Tuesday, 6 February 2018

Moving On Up!

Hello blog readers.
This is us, Group 1!

Just before I get chatting about my club run, just a quick gloss over my parkrun on Saturday!  I know, I forgot to blog it!  I had a bit of a head on! Me and the Old Boy went out for a couple of sherberts the night before!  Still, I managed to get up a do a parkrun, I didn't beat my time for this year, but I have a plan now.  When I want to chase a PB then I have a alcohol free Friday!  It's only right!  So geeky stats for my park run.......oh yes, it's on strava,  I also forgot to put my Garmin on, so it was 3.1 mi, pace 11:59 mi, time 38.03 mins.

And now it's club time.  I was leading, and it's also move up week and I am sure you all know what that means? It means that I kind of push my regulars in Group 1, just once a month, to go just a little bit harder on one of our easy routes!   Only a little be bit hard, lets see if we can't beat our own record for this particular route!  I am sure if we try we can!

Tracy and Ade made their own way there and me and Naggy made our way to the rec.  We entered the rec with all the rest of our brilliant members.  My goodness there are just so many of us now!  We are growing and growing each week, I am sure of it!  DiscoRich was the announcer this evening and introduced the leaders, and today, all the leaders seemed to be lined up ready to be introduced!  It made for a much smoother transition from group leader to group leader.  We all gave our routes out and pace and then gathered our members together!

We were last out of the rec, and for the first part of our run I kept it nice and slow, as we warmed up.  It's not good pushing hard with cold muscles, just as we left the rec we took on another runner.  She was just a tad late and she decided that she would run with us, Clare is her name, her usual group is group 7!  I hope we can help her to have a good run this evening! We took it nice and easy up Kingsway, sending the faster runners back down to the back of the pack to keep warm while we waited for the catchup.

To be fair, I thought I was not going to be 'feeling it' tonight, it was just so cold!  I hate being cold!  I was also being rather vain too.  I had my hair done yesterday and I didn't want to scrape my hair up and shove it in a smelly old cap, so I was out running with my hair flowing in the wind and not hat!  I was going to be feeling something, and that was blimmin cold! Still, we are going to be working a little bit harder this evening, in honour of Move Up Week.

As soon as the sweepers had got to us then we started off again.  As I said, we are going to be working hard! We ran to the walking bridge and ran as quiet as mice over it.   I must say, they were all very good with the quiet running!  We continued our run, trying to keep them all together as I encouraged them all to just push that little bit harder, getting the sweepers to push a little bit harder!  We got a pb to get!

By the time we got around Crestview Drive I was really enjoying this run.  The group of ladies were all enjoying it, chatting, walking if the felt the need, and doing loop backs if they had the energy.  I was nicely warmed up, not warm enough to take off a layer, but just happily warm.  I was thinking again what a brilliant club I run with that they could make me a leader!  Because I know, if I didn't have this club then I wouldn't be out here running in the cold.  It's discipline.  I was reminded at my church about what discipline is.  It comes from the word discipleship, meaning learning.  So when we got out and do something, disciplining ourselves, we are actually learning.  Learning what we can do, how much we can actually push ourselves.  Learning that we need to keep on trying, keep on seeing what we can do! Well, that's what I was telling myself as I ran along today.  I need to be more disciplined on my parkruns!  And other things as well!  It's weird what you think about on a run, isn't it.

Anyway, we carried on our run, all the way along Crescent Drive and down and up Shepperton Avenue.  Stopping for catch up's at each crossing of roads.  We ran to the Off license and crossed over, just as another group got there too.  "Why don't Clare run with this group, they could be faster than us" someone said, and then I said "They could also be Orpington Road Runners" because they also run on a Tuesday night!  As it happened they were Orpies, so just as well she didn't join them!

With just the last couple of roads left to do, everyone was running brilliantly.  I felt as if we really did have our own 'move up' week as it felt as if we had run harder than we normally do.  It was a good run, I am sure everyone enjoyed it!  Back to normal pace next week, and maybe even some of the others feel they will be able to move up to group 2!

Here's our geeky stats.

Thursday, 1 February 2018

I Didn't Wanna Do It, I Didn't Wanna Do It!

Hello blog readers.

