Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Club Night - And Yet Another Hill!

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Group Hero To Zero

Just the one hero today, others were trapped by work!  It's so annoying when that happens.  Today Kat made it to the rec.  But she is running with an injury.  The running bug that is inside her just 'ordered' her out to start running.

We only did a very short loop, walk/run all the way, just to see how far and how much she can do.  She is thinking about joining in with the new beginners group which is starting this Saturday, at Willet Rec, 9:00 am, for any one reading this who wants to come along and get to run a 5k distance in a matter of a few weeks (8 to be precise) then come along and join the Petts Wood Runners!  

Plug done!  I took her up Birchwood.  A gentle slope up, but I think its good for encouraging a slower run, especially if you have an injury or coming back from injury.  I did notice that Kat was one for speeding along and then losing energy and have to walk some!  So I decided to try the walk/run with her, not like it's going to be on Saturday, we chose lamppost to 'get' to. Run to a lamppost then walk to the next.  But if there is a little extra bit then maybe push to the run bit to the next lamppost.

We covered just under 2 miles by the time we got back to the rec.  A great effort for Kats first time back for ages.  And also a little loosener for what she needs to do for the beginners class!

Geeky stats.

Group 1

Illustrious leader was leading this evenings run, as she stood out in front explaining the route, the groans that came from group 1 members was most audible!  Hills! One in particular, the one that 'hugs' the green at Tillingbourne!  We love I.L. to pieces, but us lot in group 1 are social animals, social runners, we love chatting as we run along.  We sometimes forget that we are a running club, I think we think we are a chat club with a running problem! So it's good that occasionally our I.L. throws in a hill or two.  Obviously I had forgotten about the hill last week! But then, she does have us marathon runners interest at heart!  I expect now the rest of the group 1 members will be glaring at us for making them 'do the hills'

Hills are good for us, hills are our friends, we love hills!  See I am getting better at saying stuff like that!  We had to run up Birchwood to get to Tillingbourne Green in the first place, a hill that I had already taken this evening in group 0.  I just really hope that all this is doing me good!

I have yet to be able to run from point A of the green all the way round it and back to point A again.  All the times that I.L. has taken me here, (I tend to avoid taking my self here!) I have yet to run all the way round. It starts of as a gently little slope up just for a few short strides, and then its down hill for half way round, a little flat bit before it starts to make a climb.  

As we were running down the down section some local lads, only young, about 14 year olds, started to run along with us, they zipped through us at the back and joined the front runners.  They kept with them until the road started to rise, but the didn't break stride, they kept going.  I kept going too! I kept running, I wasn't stopping, I was at the back, being sweeper of course, but as this is a circle I just ran passed Auriol.  I ran up to the the other runners, I wasn't stopping.  We got to the young lads, they had stopped just at the top of the hill, but not at our stopping place.  We still had to go a little bit more to do, it flatten off just slightly and then a little flip up again.  The legs screaming at me to stop.

They felt like jelly when I got to the corner, point A, and joined the others that was already there.  We waited for Auriol to join us, let her have a breather before we continued with the rest of the route.  Which, was up the hill! And then a right turn.  I.L. was going to lead us to Willet way so that we could do the 'in and out the dusty bluebells' of the cul de sac roads that is down there.  I did one, or was it two!  I shall have to look at the geeky stats!

All in all, I was extremely pleased with myself that I managed to do the 'Green Hill' today.  Maybe the training is finally paying off, I may not be particularly fast, but I get there, plodding along like I do.

Geeky stats.  It was 2 cul-de-sac's I did!

Mondays Moans!

Picture 1
Hello Blog lovers.

I am a day late but this blog is all about yesterdays exercise.  I have just had a thought, not sure if this should be in my cycling blog or whether to leave it here.......hmmmm, I shall have to think about that.

