Wednesday, 18 October 2017

Solo Run

Hello blog readers

I got home early and decided I needed a run.  With a weekend of very little running, a little too much drinking on Friday and indulging in  chocolate I really needed to get out.  The wedding is just a couple of days away, I am panicking just a little, "Is everything done, have we done all that we need to do"  I don't want my little girl to miss out on a thing!  She's a good girl and a very good mum.  I am immensly proud of her.  And now soon, very soon, she is going to be a wonderful wife to a very lovely man!  So, no pressure to make sure it goes all as planned! A plan that she herself has done!

I was in the house for only a few minutes before I went upstairs to get changed and out of the house.  It was still light out, but I think it will be dark by the time I get back, it's only 6 o'clock and I am thinking about getting home in the dark!  Where has the summer gone!  I miss the summer already, happy feelings, warm feelings, getting together with friends and family.  That's what I love. Still, time moves on, seasons change.  Maybe I should try and embrace autumn and winter. 

I was running along Farringdon Avenue, thinking about all sorts, getting emotional, stressing, when I heard a 'beep beep'  it was NaggyNeighbour!  I stopped for a few minutes to chat with her, talk about the wedding, saying how my mum would have loved this wedding!  Still, it is what it is, it's going to be a wonderful day watching my little girl say 'I do' to her man!  I carried on up the road feeling a little lighter, but still with thoughts racing through my mind!

I struggled all the way around my 5k this evening but I came back thinking 'At least I did it'  it's no big achievement, but it was a little bit of me time!

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Tuesday, 17 October 2017

Club Run - Enter The Newbies!

Hello blog readers.

This evening was one of those evenings when I just felt like I wanted to sit on my recliner, with my blanket over me watching crap t.v.  But I didn't, thank goodness I am a leader!  If I wasn't then I think I would most certainly have cried off running this evening.   

So to shake out any residual 'I don't want to be here's' my route included Tillingbourne Green!  It's a fabulous hill (did I just really say that.....write that?) It's a hill that when you have completed the little circuit you think to your self, "Yes I did it!"  This evening however was a little different!  When I arrived at the rec, and all the leaders had given out their route, pace and distance I went over to our pole to await all those running in group 1 this evening.  I was amazed to find not 1, not 2 but 4 newbies which included 2 returnees!  Kate, Hannah, Jasmine and Tendi (I think it's spelt like that) as well as our regular lovely ladies, Tracy, Auriol, Selena and Clair, so that's a lovely 9 of us running this evening.

I wasn't detered though, I still want to do the tough little route of Tillingbourne, well, it's only a couple more days before my daughters wedding.  I am trying to balance my weight, I don't want to lose anymore weight at the moment, because I don't want the dress that I bought to hang off me, but then I don't want to put it all back on either!  It's tough this 'maintaining' lark! 

There were quite a few runners this evening spread over all our 12 groups!  Our club gets bigger and bigger every year, we are such a popular club!  Even our own PWR 10k event is normally sold out weeks before the date, it's a 'most do' on runners lists of 10k's.  I wanted to get started pretty quick, so after having a count up, a quick welcome to the new comers (trying desperately to remember who's who) we were off!  Out of the gate, chasing one of the faster groups, I had to call a couple of my group back, just in case the got caught up in the faster group!  We crossed over the road and then group 2 passed us by, they were going to be running up Birchwood too!  Again I had to just gather my group in together, just like a mother hen, so as not to lose anyone!

We ran up Birchwood and then took a little break while we caught our breath and then continued on our way, turning right at the top.  I was hoping that the hills will not frighten off our newcomers, I feel sure that if they do this and look happy about it then they will deffo be back next week.  There really is no escaping hills in Petts Wood, so a baptism of fire will deffo be a good thing!

We crossed over the main road and then headed for Tillingbourne, it's down hill mainly, until we get to the green.  I pointed at the 'little' hill that we had to run up, some of them said "What we running up there?"  I didn't want to say to them that it was the smaller of the hills on the Green!  Why let them worry about it until it was necessary! Not that they would worry anyway!

The run around the green was good, the main body of the group all kept tight together, then I sent up the faster group 1's to run at their own pace.  Some people like to just run as fast as they could up hills, just to get it done, others like to take it nice and easy a steady pace all the way up, which is a very good way to get up hills.  I know some panic and start walking, I know that, because I used to do it myself, in fact I still do when I see a particularly nasty little hill!  The ones in the woods always get me puffing hard and getting me to walk some them!   But this little run around the green, up the longer hill I did it!