It's double day again today and I managed to get the two runs in. I really was feeling it, but I did it.  Even this evenings run I wasn't feeling it, but I am glad I went out. The first was this mornings run with the group 1er's at 09:30.  The usual 8 runners were there, IllustriousLeader, Tracy, K, PinkLadyJo, Auriol and Paula.  We went somewhere different last week and I decided to go somewhere different today!  I have been meaning to do run around Jubilee park for some time now, but after the railway pulled the bridge down I had to wait for over a year to be able to do this route.  It's the route that we had done when we had a mob match last year, only this time we are starting from the rec, I am hoping that it will be about 5k from the rec, do the loop only once and then back to the rec.  Then come summer time I can take them all this way!

Of course, it was raining, and there for a bit sticky, actually is was a lot blimmin sticky!  It was a slow slog through the mud and in hindsight I should have gone along the road  to Little Thrift and then tuck into the park from there.  I like going over the 3 bridges though and I was looking forward to using the new bridge!  I took the group through Dog Poo Ally and then the left path that runs along side the rail lines.  Oh my goodness, so sticky and muddy!  I was loving it but it's not everybodys cup of tea!  I had my tatty old trainers on, the ones that are ready to be scrapped as soon as I get a new pair of trainers......or do I buy myself some trail shoes as well as some new trainers!  I shall have a serious think about that!

The new bridge looked lovely and sparkly new, I took a picture of us all on there,  well, Kay took this one with me in it,  there was no place to put my phone to grab a self timer picture, blimmin new bridge!  marshaled by our lovely PWR's during the mob match!  IllustriousLeader, I am sure, will be able to remember too, as well as some of the other ladies too, between us we will get around it!
l to r
Carole, Ariol, me Illustrious Leader
Paula, PinkladyJo and Tracy
(K was takaing pic)
But at least now we have our connection back from Little Thrift to Jubilee park! And now comes the tricky bit, I wasn't quite sure of the route, last time I did this route it was

It was a great run, I was really enjoying it, even all that mud, I ran when I could and when it was just to slippy then I walked!......Blimey, I sound like Forrest Gump!  "When I was hungry, I ate, when I was tired I slept, and when I had to.....you know... I went!"  And that was our run this morning!  It was only that first bit, in Petts Wood that was the most stickiest, some parts in Jubilee park was very wet and muddy too, but at least there was a way around these bits!  I really enjoyed my run through the park, so did IllustriousLeader and the rest of the girls!  I can't wait to do this in the summer with group 1, I am sure they are going to enjoy it to.  I decided that we would not run back over the the bridge though and continue along Tent Pet Lane and the then go through the car park over the bridge!  It turned out to be a perfect 3.21 miles!  I just hope I will be able to remember it for the summer months,  I may have to do this route a couple more times on a Thursday morning!

Here's our geeky stats.

And now to our track session.  PhysioMikeTheMod wasn't there today, but he had trained up a fantastic coach for us from last week, ActingHeadCoachPear!  I wonder if she will be as tough as PMTM!  We did our usual warm up 10 mins running, and then the session started.  For the faster runners they had to run around, well loads more than me, I had to do 2x1200, 2x800 and then 2x400 with the rest in between or 90 seconds.  Already in my head I was thinking to myself, "Well I did go out running this morning" meaning "I may not do as well as I should do" I wonder if that is what Naggyneighbour was talking with the whole chocolate biscuit's thing?  Getting to track this evening was a blimmin mission.  I was all set, raring to go, I told the Old Boy that I was going out, he told me that it's cold and wet out!  But I was still determined to go.  I text Naggy to see if she was going "It's pouring down" she said.  I hadn't actually seen it out side, "So, you're not made of sugar" I said back to her.  Well, that's all that it took "Ok, yes we are going running" she sent back to me.  It was only then that I had noticed just how hard it was raining outside! "Oh darn it!" I thought, it's really pouring outside!  But I had made Naggy agree so I had to go through with it.

I got ready for a wet run, so did Naggy.  By the time we were ready to go it had stopped raining!  No time to dress differently now, I just had to go with what I had on.  We drove to Normans Park track and paid our £4.20 to use the track.  We walked up to the top of the track to be met by our club.  It' was then that we found out that PMTM wasn't there today, but JuniouCoachPear and me 'put in charge' of encouragement and motivation, she was ActingHeadCoachPear today!  She did such a great job last week I am sure she will rise to the very important role with total ease!

