Tuesday, 15 January 2019

Club Run - Janathon Day15!

Hello Blog readers.

This Janathon malarkey, its half way through! Yee Ha!  And then next month it will be concentrating on my half marathon!  Yup, I have signed up for Paddock wood again! (Come on Naggy, get your name down!)  Love it! Ooo, look at that!  I wrote that 'love it' without even thinking about it!  Mojo, you are so nearly mine again!   So, because I am doing this Janathon thing I am treating every run, every extra walk and every workout as just a mark up on my calendar!  Nevertheless I am still stepping it up by going in group 2, as I am not leading.  It's great having other leaders to help with my 'baby' group 1 because I can move up to group 2.  Me, Naggy and Shalini all went together to the rec.  There were a couple of our group not running today, J.J., K, SnappyH had some sort of parents evening or OFSTED, both which I can imagine is pretty tedious and poor LoobyLou isn't very well!  LittleJ wasn't doing her walking group.  I do miss everyone.  But CarolWithAnE was leading group 1 and GetYourLegsUpTracy came along in group 2 with Ade and Auriol.  RefMichael was in group 4 it think.

Ruth was leading today, I missed out on where her route was going as I was taking a 'comfort' break, I think the chilly weather made me need one!  So it was a nice surprise to find out that.......Cardiac Hill was included in there, not only that, but it's at the end....going up it!  Ok, so this is group 2, it's going to be longer than group 1 and it will be more challenging!  No turning back Old Girl!

I offered to sweep, of course, only because I knew I would be at the back.  I know as soon as I start to be able to stay up with the group and then feel comfortable there, I will stop offering to sweep and then to push on up to the front.  And then who knows, I could get to the giddying heights of group 3 in no time!  Baby steps though, no need to go crazy.  There were 18 of us in Group 2, Selena was in group 2!  I remember when she first joined us, it's good to see she is still running!  It's quite addictive really!

We ran down to Petts Wood Road and then turned right to run all the way up to the walk over bridge.  Of course normally I would have take then short cut up Kings Way, if I were leading, but then this is group 2!  We even ran all the way around CrestView Drive and down Crescent Avenue, just like I do with my group 1 if I were leading!  But I am not leading, Ruth is and she has managed to get Cardiac Hill added into this route!  By the time we got to the off license we were at 2 miles, which means we still had over a mile to do.  I knew we were going to be going up Cardiac Hill, that surely has to make it well over the 3 miles, possible 3.5 miles if we go down Willet Way.  Yes, that must be where she was going to take us.  Me, Selena and Auriol were at the back saying that we are pretty sure she was going down Willet Way.  But she didn't!  She carried on doing more of Cardiac hill to the big roundabout at the top of Petts Wood Road.  "Ok, so she must be running down there to Crossways" Said Auriol, but guess what Ruth had other plans!  She was heading for Birchwood, We did try and suggest that Wood Ride which she said "Ok, that's a good compromise".  Well, I think she was just keeping us at the back nice and quiet, because Kingsway and Wood Ride came and went as we headed for Birchwood!

I must say, it was a great run, I enjoyed it, tough, but all runs are tough!  Thanks Ruth!  I am staying in Group 2!.......for now!

Oh, and if you were wondering if I did day 14 Janathon, well I did!  Only a 10 minutes workout, sit ups, planks and what not!  But I think it counts!

Geeky stats

Sunday, 13 January 2019

Janathon Day 11,12 and 13

Hello blog readers.

Whose blimmin idea was this Red January, Janathon stuff!  I mean, it's so hard!  Ok yesterday it wasn't so hard as it's parkrun!  Who don't love going to park run, but Friday I was left to my own devices, trying to do something!  So Jabra sports lady was back in my ears.  I thought I would try to do 4 sets!  Really, ha ha ha!  I tried, but two sets is all i managed, the cardio and the takeoff again!  Ok, so it was something, I did it, I sweated and it was something I wouldn't normally do before going to work!  So I think I can count that as day 11 done!