We had to run up one more hill to get to Petts Wood Road, and then we could enjoy the down hill all the way to Crossways!  All the ladies thought that was the end of our run, that we would run along to the rec from here.  But of course I do like to make sure that we have done a 3 mile route, and going along Crossways from here would leave us short!  There was only one way to go and that was up the last hill of the run.  I ran at the back with Tracy and I sent the faster runners up at their own pace along with Auriol, she had done a brilliant job of sweeping and now it was time to just let her have a little stretch of the legs and get a bit of speed going!

We ran up to the memorial hall, passing the fish and chip shop which smelled so good! Then we turned right and then right again so that we were running down Kingsway to Crossways!  Now our run was over as we made our way back to the rec to do some cool down stretches!  A fabulous run with some fabulous ladies, all still had a smile on their faces, so I feel sure they will be back next week to continue with their running!

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Thursday, 12 October 2017

Three Blogs in one

Hello blog readers.

Club Night

After a very 'bad' weekend, consisting of booze (well just 3 pints on Friday night)  illness, (I am sure it wasn't due to beer)  two takeaways (left overs on Friday and full takeaway Saturday) and chocolate (chocolate was medicinal of course).  I was really ready for a nice gentle jog with group 1's.  I knew I had someone coming back to the club after not running for a while so I chose my 'go to easy route'.  The nice flatish one that everyone enjoys.

We had 9 in our group, a nice number.  Some of our group 1's have moved up to the new group 1 1/2, exactly like they should be doing!  It was a great run, we all more or less stayed together, and I could see that there are still some runners who could quite easily move up to the next group, but I am sure they will try next move up week, or when they have enough confidence!

I kept the faster ones occupied by letting them run ahead at a bit of speed, I had Michael with me, he just wanted to come along in our group just for fun!  That's what we are like in PWR, a friendly bunch, and we just love to chat to everyone, even if that means running in a slower group to do it!

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Thursday Morning Run

So fairly up to date now, this mornings run was done in just perfect weather conditions.  The sun was shining and everyone was so looking forward to going through the woods.  Illustrious Leader was here too, she will be able to come most Thursday mornings now! Brilliant!  My route this morning including hills, of course it does, it's in the woods, and besides which, I need to still lose extra pounds before the big day next week!  So we went in through the woods via Poo Ally and turned left.  I wanted to go straight up the path that the PWR 10k took, so not along the rail lines and up Botany Bay, we could still see the flour on the floor that was marking tree routes and possible trip hazards.

We ended up at the top of the woods and then still continued upwards as we headed into the big posh housing estate!  It's lovely this route, looking at the lovely houses.  It's a pity that it's not possible to do a winter nights run down there with my group because I can imagine Christmas lights would be amazing down there.

After running up to the top we crossed over and then ran through Scadbury Park and then back over the road to our woods, running all along the side of the road and then down along the rail lines to Poo Ally!  It was such a lovely run this morning, we took slightly longer than usual but it was so worth it!

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Track Session

I went to track session this evening, no shopping to do so no excuse not to!  I do enjoy track sessions though, I try very hard to push that little bit harder!  The session was an 8 minute warm up run and then 40 secs run with 30 secs rest, 90 secs run with 1 min rest, 4 mins run with 90 secs rest times by three!  It was pretty tough going, I didn't think that I would be able to keep going!  It sounds easy, mind you running for 6 minutes sounds easy, running sounds easy!  But it's not!  There were loads of runners there today, all trying their hardest, some are there training for the marathons, and for some that is coming in a about a weeks time!  Others are starting their training for the London in April next year.  Me?, well I am just trying to keep the weight off, initially, until the wedding, and then hopefully keeping it off and taking even more off!  I have proved to myself that I can do it, but then, with the stress.......excitement of the wedding finishing after next week I am hoping that I can still stay focused and not just give up and say, "well that's it then, all done, finished"

I must try to at least keep on losing weight and keep on with my training and running.  Getting in the doldrums would not be good, what with this stupid hormone changing thing happening I can imagine it would be quite easy for me to just say "Feck it, I can't be bothered!"  I must remember the feel good factors that come with finishing a run, race or track session with PhysioMiketheMod.

It was a great session, I kept going, I ran when I should have and I walked when it was rest!  I was working hard, even PhysioMiketheMod mentioned that I was sweating well, I didn't have enough breath to say to him that blokes sweat women glow!