So, the moans.....oh the moans and the groans of yesterday, such a lot of groans! But first let me just reminisce for a second.   I remember as I child, spinning, spinning and spinning, it was a fun thing to do, anything we could spin we tried to spin! A spinning wheel was fun.....  ok that was a bit scary in the sleeping beauty story, but there were spinning tops, (see pic.1) they were fun!  I loved watching them as the spun and spun, around and around. Some even made a lovely whistling noise if you got it to go fast enough.  Then there was battling tops!  (pic 3) That was great fun.  Four in a game, you wound your battling top up, then secured it in the launch zone before pulling the string to make it zoom off to the arena to do battle.  Spinning widely, knocking your opponents tops out of the playing area!  Great stuff.
Picture 2

Even spinning around and around in circles, (can't do it now, makes me feel very sick, not being spun but me spinning grandson!) See pic.2 (even though that is not grandson, obvisouly!) But just spinning, spinning alone, round and around, as a child, looking up at the sky, spinning and spinning inanely as kids do. Those were the days. But mention spin these days and the fear shows itself,  etched on the faces of the 'victims' of the 'Spin Instructors' !  As you can probably guess, yesterdays cross training comprised of a spin class followed by 'Body Balance'.
Pic 3

I was in a bit of a rush to get there, as I had a school run to do, so I drove there, missing the warm up jog from Bim's house. Finally as I sat in place, bike all set up for my little legs, hardly anytime to 'losen' the legs with a bit of gentle spinning, so the instructor started!  "Ok, round one level 1" and so it begins.

After what seemed ages the sweat was pouring off me, I was guzzling my drink, looking around at everyone. They  were all working hard, you could see the sweat on the shirts of the other spinners.  I didn't want to, but I took  a look at how much time there was left of the class "What, only 3 minutes! Really!" I couldn't believe it I could have sworn we were at least half way through our session, but there it was, illuminating from little computer on the bike, just 3 minutes of spinning done, yet already I was hurting!

It was like that the whole way.  I tough session,I tried to keep up.  It hurt, my legs were screaming! I was sure I must have lost half a stone in sweat!  I glared at Bims, I couldn't give the instructor any of my  'looks' as I was in the direct line from her and there were at least 3 people in front of me!  I couldn't keep up with all that she said, I tried, I really did.  There is no point coming to these classes if you are not going to try, right?

I stood up on the pedals again, trying to at least seem as I was working as hard as the others, and then I saw her.....the instructor.....she was off her bike and was weaving through the cycling sweaty bodies of her class. She was looking to see if they were at the top speed that she said.  "Oh no, oh no, is she going to come over here and see how pathetically I am doing!" I don't think I even touched on the top speed today.

What it would have looked like had a photographer
been about! (pic 4)

She looked at a couple of the ladies at the back row (which is where I was) but thankfully by then she was satisfied with what she had achieved! Her work was done.  Round 3, level 1, spinning, spinning, spinning.  Nearly done, My legs feeling jelly, sweat dripping from my head,my face, my neck, my entire body, nearly done.

Then it was the warm down! Oh thank goodness! It was so good, stretching out the screaming jelly legs, the arms and the back!  Wow. Another spin class done!  Loved it, loved it! I can't wait to do it again!

After that, it was the gentle exercises of the body balance!  But even that had me sweating!  I am sure I am getting more 'bendy', well, I am just wishful thinking really! But it's just what is needed after a very hard spin class!

Great time yesterday. Loved it!

Sunday, 22 February 2015

Sunday! I Wish It Was A Sun Day!

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A beautiful morning, perfect for a run, but then I do have church to go to.  So off I went to church.  But I had made plans to go on a long run, WendiMoo was going to be joining me and so was J.J.  but she will only be running for about 6 miles.

J.J. came along to my house, we were going to run  to bottom Oxhawth to meet WendiMoo there.  I think WendiMoo must have come out earlier as she was already making her way along Oxhawth to me.  At least we will all be starting out together for todays run......well WendiMoo obviously will have done an extra 1.5 or so!

All ready, the three of us made our way out of the door.  The sky was no longer a lovely blue, it was white, it also started to feel chillier that it had earlier! Why, why, do you not want me to enjoy my run!!??