Day 12, well that was easy, it was parkrun day.  No thinking about a route, pace, people, just me getting on with it.....with Jabra in my ears of course.  But yesterday four of us decided that we would go tourist.  It was Naggys idea, she was meeting her Tri friends and asked if I wanted to go, o I asked the others to see if they did too, only SnapperHannah and Wendimoo took us up on the offer.  Of course going to a new place means getting up earlier!  It's not our local, not even a next local!  I was at Naggy's house at 8 am and then we went off to collect SnapperHannah and Wendimoo.  Satnav on and we drove to Danson Park.  We were not quite sure where the start of the run is but first things first was the loos! It has to be done.   

By the time we finished in the loos there were quite a few people to follow to where the start of the parkrun begins. When we were walking, following the crowds (not the walking group that happened to be using the park as well and who were already doing their thing) we also saw some painted signs on the tarmac little squares with the words parkrun and an arrow!
Karin had found her Tri friends and we all waited for the run to start.

I like this course, it's only two laps but there is a lot to look at.  There is the huge park, wide open space, there is the boating lake with the wild life on there and then there is the woody bit, all of which we were running through or next to.  The bit I didn't like, it has an uphill section.  Well, as IllustriousLeader would call it a very gentle slope!  SnapperHannah noticed that it was an elevation of 44, where as Norman Park only has.....4!  So like I said, a slight incline, or a mountain, depending on how you are feeling!

The 'Off' was giving and we all started to move in the direction of the road!  I was at the back, I like being at the back and I can do my own thing.  I was getting all my gadgets going, my Garmin and my music and my Jabra!  So many things to push start on!  But as long as I have the important ones, Garmin and Jabra, the music can wait! 

I tried very hard not to run fast with the crowd, SnapperHannah, here now shortened to SnappyH, Wendimoo and Naggy were all off in the front, they always are!  I am just in a 'Get around, it's Red January' style of running, so there will be not knocking my b......eanie hat off trying to chase a pb!  Mind you, new venue, new pb!  I can have that!  I really thought we were going to be running along side the road, but the path turned left to run along beside the boating pond, we didn't need to touch the road!  We ran along and passed the place where we will be getting a coffee later and where we had parked our car, just on the other side of the park fence!  This was the up hill bit!  We passed quite a few volunteers, all of which were totally into the whole cheering thing!  Anyone would think that PWR had trained them (I love my club, especially when we host our 10k!) They really were out all the way to make sure you were the only person that were doing your utmost best!  Marvellous!

We passed a lovely house that was in the park, I think it was called Danson House, it makes sense really as the park is called Danson Park!  It looks like a lovely house, I could imagine spending a weekend in there, maybe solving a murder on one of those murder weekends!  It totally looks the part!  When I thought we were heading back to the start we turned right instead, doing a little bit extra, which really I was pleased with, because that is the bit that goes through the woods!  We were only in there briefly but it's always so refreshing.  Just a little bit further on, towards where we started and ready to do lap no.2!

Fantastic, I really enjoyed it, I took this picture of these lovely swans on the way round on the second lap, they just wanted to be photographed, or did they just want something to eat!  Who knows, I think if I looked as pretty as these swan I would just swim up to everyone and say "Hey, look at me, aren't I gorgeous"  Here look at them!

The second lap was a bit slower than the first lap but I had my 'race' in eye sight to keep it interesting.  It was a chap in a purple teeshirt.  I just knew I had to keep him either just behind me or just in front of me!  I need a little competition like that to keep me on my toes.  It was going well too until I got 'lazy' and he stayed in front of me just a little bit too long and so I decided to chose the next person, a lady in a great jacket.  We started to play 'cat and mouse' for the last half a mile of so, and yet purple shirt man was still just ahead of me!  Dare I even think about getting in front of him again.  I will have to start doing some running! I decided that it is what I would do, I was going to go for it!  And what better section of the run to do it then on this lovely little downhill bit! Through the woods too!  I just had me a ball running through there and I passed the lady in grey and the man in purple!  Boolaccasha! Pick the bones from that! 

Of course once on the flat I had to make sure they neither of them got back in front of me, there was only a very short bit left! Just out of the woods, turn left towards the gate, and yet more lovely marshals I might add, and then just that bit, just that bit to go!  Just only to where the finish funnel is, Naggy, SnappyH and Wendimoo!  So near, and those other two parkrunners will not be getting in front of me.  I did it! I flippin did it! Phew!  Parkrun no.89 done!  Only eleven more to do before I do the 100!  We walked over to the Boat house which is where there coffee and cake shop was and we bought some lovely hot chocolate and I had a choc chip shortbread! Yum! Afterwards we all came home!