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Monday, 9 October 2017

Solo Run

Hello blog readers

I had an early finish today, so I got back home, quick tidy up, put some washing on, put clean clothes away and chopped up some salad. There was only one thing left to do, and that was to get changed into some running gear.  I haven't been out running since Thursday and it was only the one in the morning as I had to go out shopping Thursday evening to get more stuff for the wedding!  I have been a bit under the weather since Saturday, in fact Friday I wasn't feeling 100% anyway, but I just put it down to tiredness.  This evening was the first since Thursday morning! 

Confession time, the weekend was full of big fat 'do not do's' if you are on a diet!  Beer, curry, takeaway, chocolate and in activity!  I really was feeling like crap!  I didn't even get out to do the beginners course because I was feeling ill.  Sunday I was feeling better, but still not right, chocolate seemed good to try and cure whatever it was I was suffering with!  Even this morning, in the early hours I woke up with a tummy ache!  It could be that I just had a very crap eating weekend!  Anyway, back on track this morning, it's only 2 weeks now to my daughters wedding, still time to lose a bit more weight....or at least to lose the extra pounds I just put on this weekend!

Well, that's the reasons and the excuses laid out for why this run was a particularly bloody hard one!  My legs just wasn't in it, my mind was somewhere else, just not on my running, my breathing was, well I was breathing, I guess that was good!  And my running style was just not even on a scale of bad to worse!  My head was down, I was tense and not relaxed at all!  My back was niggling just a bit which I think wasn't helping at all!  I tried to think about just being out, at least I am not sat on my chair watching crap t.v. eating yet more chocolate. 

Just running up Farringdon Avenue I could feel my shoulders starting to ache and had to just stop running and try to relax, shake out my arms and roll my head and neck and then get started again.  I started to think about my daughters wedding, try and get in a good mood, try and listen to some good tunes on my ipod.

Running along Southborough lane and my form is all but lost again, head down, and just not even trying.  I gave myself a telling off, after all these times running should be good!  "Head up Old Girl" I said, a still quiet voice was there, just briefly!  "Keep going, don't stop, no turning back, keep on running"  I thought, I just ran, head up, heart beating like crazy, just keep on running!  Before I knew it I was turning on to Turpington Lane and then on to Greenway.  On the way home now, passed the point of no return, back home for dinner, a nice salad with salmon fillets.  Hows that for healthy eating, mind you......there is still one last piece of chocolate......a pudding maybe!

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Sunday, 8 October 2017

PWR 10K - Report From The Rec

Hello blog mates.

Today was my clubs annual 10k! This year I am back on the rec in Team CoachHels!  I love being in the rec team, you get to see the start, the finish and all the bits in between!  NaggyNeighbour and her boy picked me up and we  went to the rec together to get our orders for the day.  I knew what my duties were for the day it was to help with out our sponsor Sinclair Hammelton. Both me and ZippySherry were to help set up the table and just help as much as was needed and then after we were on water duties.  So before that we had a walk around the rec so that all of Hels team were aware of where everything is, there were people busy putting up gazebos, the bbq's were up and ready, with the smell of bacon coming from our very own bbq, just for PWR volunteers.  The public had their own bacon stall, with tea coffee and cakes to be sampled.  All proceed from the cakes going to  our sponsored charities St. Christopher's, The Maypole project and the National Trust. So until our sponsor turned up I busied myself supplying teas, coffees and bacon sandwiches to those marshals already at their posts, baggage team, the Crossways entrance team and the Towncourt entrance team.

Here, these are a few pictures of the 'calm before the storm'

Registration team

St. Christopher's Team
Baggage Team!
A quick selfie

Katherine Sinclair and her team arrived and I went straight over to the table, ZippySherry and baby Gorilla was already there and we got stuck straight in to blowing up balloons!  Fortunately there was a huge helium canister there!  Made it a lot easier to do! 
Me with Katherine Sinclair!
It was busy, the people were coming in to pick up their numbers, their families staying around to cheer them on, it was such a perfect sunny morning!  It was positively summer like!  The bacon was smelling so good, the cakes on the tables next to us looked fantastic, some of them were baked by our very own PWR's and donated to raise funds for our charities.  We do have some master bakers in house!