 Because WendiMoo had walked to my house there was no need to go to bottom Oxhawth, so a quick recalculation in my head of where I wanted to be, and I decided that Hollingworth road would be ideal starter hill to get our hearts pumping!  I would be cutting off, I think, about half a mile.  That's not too bad, as this will be J.J's longest run, I think it would be good to ease her way in it.

We all smashed the hill, it's short but when you have cold legs it's tough.  I think I remember saying something about this little hill  before, that it seems longer and steeper after 2 miles!  So really there is no happy mediums when it comes to hills....no matter how short they are, I dislike them.

We ran to Shepperton ready to go down the cinder path, all running very well indeed.  WendiMoo and J.J. were not really feeling the 'love' today, with the whole running thing, WendiMoo was tired and J.J. just wasn't really up to running, but they both got themselves here and were doing really well. Strangely I was feeling good.  Even though it was a bit chilly and bleak looking, I would really have loved to have ran this morning, but just at that point I was doing ok!  I didn't say anything, I didn't even want to think about it any more, just in case.....you know...... you put the "heebeegeebees" on it!

I usually avoid running the little loop at the end of the cinder path but of course today we need miles under our feet so we went around the loop.  For some reason it really seemed quite short!  We ran down and then up and then next thing I knew we were back to where we had started!  I am beginning to think that when I took the ladies on a Thursday run around here a few weeks ago, then I must had done it twice!  Now, when did I last do this, I can check up on my geeky stats?!

After running along to the roundabout we went straight over, even though WendiMoo was looking forward to heading on along the nice long down hill section that we normally run on.  This time though we were doing the Palace estates!  We need the miles!  I was feeling pretty good (still) and just kept on running.  Our next walking section happened on a down hill section.  I chose to take the walking break, as I knew we still had miles to do, W.M. and J.J. ran!  They were loving the down hills.  When I mentioned to J.J. earlier that I will be doing my usual run a mile walk a minute, I said to her that there will be times where you will feel you can just run on through the mile.  I guess this was her and W.M.'s time to fly!

The road up from the off license all the way up to 'Cardiac Hill' was next.  Now you know why I relish every walking section and not run through the mile.  I really wanted to conquer this hill, especially after having a couple of miles in my legs!  I wanted to prove it to myself that I could do it.  Obviously I wouldn't beat myself up if I couldn't.....much!  And there it was. Cardiac Hill, looming up.....nothing like Summer Hill, but still it's there.

All of us started to run up it, W.M. first then J.J. followed by me.  I passed J.J. and then I passed W.M.  I didn't want to stop, I just had to do it.  All the way to Willet Way, where group 1 normally have a little breather after doing the hill.  I can't remember the last time I ran this bit of Cardiac Hill with out stopping, but today I was determined to!  And I did it! I was well pleased.  W.M. and J.J. had a bit of a walk/run up it but we had a quick stop to get our breath. "Do I feel rain in the air" says J.J. "It's just heavy mist" I joked, and I hoped that was as heavy as it gets.

With just a short way to go for J.J.  and half way for me and W.M. the rain started to get a little heavier. By the time we got to J.J.'s road it was coming down even more.  Thoughts of the last long run in the rain crept into my thoughts.  Yet I was still feeling good.  The cold hadn't started to effect me yet, and it was getting colder!  We said goodbye to J.J. and continued our way to Little Thrift. Over the bridge and then through the park.  The cold, the wet and the wind making our running, again, not a very pleasant experience.  I know that if it is raining on either of the races I have booked on then I will just get on with it! But right now, when I don't have people waiting for me on a finishing line then the thought of going home earlier was crowding my mind.

By the time we got through Whitehall rec both W.M. and me were feeling pretty cold and wet!  We decided that it's time to call it a day on this run, best to keep our running fun, and not a chore!  It's the only way to keep on doing things that you love doing!  So we ran to W.M.'s house, said goodbye to her and then I ran to Southborough Lane.  I was still thinking about getting in as much distance as I could before I got home.  I thought about running up the A21 and then turning down to Princes Plain, but then there would be no chance of me adding to my miles if I felt I could go on, not with my house almost with in touching point.