I started my Garmin up for the 10 min warm up lap, I am recording as muc as I can today.  I had a feeling I want to record every inch I take!  We were soon ready to start,  Naggy and Michele said that they would run with me on the warm up lap, but they were always just a little a head of me, I was working hard to keep up with them, but not so hard that I would have been to knackered to enjoy doing the session.  The ten minutes tempo run done and now for the session.

It was tough going, I completed the first two 1200's.  I had a stitch on that last lap and I was really trying to push hard on myself.  I was even telling myself to move, "Come on, come on, keep going" .  With every passing of CoachPear I got a great encouraging "Go Old Girl, you doing good"  I think she was even doing some cheer leading moves as she did a handstand to go with it!  I was just so pleased that the two long laps had done,  the rest of the group were already on their 4x800's that's what they had to do, they were so going to be finished before me, even with me doing less laps than them.  That's when Naggy said maybe only do one 800 and then do the two 400.  Yep, I think that would work, so that's what I did.

I was knackered.  I really wanted to slow down, at one point on that last lap I could feel my calf getting tired, I could feel it just starting to cramp up.  I wasn't going to like that, no way!  I just slowed down a bit while it subsided.  I was pretty sure that I sorted it before it got worse.  I picked up the speed again and just kept going.  I had remembered to do that whole lap thing on my Garmin, there is a bit (lap 2) where I got a bit confused and I had forgotten to turn it on again on one of the laps, but I only missed out about 100 meters.  But if you look at them splits, it's not so bad.  Each 1200 was more or less the same, (I was quicker on the second) I only done 1 800 and then those last two 400's were more or less the same too!  Yup, I am pleased with, I am not sure if that is good or not, keeping the same pace, but I felt pleased.!

Here's the geeky  stats for this session!  Oh and by the way, me and CoachPear, well we did the cool down stretches at the end!

Tuesday, 30 January 2018

Colourful Club Run!

Hello blog readers.

I was looking forward to my run this evening, I am afraid I had over done the relaxing bit today!  Getting up late, lunch with the  FavouriteMiddleChild and the pooch!  We even had a pudding!  It was so good! So I really did need to run, also there is this up and coming half marathon in a couple of months too!  So hills are the name of the game today.

I didn't have to pick anyone up today, Naggy wasn't running, Tracy wasn't running, so I just drove straight to J.J.'s house to walk to the rec with her.  She has got some shoe lights for some of the ladies in group 1, we are going to look so colourful as we run around the streets of Petts Wood!  I remembered to take a picture of us all before we left the rec, here, take a look.

As usual we gave our announcements for each of the groups, and then we all went to our spots to wait for the gatherings!  I had ten of us in group 1, a great number for a damp, chilly January night!  My route was to go to St Georges Road, and then along to Chislehurst Road.  I should have looked at my maps, as I completely forgot which way I went last time.  I was just a tad confused, but I was in the right direction.  Anyway, after our count up we started our run, a nice gentle start, just to warm up at first, then I hoped to pick up the speed at bit, just to see what we can get out of ourselves.

Our first hill was going up Petts Wood road till we get to Ladywood Avenue. It was then that I started to think, "Hmmm, I really didn't need to get the group to run up here!"  I won't tell them, I won't say anything, I will get to St Georges road from here.  The thing is, I couldn't quite remember which way it was and Selena told me how to get to St. Georges, so much for me getting away with them not noticing.  Still, we have done an extra hill that really didn't need to be there, Petts Wood Road!

I ran up to the top of that road with a couple of other group 1's, Gemma and K.C. and I think Carole made it up there in one go.  We waited for the back sweepers to get up to us, which was J.J. and Auriol today, as Tracy and K were not here.

I followed Selenas directions to St Georges after running along Ladywood, and now when I look at my geeky stats, I realise where I had went wrong,  I should have actually ran up Willet way instead!  Oh well, we love a challenge!  The group was keeping together quite nicely, we had to have catch ups stops, but when we were running we were running at 12:30 m/mi which is the top end of our group pace!  I was quite proud of them all. 

I wasn't taking the group back to the rec yet, so after we had run along St Georges Road we turned left and then ran along St. Johns Road to Chislehurst Road.  We turned right to run along to Crofton Road.  More hills, only ever so slightly undulating, but it is a great work out!  We all got to the Off License and had a catch up and little breather.  Just one more mile to go from here, if we go under the bridge, but I wanted to take them along the high street and over the walking bridge.  It's a lot nicer anyway, then we can run along to Towncourtt and down Kingsway, one more hill to finish, but a nice downhill one!

