a postcard! Oh my goodness, I am showing my age now!

Jordan Burns workout was another one I did.  I have sent him my email address and I am going to try and do one of his HIIT classes via zoom!  I am not sure how I will do with that!  It'll be interesting!  But I think I am looking forward to it!  We shall see!

My running clubs fitness in the Rec is still going strong.  Although we have had a couple of wet offerings, we still kept going!  Groups of 6 doing running exercises and core exercises.  There four groups in Willet Rec and there are a few more groups in Eynsford Park.  It looks like it's all working well.  I have been taking my.....ooops my hubbys speaker along, we do our core exercises to music.  It seems to hurt less and feels like we are on a night out!

Oh, yes, of course.  I went running too!  I went running just this Saturday gone.  I am doing 'Jeffing' to get me around, staying focused on the whole timed running bits.  I am running 1 minute, walking 1 minute, Jeff Galloways style of running.  Anything to look for that darn mojo of mine that seems to have gone into total isolation!  The discipline of counting the seconds on each minute, making sure that I run every second of the minute, and making sure that I don't blend my walking seconds into my running seconds is doing me good I think.  I am going to up my running to 90 seconds running 60 seconds walking. probably after I come back from my holiday!  I am totally aching after my running, which means that I must be working all sorts of other muscles while running than I am when I am doing the workouts!  Strange.  

Not too bad a blog, a short one considering I have been working out 6 days a week, for the last 2 weeks, sometimes two or three times a day!  I'm impressed with me! Just for the sheer staying power, sticking with the whole of the workouts every day!  That's only because I'm working out with my mates on line!  Thanks ladies!  You don't know how much you help me to stay focused! 

I just got to get myself back on that bike and I shall be all hunky dory again!

Some comparison photos.  Hmm, is there a difference?

April 2020

July 2020

Hmmm Maybe!

Tuesday, 30 June 2020

Games, Workouts and Running!

Hello blog readers.

I've not been idle, I've been up to all sorts! It's been over a week since the last blog.  So, what have I been doing!  Well, I've been prancing in front of the telly, doing my Team Body Project workouts with Janice.  I had last wednesday off, family friends funeral, but since then hard work!  You would think that I would show, somewhere in my body! Somewhere, there is a very hard worked, lean, strong muscle that is hidden by blubber and what ever!  Because I really do work hard, but then, of course, the eating.....the eating does get a bit in the way of progress!  All I keep thinking is that 'If I didn't exercise, prance in front of the telly then I could be a blob by now, trying to rock myself of my chair each night......or to go to the loo, which is about as much exercise I would do!

So Monday, TBP, with Jan, Tuesday, TPB with Jan, Thursday TPB with Jan,  those three days we were doing a TBP programme that I found on YouTube, it's called Two Week Transformation, Day 1 called Sweat Slinger, Day 2 was called Warrior.  Wednesday of course I didn't exercise at all, not even in the evening with the neighbours, Thursday it was TWT day 3.  I also did my clubs Speed and core work on at the rec.  With a bubble of 6 of us on one park of the rec, three other bubbles taking up other parts of the rec and yet more bubbles of 6 at a difference location all together!  You can tell that we have all missed our club meets, because we have to book these sessions and they fill up pretty darn quick!  I was leading again, so of course I brought along the things I've been learning on YouTube, a nice 15 minute session of core and leg work done to music! I think my group quite liked the disco effect! Then was Friday, I looked for TWT day 4, but I couldn't find it on YouTube, so I checked the website that I am free member on and it was there!  Unfortunately to do that one I needed to upgrade my membership!  Well, that is not going to happen, maybe at some point, but not just yet.  So I looked at what sort of thing it looked to be, and by the description it was mainly cardio. I looked for a TBP class that was all cardio, of course that is all Alex style!  She loves the cardio.  I found the free one called Blaze!  Oh my goodness!  It was tough!  But we smashed it! We did it, I moaned all the way through!

On the Saturday it was back to working out with the neighbours in front of my house!  We used the weights!  It also started raining! Grrr.  At that lovely summer weather seems to have finished now that we have started summer!  I managed to get through most of the exercises that I had planned, cutting some down to 30 seconds instead of 40 seconds.  The rain remained at just a drizzle until we had finished!  Brilliant.

I also went for a run, by myself, all alone, solo run!  I haven't ran for ages!  I been kidding myself that as long as I am exercising my fitness level will stat!  Wrong!  I just the nice route that Naggy does with the dog, up the path that goes to turn around lamppost, but turn left half way along, through the park turn right up to the bus depo and then run along the A21 heading towards Bromley.  Left at the roundabout and then head on home via Greenway, Magpie Hall lane and through the park.  Oh My fecking goodness!  I felt like I was going to die!  I had to do a 'Jeffing' all the way around!  But I did it!  It really is totally different sort of fitness, the running, the workouts, swimming, cycling!    I tell you what I admire those that do triathlons!  Oh my goodness, to be able to do all three with a smile on your face is amazing!

So on that Saturday I have decided that I really do need to pick up my running again.  I had a rest day on Sunday, well...I say rest, as I had a completely empty house I did the whole house top to bottom, clearned, polished, hoovered, washed, you name it I did it.  Most of the day it took me!  I was totally sweating, it felt like I was doing a whole day long workout!

Which brings us to this week.  Yesterday it was back to TBP with resistance and cardio, a good workout with the weights!  Today, well I thought I would do something different and looked through YouTube and came up with 'PopSugar'.  What the feck did I do that!
When you see tiny skinny fit looking girls, full make up, that cutesy tutesy little giggle they do, you know it's gonna be hard!  So, I forewarned Jan what we were going to be doing, didn't even look through the video myself, I just needed it to be another surprise bag of fun!  Fun!  Now there's a word you just wouldn't put with hard work, sweat inducing exercises, is it!  It was tough, and then to watch the instructor do burpees, well!  There is no way in this world will I ever be able to do that!  Way to acrobatic!  I must have looked like I was dying because Dexter, my daughters dog, came over while I was lying on the floor ready to do some exercises and attempted to give me the kiss of life!  Not a pleasant thing really! Bless him! He seemed to have me at a disadvantage as I had my hands full with the weights!

So up to date, we're there!  Still fat and frumpy, but underneath it all are muscles that are turning into steel!  Oh, yes, just one other thing!  Instead of sitting on my arse, sweating, waiting for my heart to get back from panic mode, I changed my shoes and went out for a run!  I didn't push it, I just wanted to get out and run, a very short route along the main road and back through the park, about 1.75 miles!  Again, I did 'Jeffing'  1 minute running, 1 minute walking!

So, until next time bloggers! Stay safe.