Both me and SnappyH took some more pictures of Danson park, including this gorgeous goose (I think it's a goose anyway)

Me taking picture of the goose

My official parkrun time was 42:33 and my Garmin said 42:43.  Now here's the thing, I put my Garmin on to charge before I connected to my phone to transfer information!  Some reason it had a right hissy fit and decided not do do anything, I couldn't turn in off, I couldn't put the light on, I couldn't look at stats, no button would work!  It needed to charge but even when I left on charge it to go have a it still didn't show that it was taking a charge, it just showed the time, just like any other ordinary watch!  There was only one thing, I had to try and do the reset thing.  I tried to do it a couple of times and nothing, the last time I did it I held the buttons for just a little bit longer and then it turned off!! Brilliant, but it took with it my last entry! Oh well, just as well I had Jabra as my wingman!

And so we are on to today!  I am feeling tired, 12 days of non stop something energetic is pretty hard!  I didn't manage to get this far last year.  Oh, yes, I forgot to tell you all I attempted it last year!  I happened to see Naggy chopping wood this morning on my way to church. I found out that she was going swimming, so I presumed that I would have to do something by myself, a workout or short run.  But when I come back from church Naggy was still just tiding up and she suggested that I come over to hers after I had done by washing and housework and do the bike thing! 

So that was what I did today, 30 minutes on her torture bike in the sitting room, listening to music while watching Sister Act 2 on the telly!  Who says I can't multi task!  Naggy had already done her 30 minutes while I was busy at mine, so she was nicely relaxed and in smug mode by the time I got there!  Last time I only managed to do 20 minutes, with a bit of standing up, but this time I managed to do about 26 minutes, with a bit of standing and then four extra minutes of cool down leg spinning!  The sweat was pouring of me and Jabra lady wasn't satisfied!  She was telling me to reach TE of 3.1 and I only got up to 1.8!  I don't think she was best pleased!  But after I had finished and I checked my stats I realised that actually I had pushed the 'run' button and not the 'static bike' button!  I wonder if that is why Jabra lady wasn't best pleased!

I just loved this tree!

So stats for 11th, 12th and 13th

Thursday, 10 January 2019

Double, Double, Woo Hoo!

Hello blog readers

Well I can't remember the last time I did a double on a Thursday!  So I am pretty pleased with myself today, doing a double has been pretty difficult to do.  Mainly because I would have to get up early and go by myself which is really, not what doing a double on a Thursday is all about!  Thursday is running with my buddies, whether morning or evening!

This Morning

This morning I picked up GetYourLegsUpTracy and we drove on to the rec.  There we met up with all the other Thursday morning runners.  It was good to be back.  Even DiscoRich said so!  IllustriousLeader was taking our group and we were going through the woods!  Oh, how I have missed the woods!  The smells, the solitude......well actually the woods are quite busy in the mornings with runners, dog walkers and us lot of course.  There where 8 of us and I think in the other two groups there were more or less the same.  It seems to have become quite popular since the last time I came along.  It's good to see. 

Anne took us in through Dog Poo ally and then we turned left to go along the bottom path. which wasn't as muddy as I thought it may have been.  I could have probably worn my new running shoes, but I am not ready to get them too dirty!  So my old trainers came back out of the cupboard. We were running at a nice steady pace, I was just enjoying being in the woods again.  It seems to have been ages and ages since the last time, it just felt so nice!  

We ran along by the rail line and then up, up, up to the lovely house in the middle of these woods!  I would so love to own that house, it's just gorgeous!  Mind you, I probably wouldn't be able to drive to it, not down Botany Bay Lane, it's way to skinny a road!  But it is just so lovely to run down, only we were running up it!  All the way to the path that turns left, I.L. was taking us down Goss Hill.  That's better!  It's strange isn't, I am so enjoying my running again now, but I don't 'arf moan about it!  Too hilly,  too fast, too  long, too this, too that!  but oh my goodness, do I feel so good when I am done!