It was a good run, I enjoyed it, and I am sure everyone else did too.   Heres our geeky stats.

Saturday, 27 January 2018

ParkRunning - Lets Chase The PB's

Hello blog readers.

I am deffo chasing my pb for my parkruns, ok so it's my pb for the year at the moment, but then I will try and try to get nearer to my proper pb.  I love parkrun, I have a few left before the beginners course starts up in March, so need to start working harder.  Naggy and I drove to pick up Tracy and then we went on to Normans park, where we met up with all our friends.

It was pretty chilly this morning, thankfully not raining, I don't think I would have liked it if it was raining too!  I saw so many of our PWR's there too, well, it's KevTwoBalls 50th parkrun!  He made these!

I so had my eye on one of them, I do love a fairy cake!  All ready at the start, we listen to the RD and then it's 'Ready, Steady, Go!'  Our group normally runs at the back of the pack, we leave the front for the faster runners!  It's only fair,  parkrun is about fun, just doing it, but occasionally there is that all important pb that needs chasing down,  But it's against yourself that you run, not anyone else, I think that's what makes parkrun so successful and fun and so very friendly!  Getting going today was a little slower, there must be at least 700 hundred people again!  It's a popular parkrun is Bromley!  I had to weave through but only after the crowd thinned down a bit, I eventually got into my stride.

The other girls, J.J. LittleJ, PinkLadyJo, Tracy, and K were behind me, Auriol was running along side me and Carole was way up in front!  I don't know how she managed to get so far through the crowds but she did!  She had Naggy running with her, so I found out after the run.  By the time we got to the end of the long straight the throng had thinned down and I could slowly pass some of the other runners, I was getting warmed up!  Auriol pulled up just by the park, for a walk, she told me to keep on going, so I did!  I like to run for the whole of the first mile at least!  Totally focused I didn't know who I was passing, by the time I got to the first mile and just a little bit further I heard "Hi Old girl!"  It was Charley!  I had passed her by further back, on the first of the short straights (the ones we do on the summer route).  I decided to start running again and chat to her, I hadn't seen her for ages!  We ran along together and chatted as we did.  We got all the way back up to the top of the park again, and then started on the short straight,  I had to have a bit of a walk!  But if it wasn't for Charley I would have walked a lot sooner.  She just kept on going, she said that she might have a walk herself after a bit, but the way she looked I couldn't see it happening. 

And so after that I was playing catch up with her!  I think I took another walk and then I had lost it!  The 'thing' that keeps you going, just as I was running along to the bit of the path and the bottom of the park that takes us up through the woody bit.  I do believe I actually slapped my arse! "Go on, Old Girl, blimmin run" I said out loud!  I could see the marshal there looking at me, I bet she thought I was a complete nutter!

I tried to keep my eye on Charley as I played catch up!  There was just no way I was going to catch her now, but I started running again, trying to keep my pace fairly steady, ignoring the achyness in my legs.  I was feeling blimmin annoyed with myself that I had walked, but that's nothing new!  I am feeling blimmin annoyed anyway with myself, being weak and pathetic anyway!  Mind you, it's not as if I booze all through the week, just at the weekends!  Yes, I was running with a hangover, after a stressful week I thought it would be nice, along with a curry too, after all it's 'Date Night" something me and the Old Boy has done for years!

I picked some other runners ahead of me to be my 'race' and chased them down.  There was one lady that obviously had me in her sights, because she ran, over took me and then had a walk, then I over took her and stayed in front.  I could hear her as she started running again, she was quite fast, but then she would have a little walk and I would over take her again.  So she then became my 'race'. If I heard her running behind me I had to try and keep her there!  Something I had managed to do only on the last short straight to the finish funnel!  I just kept running and put on a bit more speed, I could hear her keeping pace with me, I really thought she was going to overtake me, but I kept on going!  I crossed the finish just a second in front of her! Phew!  Done!  A great run, and we had a little chat as we walked up to get our tokens!  We were side by side and the token lady almost handed the first one to her!  I had worked hard to stay in front of her!  I had a little chuckle as the lady said about fighting over the tokens, nah, that had happened out on the course!  I had guessed that maybe all the cakes had gone, but I walked around to where it is normally served and I was right, but there was more cake there, it was Sarah's 250th parkrun!  So I managed to get cake after all!  Oh, you know how the power of advertising and clever photography can do wonders, well KevTwoBalls cakes were actually those mini cakes, here, look!
Oh and just one more thing, our mens captain had managed to gain the coveted No.1 token! Here look