Emma was doing the warm ups with the runners which meant that the start was pretty near.
Emma and baby gorilla!
I cant believe how quickly those two hours had gone!  I quickly went over to the start line to try and get a picture of those at the front, I managed to capture this chap, he is really fast!
The Start.
Alex, in the Orpington shirt
His name is Alex and he runs for Orpington runners!  He has been at track sometimes when I have been there.  So back to my duties with the balloons for half an hour more and then I was on water duty.  That's all it took for the first runner to come back.  He did it in 34:09, incredible!  We had to use a slightly altered route this year, because the rail people have still to put back the bridge they took out an age ago, so you can say that is a course record.  And if the rail people don't pull their finger out then people can quite possible try for a PB next year!

As soon as the last pen had started the race the whole rec team worked like magic to the get the kids race organised, the tables ready for the water and the bananas and also samosas, once again supplied by our favourite local curry house, the Raj Doot in Petts Wood.
It all went like clock work!  Team PWR work like clock work in the rec.  The people that were in the rec to support their friends and family were having a great time, the glorious weather helped with that.  The Sinclair Hammelton balloons were bobbing around the rec, the laughter and chatter happening on the green, the music and the commentary from our Paul coming over the loud speakers was smile inducing.  The races for the children was well under way, just the one lap around the green.  I remember once, in 2013, that very wet 10k, I decided that I would kind of run behind the kids, just to encourage them!  Well, they know no pacing, they just take off at lightening speed as if they have just been let loose in Hamleys to grab as many toys as they want for nothing! Paul was doing a great job of commentating on those races! If the kids needed to get rid of anymore steam then they could bounce away on the bouncy castle! The whole atmosphere in the rec was like one huge big picnic with a run added for extra fun!

There were bananas and samosas to hand out as well as the water, so from just after Alex came in......oh did I tell you, it was Alex that came in first, I managed to snap him at the beginning, but I couldn't get a picture of him crossing the line as I was a bit busy!  There was a steady stream of people coming in after that, including for the first time this year some PWR's as well!  Just 7 of them, we had 7 places to give away to our members, there were certain criteria that had to be met, but as it happened I think only 7 people applied anyway, so they all got the places anyway!  The first PWR back was our youngest member Matthew Pond!  He is a zippy fellow, one to watch out for in the future!  Once Fred and Wilma crossed the line we knew that all runners were back in the rec receiving a new design of our PWR's medal.
Fred And Wilma Fl

So almost all done, just a walk around the rec to collect as much rubbish as I could and that was it for another year!  You will notice that I haven't mentioned One Inn The Wood yet, well mainly because I was steering clear of them this year!  I have the wedding in two weeks and as I am busing trying to lose weight and keep it off avoiding the deliciousness of the brown beer had to be done!  But I know that One Inn The Wood is most definitely a much loved attraction at our 10k now!

Another great even put on by the most friendliest running clubs around! Can't wait until next year!

Thursday, 5 October 2017

Solo Run And A Not Solo Run

Hello blog readers.

My daughters wedding is getting nearer and nearer, so much to do and really so very little time!  And getting fit and losing some pounds is still very much high on the list of 'to do's'.  So Wednesday afternoon I had an afternoon spare and so I decided to go for a run.  The weather was just perfect, not too hot or too cold.  I grabbed my tunes after getting my running kit on and was out of the door.  I really needed to run! 

Weddings, well, my kids weddings, always gets me nostalgic.  I was thinking about my own wedding. how my mum came with me to chose my wedding dress (even tho I had to cancel it because of an unexpected little person that I was growing!) We had such a lovely afternoon up in London. I was thinking about it all as I ran around my little 5k route, let me tell you I did get a little emotional!

But I did it, I was pleased I went out, there will be less days to be able to get out and run now as the date gets nearer.  So much to do!

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Thursday Morning

This morning I had a chance to get out and run with the girls.  I got to the rec around 09:28, I looked at my Garmin as I was walking into the gate.  That's on time in my book!  There were quite a few people there, so it looked as if there will be 3 groups running out this morning.

There were six of us in my group, me, Tracy, LittleJ, K, PinkLadyJo and Paula. I decided to do one of my usual routes through the woods but in the opposite direction, as long as I don't forget to pop out of our woods and cross over the road to head for Scadbury.  

We had some beautiful weather again this morning, well, I should say eventually we had some good weather.  It really threw some rain down about 08:45 ish, just as all the kids have to go to school!  I am so glad that I don't have to do a school run anymore!  By the time it was ready for me to leave the house to head for the rec blue skies had started to appear as the dark rain cloud was heading off to rain on someone else!  By the time I got to the rec the sun was shining.  Which is why we were heading into our woods and not along the Cinder path by Crofton school!  I had made sure I had my old trainers on, just in case it was a bit sticky in the woods, but it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be.