Southborough Lane was the only option.  At least then I could if I wanted to, run up to Petts Wood and add an extra mile.  I turned down to start my soggy cold and windy way home.  WendiMoo was right, the wind down here is just horrible.  I knew then that going up to Petts Wood is not going to happen.  My jacket was sticking to me as the wind blew, I only put on short sleeves under my jacket and I was feeling so cold now, my jacket sticking to me like a second skin.

I turned down bottom Oxhawth and ran along to Farringdon.  The rain now really starting to sting my face, I even thought that it was hailstones!  It was hurting that much.  It was good to see my road, I kept running all the way till my door.  So I didn't do the whole route again, but I was pleased with the run that I did.  I was pleased I ran up the hills, and I was pleased to have my running buddies with me!  And I also think that the Dextrose energy  things was working well for me!

Geeky stats.

Thursday, 19 February 2015

Free Run On School Holidays!

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Hello blog lovers.

I was lucky enough to have a free day today, during the school holidays, so of course there is only one thing that can be done....run!  I was expecting a delivery but after checking the tracker thingy I could see I would have at least 2 hours before they would even be on their way! Plenty of time for me to get around a route today with who ever else will be free!

WendiMoo was able to come along so I picked her up as she had missed her bus, and we drove to the rec.  It was a bit chilly, but earlier the sun was shining so hopefully it will come back when we are running.  As it is school holidays there were a few people who couldn't come along but there was also two who could come, Illustrious leader and she is a teacher and another chap who I think is also a teacher, but he was running in DiscoRichs' group today.

I chose to do the cinder path, I don't think the woods are quite ready for our Thursday running sessions yet, maybe I will have a check soon, to just make sure!  So with just me, WendiMoo and Illustrious Leader we set off for our 3.5 miler.

Although I had a great run on Tuesday and a rest day yesterday, today I was feeling a little tired, I am sure it's to do with my age!  I shall have to do some research actually about how women of 'that age' feel when they are out running.  Because some times I feel totally all up for it and then then next time it's a struggle!  What with the wonky thermastat that I now have in my body I am all sixes and sevens!

We had a really pleasant run down the cinder path, I just love running with buddies, because we have some great conversations.  As I.L. said "It is better that chatting over coffee sat on the sofa"  And of course it is.  The fresh air does do you soul some good, and no doubt the exercise is tons better for your body!

I had a lovely run this morning, and I am glad I went out, as this evening the thought of doing track in the rain just didn't feel me with the same enthusiasm and I decided to listen to my inner self, the inner self that tells me to keep my running fun and not a chore, and to not go!  

Geeky stats for this mornings run.

Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Boot Hills!

Hello blog lovers.

Just the one report this evening.  I think due to half term nobody showed for group 0.  I was a bit out of whack sending out emails and and text messages, stuff just got in the way today and yesterday I was also busy doing stuff......and recovering from wet, long run!

So I was totally fresh for group 0 this evening, and looking forward to what was ahead.  Well, that is until Illustrious leader told us the route!  As it is half term she said "I have had time to play on plot my route" or which ever one she uses, "And come up with this one"  This route had a very cheeky little hill loop to do....twice "Just for you Old Girl" said Illustrious Leader, "I heard you were enjoying some hills" she continued.  It was dark so I couldn't see if she was smiling when she said it!

Hills are our friends, we like hills.....nay..... we love hills! Nope, it's not working!  I still don't like hills but I am trying desperately to respect them.  To add some in my runs now, just as I.L. has today.  She did give the option of only doing the little hill loop once,  but everybody did it twice!  How could I not do it twice!  So I powered up it a second time.

There were more undulations all the way back, I tried my best, I walked when I needed and when I was needed to (sweeper) and really enjoyed the route!  Yup, I said that! It was undulating, but it was a different route, we ran along some of the same roads but we got to them in different ways, and it really was an interesting route.  It took your mind of the undulations.  I think I quite like I.L.'s routes when half term is here!

Only one bit of downer on todays run and that was one of members had a tumble, but she said she was fine.  Petts Wood through and through!  We got back to the rec and had our stretches and warm down.  I really enjoyed todays run!