It was the same today with the run through the woods, this morning it wasn't too long or too fast.  Hills? well yes but thats my beloved woods for ya!  We ran along the stream and then back along the path to the railway, and back to the rec, but we took the top path, which when it does get muddy down this end then tis' the path to use to avoid the worse.

Some good stretches and that was done.  Brilliant, love,love, loved it.  Here's my geeky stats.

Track Thursday

And so we talk about track.  To be honest I didn't think I would be doing track.  The whatsapp group was busy chatting about everything else, but track never got a mention.  I knew Naggy was on call and I half expected her to say she wouldn't be able to do it, SnapperHannah was awfully quiet too!  So come the evening I texted Naggy was deffo up for it!  I did try and persuade her, you know like, "it's cold outside, you going to be tired, you got a nice bike indoors" sort of stuff, but she was having none of it!  There was only one thing for it, I nagged SnapperHannah to do it too!  Then she started quoting what her new Garmin says about recovery time!  Naggy stepped in, "Don't worry about it".  I just told her that I am sure they are only guide lines anyway! So this is how I roll when I go to track, thinking that I wasn't going to track I now had to find some clean running gear!  Socks where there only thing that eluded me, but hey ho, who hasn't run in odd socks, right!  Heck, I even ran a race in odd shoes!

So there we all are, in the car on the way to Track.  Of course we are all really pleased with ourselves.  Smug mode all round, but now we just have to see how we do at track.  When we got there we saw how many people were there, the usual fast running club was there, you know, the one that has Dina Asher Smith as a member, and then there was our lot, at the top of the track ready to do some running.  

The session today was, as PhysioMikeTheMod said him self, was a bit boring!  For the faster runners it was 3 times 1600 with 90 sec rest, for the slower ones it was 3 times 1200's.  And that was it!  For those that don't know the Normans Park Track, it's 400m a lap.  "I could do this!" It's only three lots of running, right!  We did our warm ups, the faster ones doing theirs on the track and us slower ones with Jane doing drills and what not.  Then the session began.  We started at the opposite end to the faster ones, just so that we don't clash when the 90 secs rest happened, I set up my earphones, I didn't put the music on, but I did want it to record geeky stats!  I started running with the rest of my group and then watched as they all pulled away!  Jeez I am slow!  I wasn't going to beat myself up though, as my beautiful mates tell me, at least I am out here doing it!  Then the faster runners started to pass me by.  I am sure you all know by now, that just because you are a slow runner or fast runner, we all all buddies!  We are all supportive to one another and hearing them all saying "Well done Old Girl, keep going"  is what track is all about!

I have been telling everyone that has asked about track that it is good, it will help you to get faster, as long as you put the effort in of course.  But when they hear 'track' and hear that it's mostly group 5 and up some of them get worried.  But then I tell them "Look at me, a group 1/2 plodding around, doing it"  and let me tell you I do plod around and yet my buddies still encourage me, all the way round!  Love it,

I did the first 3 laps, I really wanted to stop but my mates just kept me going.  The first rest stop and boy was I looking forward to it! I took every second and a little bit more.  Jane then said to me that maybe I should just do 800's for the next two, I felt it probably best that I do that too.  After all, I had ran this morning!  I also thought that as I am doing this silly thing Janathon, I am doing extra activities that I wouldn't normally do anyway, so anything I do this month is all good, no matter how slow!

So the last two reps for me were 800's, I did it, I really wanted to, I still wonder when, after all this years, if it ever gets easier!  I am still working on that answer!  So far it's 'no' but one day I know it's going to change!

Geeky stats from both my Garmin and Jabra!  Oh, Jabra kept me going too, kept talking in my ear about how I was doing!  I chose not to put music on by it seemed that Jabra thought I needed to hear some and played me the only two tunes that I have on my Iphone, "My heart will go on" and "Crazy For You"  Hmm maybe I should think about putting some music on my phone.......nah, I will stick with spotify! But of course, on the track the sweet sweet sounds of my running buddies is all I need!

Just look at that geeky stat right there!  On the up!

Tuesday, 8 January 2019

Club Run - And So Begins Another Year

Hello blog readers.

It was the first club run of the year, although there have been a few club events happening this week.  But, this is the first club run, Tuesday night, plus it was a move-up week too!  So all the troops were chatting on the facebook about who was going, who couldn't go and plans were made to meet up.