We ran through Poo Ally, turned right and headed towards Orpington road.  We ran along the side of the woods until I saw the opening we needed to cross the road and go towards Scadbury.  Then we crossed over the road and ran towards Scadborough.  As we were running through we noticed the excavation site and went over to take a peak.  It's Scadbury Lodge and it's being renovated, but the archeoligcal society had been excavating in the area.  I am not sure what they had found, I think I should try and look it up. The cottage that is there being lovingly restored looks just gorgeous, with a new thatched roof!  Someone is going to be very luch to live in there.

We continued to run through the woods, taking another slight detour to look at another lovely house and then finished our run through Scadbuy.  We had to cross back over the main road and we headed down Manor way, passing the lovely house along there.  Back into our own Petts Woods to finish our run heading down the middle path to Poo Ally!

A lovely run and some lovely friends to run with!  

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Tuesday, 3 October 2017

Club Run - Going Backwards

Hello blog readers.

This evening it looked as if the whole of club had turned out for this evenings run.  Here, take a look at this picture, it's a bit dark but you can see them all lit up in their hi-viz!  We now have 14 groups going out! Groups 6 and 7 have been split so there are two group 6's and two groups 7's, we just have so many runners now in our club!
Michael on the left in the yellow, with JJ. by his right elbow!

In my group 1 however, there were 8 of us, 8 happy runners.  I had told them that we were going to do one of the hilly routes in reverse which means that all of those hills that we usually run up, well, we will be running down!  My group were very happy about that.....until K said, "Don't forget people, we still got to get up to the top of those hills before we run down them!"  Happiness lasted but just a few seconds!  Actually my group really love a hill......that's what I have been telling them they do anyway!  The challenge for me is to make sure that I don't actually go the wrong way!  I know that sometimes when I used to do a route in the opposite direction in the woods I get a bit lost!  I am hoping that the road signs will be a more helpful than a familiar looking tree, or a certain little opening in the woods!

I was in two minds whether to add the little extra bit in the beginning of the run because usually that is the bit of route that I could cut out if we were running out of time!  I was running along towards Kingsway, "Turn right or straight on" were the thoughts in my head "Stuff if, lets go for it, lets do the extra bit" I said out loud.  Michael heard me, he was all up for it, but then he usually runs in group 3 or 4 or is it even 5 these days?  He's doing brilliantly.  But for this evening Carole and Michael wanted to run in group 1 today, just to run with their friends for a nice gentle one! Carole, we love ya!

We ran up Kingsway and turned left along Towncourt and then we had that lovely run down hill once we got the top of Petts Wood.  It was round about then that my group was figuring out just where we were going!  Yup, right up Petts Wood Road to the big round about, and then we were turning left.  As long as we stay at group 1 pace we can do this.  All the way to the top, non stop from Crossways, we can do it!  And we did, Michael ran back to the back of the pack to stretch out his legs a bit more but we were really were running fairly tight together, not too big a space between me and the sweepers! 

I was really enjoying my run, just a nice steady group 1 pace, chatting away to Michael and Carole, Alison and Selena.  J.J. and Janet were doing brilliantly too.  J.J. has had a couple of weeks off from running.  People always 'fear' losing their fitness if they miss a week or two, but it doesn't go as quick as you think.  As long as you take it nice and steady, all those running sessions before the break will not be so quickly forgotten! Getting up that hill and still seeing some smiling faces, you know that 'you got this'!

I took them along Orpington Road, past the Tillingbourne Green turning (I think they all secretly pleased about missing that little pleasure) and took them to Malling Park road.  We are going to do the little loops around the streets, in the opposite direction of course, and then back to the main road to enjoy the lovely down hill of Birchwood!  It seemed a lot easy going this way round, and also it took away those thoughts about which hill you walked on and which hills we struggled on and which hill we ran up.  It's all backwards, it's all new, so we just had to see what we could do!

That running down Birchwood was great, relaxing, letting the hill do all the work.  It's almost like a rest!  I said that Michael could lead the faster ones back to the rec while I ran at the back with the sweepers all the way back to the rec.  A brilliant run with some fabulous running friends!  We love hills.......when we are running down them!

Geeky stats, its our K-9 route!