Geeky stats.  It amused me when I uploaded todays stats, it was the 'picture' that it drew! A Boot, which is where the title comes in! (Just in case you were wondering)

Monday, 16 February 2015

Monday, Raining And Cold!

Hello blog lovers.

Well, I did it.....We did it, me and WendiMoo.  So I didn't do the whole of the planned route, so sue me! But boy, was it a totally shit day!  Well, not the whole day, the morning was good, I had kids to look after and we did some great stuff for the Chinese new year.  Love doing arts and crafts! But after they had gone I had planned to do a long run, 12 miles, with WendiMoo.  Put on my compression socks, picked up my jelly babies, filled my water bottle, put on my rain jacket! Then looked out side! Pouring with rain! I mean, it's the stuff that really gets right into to straight away, wet rain!  It's Britain, what else should I expect, after a perfect day yesterday, and now this!

It would have been so easy to call Wendi and cancel todays run, but, as I said, we won't melt!   Just gotta get out there.  I would much rather run in the morning when it's raining, but this time of year, it's going to be dark before I get home, and I will be totally freezing!  But still, it needs to be done.

I arranged to meet WendiMoo on route, at bottom Oxhawth, and then we will run up to Petts Wood and then continue on the planned route.  I started running but already I wasn't feeling the 'love' today.  I guess sometimes that happens.  I tried to shake it off,.......we know a song about that don't we.....

Shake it off! Click here

Sorry, just reminded myself of these two guys when I wrote that!  But this is a good song, nothing to do with running, but I might just add it to my play list, just to put a smile on my face when I'm solo jogging.  Anyway, there I was, with my running buddy, and we're running along Crofton lane and already I was thinking, '"Wow, we got a long way to go yet"  My shoe came undone, my legs were aching and the darn rain just didn't look like it was going to stop any time soon.  I was just glad WendiMoo was there, because if she wasn't I'm sure I would have gone home!

My energy levels were pretty low, I thought I had chosen a nice lunch today, as well as healthy breakfast, which  was yogurt, muesli and banana for brekkie and then 2 egg omelet with bacon and sprinkle of cheese for lunch.  I thought protein is good.  I am guessing really, as I can't be totally arsed to go into the whole nutrition thing, I just like to eat what I like to eat, but also knowing that it's good for me, if you know what I mean.

We were about 3 miles in and we both decided that a snack about now is what is called for.  Totally soaked now, I am not sure if the water has gotten through or if I was sweating.  I didn't feel like I was working hard, so I was guessing that the water had found a way in.  Probably creeping up from the legs, soakingi into the fabric and rising up like a sponge. My top that I had on underneath my jacket is a large size, (one of the Maidstone Harriers, Turkey Trot tech tops) and it was down around my backside.  I'm guessing that was getting wet and and soaking upwards as well!

I had on 3/4 length jog pants but my compression socks came up to my knees, so it looked like I was wearing long pants.  I was hoping my socks will help, keep away any niggles and aches that may come from training for a marathon.  My hat was doing an ok job of keeping the rain from reaching my glasses but there was little that could be done for the fact that they kept misting up!  It was like running in fog!

I had planned the route so that it would take in Summer Hill, going in the 'nice' direction.  I was looking forward to that down hill so much.  By the time we got there, the stops (i.e. the walking sections) were almost every half mile.  WendiMoo said "I think we must have at least a couple of extra pounds of water on us" I think she was probably right!

So Summer hill.  There it was, falling down before us, that false sense of security,  If a hill could give a smug smile then this hill would have a look like this

Summer Hills very own logo!

No matter how many times I run on this road or even cycle this road, I just get that defeatist attitude, like 'it's' already won.  It's totally the wrong attitude!  I know that, I have a mental chat to myself, although I feel I should really speak out loud just so that WendiMoo can hear the 'defeatest' in me.  But I didn't.

The down hill was just lovely, I mean it didn't even feel like I was doing anything but gliding down there.  Unlike the down hills of yesterday in the woods, this was different.  You can just let yourself go, no need to look out for tree routes, bricks in the path, holes, dog doings,....although it's always handy to look out for unscrupulously lazy dog owners that don't clean up after their dogs, but that's a different matter.