My Garmin and the official time had married up exactly again,  37:40 official parkrun time and 37:40:19 on my Garmin!  Slight slower than my fastest parkrun this year!  Got to work harder, get mean with myself, stop being weak and lazy!  Here's my geeky stats.

Thursday, 25 January 2018

Scadbury and Track...Done!

Hello blog readers.

I woke up to a beautiful sunny morning!  So much better yesterday with all that awful rain!  Anyway, dry January broke and my morning discipline broke!  Four days now without doing my sit ups and planks etc! Tut. Weak, lazy!  So today, I signed up for the Paddock Wood Half!  Now I have a focus, now I have something to work towards, a goal!  I sent Naggy a photo of my entry just so that she would get a movie on and enter too, we have both been talking about it for blimmin ages now!

So, this morning, I picked up Tracy and we drove to the rec.  We were going to be going 'off piste' today, somewhere where we have never run as group 1 before.  In fact it is so 'off piste' that we had to all pile into two cars to drive to the start of our brand new route.  IllustriousLeader was taking us through Scadbury Park.  Yes, I know we all 'touch' on it when we do our runs, but we are going a little further into the park this time, we wouldn't normally be able to get to the middle of this park in the time that we have normally.  So the cars were necessary. 

We drove to Leesons hill and into the first car park on the left.  I didn't even know this car par existed as it looks like it should be the entrance to the school.  But it's a dual entrance with the public car park just on the left as we turn in. 

Once out of the car we walk to the grassy path and start our run........it's a bit wet!  I think this run is going to be a tad muddy! There were eight of us in this mornings run, IllustriousLeader, Tracy, Kay, Carole, Auriol, PinkladyJo and Paula.  Not bad for a Thursday morning!  We were all looking forward to this new place to run.  I.L. had told us all about the moated house!  Here's a picture of it, I grabbed the image from the interenet!  I forgot to take my own photo! 

What a lovely place, I can just imagine what the house looked like, before the Townsend pulled it down!  Now why would they do that?  Still, a fascinating place. 

We continued our run around the park, covering some of the paths that I had done years ago when I ran the Chislehurst 10k, and we also ran on the other side of the delightful game keeps cottage that is being restored.  We only ran for about 2.75 this morning, it was very wet and muddy and we were not the fastest this morning, but I must say, it was one of the most loveliest routes that we have done, I think we should do this one again when it's all dried up!

This is all of us at the top of a particularly steepish hill!  The view from here was beautiful, we were next to this lovely house, again it's an empty house that has been boarded up!  Who wouldn't want to live in a place like that!?

On the route that we had to go to get back to the path there was a tree that had fallen over night!  The friends of Scadbury Park, or the local parks people were busy cutting it away so the path cold be opened again.  The thing is, we really needed to go around there, So we said that we would traipse around it, in among the brambles, the prickles and the holly!  I.L. went first then I followed her. In the meantime the busy volunteers cut away through the branches and the rest of them went underneath it!  The easy way! 

We were not far from the car park after that and we finished our run with a quick stretch.  Some of the ladies went on for a coffee after but we in I.L.'s car had to get on with the rest of the day!  Here is our geeky stats.

Thursday Track

I was looking forward to running track this evening.  Stretch my legs a bit,  start my training for the half marathon!  The session was 3 x 1600m with 2 mins rest in between.  In my mind all I could see was 3 x.......only three lots of something! Even I could do that, 3, 1, 2, 3 and then it's all done. Simples.  The thing is, I don't do 'new money'  I have no idea how far 1600m is.  I couldn't even remember how many times around the track it is, I think maybe I didn't want to think about it.  But still, it's only 3 times, right?

Naggy and I were just a tad late, they had already started on the 10 minute warm up, marathon pace lap. So we started to run up to the start line, ripping off our top layers so that we could join in.  I had remembered to turn off my auto lap thingy on my Garmin so that I can try and see how each of the laps I do!  I know it's only three, so I should remember to push the buttons.