I arrived at the rec and met up all with all my buddies, GetYourLegsUpTracy, Ade, RefMichael, SnapperHannah, LouLou, Paula, Ruth.  Plus maybe 150 others!  There were so many of us there!  Its good to be back to club runs, I know its only bee a couple of weeks since the last one, but this time, this year, I am going to be trying my hardest to get as fit as I can!

So it was group 2 for me this evening.  I am not leading so no need for me to hang on to my comfort blanket group 1 is there!  I didn't know who was leading group 2, as I arrived just after the leaders started giving out their routes.  I was at the back and being as I am short I couldn't see over the heads of everyone, did I tell you there was also well over 150 runners there?

When the crowds started to move to where their leaders were going to be I saw that group 2 leader was Hannah!  I don't think I have been out with Hannah before, it's going to be fun!  I opted to be sweeper too, well, at least I could have a sneaky extra walk if things get tough!   Hannahs route was a slight variation on one of my routes that I do with group 1.  She has added an extra loop in to make it a nice distance for group 2.  Well, I am needing to up my miles and pace, getting fit is not going to happen without me putting in the effort!  She took us up Kingsway, the one and only hill, well apart from the slight incline that is in Shepperton.  But Kingsway is more or less straight out of the rec, run a few feet then turn right into the hill!

I know when I am leading group 1 up this hill, I am in front and I run all the way, I feel as if I should show by example, on the odd occasion that I haven't been able to manage it, I kind of just step into the road and look back to see how the back runners are doing!  Sneaky eh? But this time of course, I am already at the back and watching everyone run at quite a speed up the hill!  Thankfully Hannah had a break at the top of here before we continued on our way!

We ran to the walking bridge and then over there.  We were going to do the extra loop, they bit that my group 1 don't do.  So we still ran down Crest View and then ran down Southborough lane to Oxhawth Crescent (West arm) and ran all the way around to Oxhawth Crescent (East arm).  I took a quick peak at my Garmin, it does this real time pacing, it showed me running at 11.35 m/mi trying to catch up to everyone!  We were going pretty fast!  I was enjoying it though!  It made me work just that bit harder on a club run!  Just what I need!

I used my new gadget too, just the ear plugs, no music, I just want to know how Jabra works out with a club run, and what better way to test it than being sweeper for group 2!  She did her thing, Jabra Lady, kept me up dated with my pace, heart rate, my TE (Training Effort) and all the other geeky stats I have asked for in the app!  I didn't put the music on, I didn't want to miss out on too much banter with my running buddies.  Mind you I still only had one ear, there was a lot of "Say that again".    But after the run, the best bit of having the app going.....she said that this was a top workout!  Praise indeed.  Also looking at my VO2 indicator, it's going up!  It is now on 29!  My fitness level not is 'Good'

I'm pleased with that, and I am pleased with all my gadgets!  I had a brilliant run with some brilliant people!  Loving my club!  Mojo! You are nearly caught!

Geeky stats from Garmin and Jabra!

Monday, 7 January 2019

Friday and parkrun day!

Hello blog readers,

Just in case you think I had missed out a  couple of days of my Janathon, well here is the geeky stats about them.

The first is for Friday!  I was feeling flipping knackered but I knew I wanted to do something.  So my new earphones came into play again with a workout!  That's right, not only does it allow me to Spotify all over the place, not only can it track me running and check out my heart rate while on a bike spinning, it can also give me a workout!  The works, star jumps, burpess, crunches, wall sits!  I did it all......for 5 mins and then for 7 minutes! Fecking ada!  It was tough, but I think if I keep at it I will get better! So here is the two stats from my work out!  It's something, it's something I wouldn't have done if it was Janathon!

And so for parkrun day!  It was NaggyNeighbours 50th parkrun!  So the bakers made themselves known and got busy doing their wonderful stuff!  Cake is always a welcome at parkruns, especially for us slow runners!