I could fly down this sort of road for 26.2 miles in a matter of a couple of hours, well ok maybe 4 or 5, it's just so easy, and then just when you're totally getting into the zone, it flattens out, just for a few seconds, just enough to get you out of the zone, just enough to get your eyes focused again on the incline looming up in front.

I try and stay focused, forget about the defeatist thoughts I had at the top.  I watched as WendiMoo started up the hill, I kept my eye on her, trying to draw from her energy as she ran up.  But I woosed out with a huge "GRRRRRR you silly old mare"  I shouted at myself. WendiMoo kept going, I walked a bit, then ran some, screamed again when I couldn't get any more from my legs and then looked up and saw WendiMoo grasping the road sign.  She had a target in mind, she wanted to get to the sign and then stop running.  This blooming hill had me all worried and running scared (s'cuse the pun!) so much that I had forgotten my own running techniques, to simply look for the smaller goals, the lampposts, the road signs, the driveways.  I had my mind set on the top of the hill!  Next time Summer Hill, next time!

We got to the top and headed down Blackbrook lane, we had some jelly babies to treat ourselves and hopefully to get us further along our route.  But as I was running down Blackbrook I was really starting to feel the cold, the light was going and the rain was bloody relentless.  I could feel one of my toes starting to suffer, with the wet socks and constant puddles that I just stopped avoiding now I was really not feeling the 'love',

I said to WendiMoo that I might not run down Hayes lane, that maybe we should just run along to the A21, run down to the Hook Farm entrance and do a lap of the park and then go home.  I am not sure if that was going to be the same distance, but to me, at that time it seemed the shorter route.  Wendi was beginning to ache as well.  The weather and the cold now really affecting us.  She thought it was a good idea too.

When we were running down Oldfield however, the plans changed again, "I really, really don't want to do Normans Park now Wendi, but I will do if you want to" I said to her, as pathetically as I could muster, hoping that she would feel the same.  "No, I am fine with that, we can just run along and through the park and you can go to Southborough and I can run on home" But I said that we could run along to her house and then I can run home from there, maybe I might even go through the park for an even shorter cut.

So that's what we did.  We ran to her house, and she went in after we said our goodbyes, and then I ran home.  But I didn't go in through the park, it was dark, although it's pretty safe around our area, I still decided to stick to the roads.  All the way down to bottom Oxhawth and then up to Farringdon.  On the road that I dare not stop, but I did! I was so annoyed with myself!  I couldn't believe I was walking, even though it was just for a couple of seconds.  I know better than that!  But then the chill got into me, my face was wet, my hands were cold and my feet will probably be looking like prunes now.  No, I am not going to beat myself up.  I looked up and smiled and then I noticed, the rain, it was just ever so slightly coming down now, just a very light 'misting'  Again  I smiled. Thank you God, it has been a lovely weekend, and it has been a lovely run today, even in the rain.!

Geeky stats.

Sunday, 15 February 2015

Mob Match!

1. Petts Wood Runners!
Hello Blog lovers.

This morning was a special morning. This morning the anticipation was high, "I wonder if today will be the day".  We have been working hard for years to win a mob match, points and all!  I got up and had a cuppa, the nerves started, off to the loo! "Whats to be nervous about, Old Girl, it's just a mob match"  But today, today could be the day!

I dug out my 'colours' and put on my running gear.  I chilled, went to the loo, and chilled.  I tried not to get excited but I just so love these mob matches.  Such a great fun, friendly time together, it's what being part of the best running club in Kent!  "We have so many runners now, surely it's time, surely it's our time"

Just before I left this morning, I went to the loo!  What is it about nerves that it affects the bladder!? I  drove along to pick up WendiMoo.  It's her first time for attending a mob match.  Hopefully the first of many!  It's always daunting when you think that it is a 'match'. There will be points award, there will be winners and loses.

Orpington Road Runners, New Eltham Joggers and us, Petts Wood Runners, competing against each other in the first of this years mob matches.  The ORR always seem to win, will this be our time this year.  Or maybe NEJ have rallied around, recruited more runners, recruited some fast runners!? Could today be our day?