After the 10 min warm up with had a couple of strides out and back and then straight into the session.  PhysioMikeTheMod with his new JuniorCoachPear ably assisting him we began our session.  There seemed to be loads of athletes today, so many.  Some coming for the first time too.  I just did my own pace, using a new technique to remember how many laps I had done!  .......oh, if you want to know, it's based on something that I heard PhysioMiketheMod say ages ago, which is to help you keep your arms relaxed try touching your thumb on your finger, not squeezing just touching.  So on the first lap I touched the first finger, the second lap I touched the second and so on!  It worked well!  I managed to run all four laps of the track and not get confused as to how many I had done, which usually after running even just 1 lap on the second reps I used to get confused as to how many I had done! After each lap JunioCoachPear was saying "Well done" each one, and high fiving her dad and brother as they ran passed.  She herself is a runner, a speedy runner.....just like her dad and brother!  As soon as she is old enough she will be running with us on track as well!

The faster runners were lapping me after I had done one lap, they were so going to be finished before I had even end my second rep!  It was quite a tough little session actually, I didn't want to stop or even think about slowing down.  I kept on running around,with my thumbs and fingers busy counting each lap.  My friends all encouraging me as the pass me by!  It's the only time I do get to run with the big boys and girls, when we are all contained in the track!  Of course, they had finished their 3 rep just as I had finished by second rep!  The session was over, I didn't manage to do the third rep of 4 laps, but I had a cool down lap, with all the other faster runners running behind me to have their cool down lap too.

So here is my geeky stats, and my splits were not too bad for the two laps I did, which was 11:23 and then 11;30.  I wished I had managed to do the third rep, just to have a look and see if I managed to keep it steady.  Maybe next time!

Tuesday, 23 January 2018

Get Out There Woman!

Hello blog readers.

I am so pleased I have my club to run with and that I was leading too! I could quite easily roll over and .....well, maybe not roll over, but pull my blanket over myself and watch the telly!  It's been a bit of a day! The fact that the last time I ran was last Thursday evening too!  I know, I've been lazy, and broken dry January too!  Weak, just a weak woman!  I need those still quiet voices to kick me up the arse and get me out!  But I know those still quiet voices now need to be 'shouty, shouty out loudy, slap on the arse and get out the door' voice.  For tomorrow me and Naggy are signing up for the Paddock Wood Half! So no half arsed running anymore!

Naggy and I picked up Tracy and Ade and drove on to the rec, we were greeted by our running club buddies! There were quite a few today, it must be because it's quite a mild January evening!  A little tiny bit of rain, which soon cleared up before we even got out of the car!  I planned to take my group up Birchwood again, just like last week, but then go to the left instead of the right. It's our K9 route, it still involves some tiny little undulations, but not as long as last weeks Tillingbourne.  So after all the leaders had given out their routes, distance and pace they all gathered around the leaders with the paddles for a count up before going for our run.  There were 15 of us in my group, not bad at all!

All the groups left the rec, one by one, we were the last group to leave, and just on the opposite side of the entrance to the rec was KevTwoBalls, he had brought along his camera to film us all as we left the rec, I am looking forward to seeing this film that he is busy working on.  He captured this picture just as he was setting up, before he started his filming!  Doesn't it look brill!
Captured by Kevin Howarth,
aka KevTwoBalls

We all ran passed KevTwoBalls and ran along to the end of Crossways and then turned right up Birchwood, our first little hill this evening.  We are a mixed bunch of athletes in group 1, some can run faster but still can't quite manage to do the extra distance in the next group, so we were spread out a little bit this evening.  Tracy and Kay were doing a great job of sweeping.  These two ladies just keep on running, non stop, because while we at the front stop for a catch up as soon as they have caught up then we start running again!  No rest for the wicked as I said to them when we got to Kevington Drive!  I do like to do a little bit of hill training on this particular little hill, it's only very short.  I like to see how many times I can run up it before the sweepers get to me.  Today I only ran up and back down again before  they got to us.  I think RefMichael managed to do two reps.!  But of course we all had to run up it to get back back to the rec.

Once we were back on to the main road we ran down to the big roundabout ready to do the very best bit of this evenings run, the long down hill to Crossways.  It was a good run today, a run that did me the world of good.  I needed to run, to get those feel good vibes through my body!  They never arrive when I am running, only for that split moment or two after a run!  But at least its there!