I had trouble walking and there I was planning on running!  I had already decided that as I am doing this crazy run (exercises) every day in January then the running is not going to be fast, record breaking or even record chasing.  It's all about getting out there and doing!  After all the announcements were done, a big cheer going up after the run director called out Naggy's name we all got ready to run.  Most of the usual crowd were there, GetYourLegsUpTracy, CarolWithAnE, RefMichael, SnapperHannah and Ade!  We were all kind of spread among the hundreds of runners!  It's amazing how the new year brings out all the runners and keep fitters again!  I am sure they can't all be regulars, every week runners!  There just seems to be so many!  In fact the car park was totally full and the marshals were telling every one trying to get into the car park to try and find space out side on the roads. 

The count down began and we all surged forward.  I was fumbling about with my gadgets, I turned on my Garmin then started to get my other gadget working, so I can record everything!  I don't know why I like these geeky stats but I just do!

The first long Straight I caught up with GetYourLegsUpTracy with her daughter, who was doing her first ever parkrun!  And what a day to chose to do it!  So many people, it could be quite daunting for newbies!  I decided to keep pace with them and chat to them, well, I was going to be running the next day too!  We ran at a nice steady pace, trying to keep GYLUT daughter motivated, but she was really struggling!  I think I would struggle too if that was my first run!  It's not as easy as you think, especially with all those people around!  She didn't quite do the whole of the park run!  She managed the first lap and then decided that it was enough.  Me and GYLUT continued without her still keeping a nice steady pace, after all there was that run that we were both doing the next day!

It really was just a nice steady pace all the way round and soon enough we were back ready to start the final lap.  We say her daughter again and encouraged her to just do one more lap with us, as it wasn't even a full lap.  She decided that she would do that and started to run with us again.

So it wasn't the fastest of parkruns but then I wasn't planning on it being that, and the worse thing is I had not taken my barcode!  So not logging on the official parkrun site for me!  Oh well, I still have my geeky stats, and I still enjoyed some wonderful cakes, Lemon Drizzle, chocolate brownies, and some raspberry and chocolate things!  Delicious.

In Two Camps! In Two Minds!

Hello blog readers,

After yesterdays escapades through the fields of Kent, with very sore legs i might add, for my exercise this morning I decided would be......rest! Yup, I rested, I got up late and just did what I had to do.  But this is a Janathon thing this month so of course I did something! 

My title today, 'In Two Camps!' It's because I wasn't quite sure which blog I should be writing it!  So, I am going to do both!  This copy and paste thing comes in quite handy!  My exercises today required me to get my Cycling Gear on!  Yup, I am going on a bike!  The thing is, I am a bit lacking in confidence on my bike, lacking my cycling ass, and also it's bloody dark and cold out!  NaggyNeighbour has this marvellous thing that you can put your bike on and cycle like crazy for well as long as you want!  Pretty cool eh?  Also my new earphones has this workout for a spin session!  So it has to be done!  I went over to Naggy's with my padded cycling pants on, a towel and some water!  Naggy had tried this bike thing the other day and she said its a good work out!

Well, the last time I was on my bike was for a few short minutes some time last year when I rode to parkrun, and before that was.....well months and months ago.  My last cycling blog entry was January 2018!  So my bike has been neglected!  I need to start from the bottom again.......and oh does my bottom need some work done!

Naggy had the bike thing all set up in her sitting room, she has her new cadence thing attached to her bike, she has a story and half to tell you about trying to collect that thing from Halfords! And I was first to go on the new torture equipment!  The second I sat on that saddle I could tell that the nice saddle ass that I built up over the last few years previous to 2018 has now gone!  It was like sitting on a razor blade (she says remembering an old tv ad) Perseverance, that's all it takes. Just start pedalling! 

So her machine is not quite working perfectly, it needs looking at, but for a work out, for getting our legs spinning and for working on a saddle arse, it's perfect!  Naggy did 20 minutes for her first time on the instrument of torture, so I decided that 20 mins is what I will do!  Oh my goodness that first time sitting on that sit!  It brought it all back, the pain in the Old Jack and Danny!  I should have remembered to go commando! Ok, so it was only for twenty minutes, I can do this, just pedal, I don't even have to worry about traffic! Just get those legs spinning!

Well, I started my Jabra earphones, put on some music, appropriate for a spinning class!  I was hoping for motivation, and then I started my exercise!  Naggy, well, she thought it was hilarious, the crying that I was doing about my derriere! She took some pictures of course, and even a short video.  I am glad I amuse her, just wait until she's on there!
Me on the torture equipment

The music was going, Naggy went upstairs to get her gear on and so I just got down to it!  It's harder than I remember....sitting on a bike that is!  If it wasn't for that I am sure I could do more spinning!  I am really going to suffer when I do get my bike out again!  Naggy came down and still laughed and chatted with me "How long have I done?" I said to her, I indicated to my phone.  She got it and I opened up the up, seven minutes!  Seven bloody minutes is all I had done!  It felt like I was on the bike for at least an hour!  So I just concentrated, just 20 minutes, that is all I am doing for my first time back on a bike!  Break myself in slowly....or I will just break myself if I don't!

Twenty minutes, sweat, tears....well no tears, but a sore bum later and it was done!  I checked out my geeky stats on my app and it said 'Training Effect.....Liight'  Fecking ada!  Is that all!  It felt so much harder.  But at least it's another exercise activity done for Janathon!

Geeky stats

Oh and some pictures of Naggy too!  Look at that, she is showing, off taking calls on the bike!

Sunday, 6 January 2019


+++++++  Breaking News+++++++

I interrupt this blog to bring you breaking news.

A snow leopard was seen early this morning in the Kent area following Petts Wood Runners who were out for their social run.  This Leopard escaped the clutches of her keepers named as RefMichael and CarolWithAnE,
who were left in charge of transferring the snow leopard from Petts Wood station to Knockholt Station.  The Snow leopard named 'Old Girl' had been rescued from a very deep pit of self pity with only a fridge for company.  She has been living this past year on high fat foods, alcohol and cigarettes.

The Snow Leopards keepers had been keeping a firm grip on her while they were at Petts wood station, the other runners were assured that she was totally friendly and wouldn't bite.  They were helping to reintroduce the snow leopard to her long lost Mojo which is somewhere, out there, in the wild.  The leopard some how managed to escape from the keepers while on the train, between Knockholt and Sevenoaks,
and so half of the Petts Wood Runners had to continue on the train to Sevenoaks, to run back through the country side to try and capture the runaway while another group got off at Knockholt.  Apparently the Snow Leopard has been known to find her way back to her home from Knockholt, dropping in on hostelries and cafes to feed her face on a couple of occasions.

The route back from Knockholt is well known by the PWR's, and they were all pretty sure the snow leopard would be heading back to her familiar hunting grounds for more of her usual self pity, alcohol and high fatty foods!  They had to find her quickly before she was shot down or enter the local cafe to feed. They even checked out the local pub and the bus stop to see if the snow leopard would use those.

IllustriousLeader showing the way
They Knockholt group was lead by Illustrious Leader, who has also been known to take care of snow leopard in the past, with regular outings for runs.  She has taken the leopard several times before on one of the longer runs including the run back from Knockholt.  This is a route familiar to Old Girl  and will aid the PWR's to re-capture her before she finds self pity, or worse an open cafe or bar. The Illustrious leader had a good group of 'Old Girls' friends, J.J., GetYourLegsUpTracy, Lou, SnapperHannah, Ruth  and so many more!
The greater spotted
snow leopard!

There were several sightings by locals and the PWR's over the 6 miles between Knockholt and Petts Wood, she was always behind them, in a stalking manner!  Local farms were warned to keep an eye on the 'it's so cute and fluffy' goats and horses.  They mentioned that the snow leopard really only eats cooked meat, and the only danger to the live stock would be that he snow leopard would cuddle them all day long!

Up and down hills and paths they roamed, over roads and fields, no place was left unsearched.  They were so busy planning their route that in one instance Old Girl was hiding in plain view among them.

Of course they did manage to re-capture Snow leopard 'Old Girl' and they managed to get her back to her own hunting grounds, to help her in the hunt for the snow leopards mojo!  They all ended up at a favourite watering hole 'The Cow and Bean', where hot chocolate, coffee and tea were available! 
What a team!
The mojo is now definitely almost in the hands or paws of the snow leopard, I was assured by one of the search party today in an interview.  This will of course mean that cafes, pubs and restaurants will be safe again, but unsuspecting civilians will be seeing a lot more of Old Girl as she happily runs with mojo in her own environment.

This is the known route they took, and they would like to reassure the general public that as of this evening the snow leopard is safely tucked up under a blanket feeling very happy!