Next week I shall try to remember to take a picture or two of my group!  They really are a fab bunch of people, all with their own inspiring stories!  Here's our geeky stats anyway!

Thursday, 18 January 2018

Track Thursday!

Hello blog readers.

I didn't manage to get our running this morning, I needed to be elsewhere, but I still did my daily 5 disciplines before I even left my room!  18 times of each discipline plus and extra second added to the plank!

I didn't know if I was going to make it track this evening, but I did, I had told NaggyNeighbour that I might be a bit late, she decided to get out of work clothes and into Pj's instead of running gear!  I know, strange right!  Anyway, I sent her a message saying that I will be back in plenty of time so she had to go get changed again into her running gear.  And then we drove off to the the track at Norman Park.

Just as we were on Bromley Common the heavens opened!  Big fat bits of rain fell down, "Shall we just go to the pub" was Naggy's response to that, and just as quickly as the rain came it stopped!  "It's the weather having a laugh with us" I said to her "Weather was a bit keen and thought we were already at the track, but now it's stopped and it's going to wait until we are half way through our session"  You just know something like that is going to happen, don't you! I decided that I was going to leave my warm dry hoody in Naggy's car, I didn't want it getting wet if I had to leave it on the railings while I ran!

There were a few people there this evening, the usually fast runners, the marathon runners and a a smattering of others and me!  I like track, I know it does me good, and I do really try and do exactly what PhysioMikeTheMod tells us to do.  This session was 5 x 1k with 90 sec rest after a 10 minute tempo warm up run with some strides thrown in.  But for the runners who do park run 30 minutes and slower will do 5 x  800m with 90 sec rest, so that's my work for this evening.  I had asked Stephen to show me how to count laps on my Garmin, I really wasn't quite sure how it all works, evening now after all this time of owning the watch!  So a quick lesson and then we started our running.  We ran the first 10 minutes at a nice steady pace, or marathon pace as PhysioMiketheMod said.  Apparently I was running at 5:20:00 to 5:10:00 pace, which was quite amazing as both my marathons I did in just over 7 hours!  But on the day, it is totally different, it was for me anyway! I had managed to correctly time that 'lap' and so after we did the strides and got back to the starting line for the laps I set the watch going again to start recording the 800 m laps.

I completely mucked it up! But I did get some recorded, I missed out one lap altogether!  And off course I have my watch set in 'old money' so it's set in miles not meters.  I wish I could understand what all the info says......its at the end of the blog by the way.  How fast I had done each lap, etc.  I completely messed up lap two, it didn't get recorded at all!  Never mind, it's all new to me.  I shall know for next time.

Joanne ran with me from the second lap onwards.  She is doing this REDJanuary thing, crazy, I know, but she is being sensible about it only doing 2.5 to 3.5k runs and then club runs and parkruns as well.  So she just wanted to take it easy, and so she joined me.  She kept me going actually, I am sure, feeling they way I have been feeling, I could quite easily take it easy myself.  With the silly excuse of "well  I had a bit of a day today"  having Joanne next to me, running and chatting with me kept me focused and I kept my pace up.

Some of the faster runners were coming in, finishing their final 5th lap and we still had one more lap to do!  I didn't think that I would have enough time to do the final lap, but both Joanne and PhysioMiketheMod said "Yes, of course, there's plenty of time".  Ok, so no getting off the last lap, nor would I want to, off course, I am here to work hard.  That's what I love about the track sessions, it's all about you, what you can do, what you can run, what you can get out of yourself.  All the other runners are there running their race too, chat to you on the way round, and us from group 1 get to run with the faster runners, but of course there we don't slow them down! And there's no waiting while we catch up!  It's perfect!  I am sure I say that all the time, but I do love these track sessions.......oh my goodness, I said something positive again about my running!  I think my mojo is slowly making a comeback!  See, all that DISCIPLINE and I will DO IT!  I just need to keep on keeping on!

We finished our last lap, and joined in with the stretches at the end.  A fabulous session this evening, NaggyNeighbour was so pleased that she got out and ran too! Just what we both needed.

Geeky stats for you, see if you can make head or tails of them, remembering of course that I had missed out on one 800 meter and I am sure I 'blended' two laps together somewhere too!