We arrived at the pub car park, The Rose and Crown at Green Street Green.  ORR are hosting this event, so we will be running on their 'turf' a rather hilly route, through some gorgeous paths and woods. I don't think I have been through here before, not unless the Orpington 10k came through here a couple of years ago! But for today it is just done over 4 miles and a bit! But I expect those hills are going to make it tough going.

2. ORR and PWR
Can you see me?

3. Can you see me now!

After saying hi to everyone it was soon time to go.  Just then I needed the loo! I can't even think about that now, there are no loos on route!  Well, none for ladies anyway!  The start of the run is going up hill, going up hill on wet grassy paths.  I was feeling it!  I am not very good with the whole going up hills straight off, Wendi was also at the back with me.  Michelle was very worried about the mob match, not wanting to let the club down, not wanting to be last in, but as soon as we got through the first gate she took off.  "Eat my dust"  She was off.  Her running is really come on leaps and bounds!

There is no shame at at being at the back, somebody has to do it, but with these events it's all about the numbers, the mob, the team!  I know my limitations, I know what I can do for our club and I know when to stand and cheer! WendiMoo and me were happy just to be here, running with our club.

The marshaling was superb! Every one of the enthusiastic, but we have only just started!  WendiMoo was busy chatting away, helping to take my mind of those hills!  Running through the woods and trails, its just the best.  No car fumes, no looking out for cars, the only thing that can run into you are the dogs! It seemed to me that all the dogs looked totally amused at our attempts are running!  Often showing off by tearing up in front of us!  It did amuse me though when I saw a little Yorkshire terrier trip up over a twig!  Its the sort of thing I can do!

We had two laps to do of the loop in the woods.  Hills, slippery hills!  But at least it's not as bad as the our woods, Petts Wood, Hawkwood Tong Farm.  At least we can run on these paths, well. those faster runners seemed to be flying up the hills.  But of course, because we were running up, the down hill section was so good.  Steep, a bity rocky with I presume bricks put in to protect the paths. And it also went around a sharp corner!

My arms were 'flapping' down as I tried to steady myself on the way down.  I remember Mr. S. saying that it's a good way of dealing with the down hills.  Flap your way down!  I remember seeing such things on the old films from the 50's and 60's of all the kids, flapping down as they ran down hill!  A great way to act like a kid and get away with it, I flapped my arms and I smiled! At some point I had a quick change!  I was rather warm and I had wished I had worn my short sleeved top, so I decided to do what one of my fellow PWR's did and that was to just whip off both tops and then put my vest back on!  It had to be done!  Just hope I didn't scare the wild life too much!

Of course we had to do that all again!  But do you know what? Those marshalls never looked fed up, never looked at the watches, never looked like they wanted not to be there.  The smiles and the encouragement were there to to last!  I know our marshaling gets some great reviews when we host our own 10k event, but these marshals deserve a huge cheer and a clap for their efforts today.

It was good to get to the end of the second loop. We can now turn right and head on in, just a straight run now, through the gate and around the top of the field.  WendiMoo and me were not the last, there was one other person behind us.  But maybe I shouldn't even mention that, not after I tell you that she had already ran 13 miles before starting this event!

Oh well, It's the taking part that counts.  I was pleased to see that there were still people around.  I tried to remember how many runners had lapped us before we started the second loop, I think it was virtually even, with only one NEJ lapping us.  Tim had come to the top of the field, I am sure he said he was just about to send out a search party for us!  I was thinking that maybe we hadn't won again this year.

We got a cheer as we crossed over the line.  The tea and cake was most welcome, in fact I managed to grab two pieces of cake! Most delicious!  Then it was to the pub for a celebratory drink and to await results.

4. Me and Wendimoo at the finish!

It wasn't too long before the results came in, with quite a few ORR and PWR still in the pub we eagerly awaited the results.  The first person back......was an ORR. The first lady back........was an ORR. The mob match (ie. the club with the most runners running)......was PWR! We have won that particular title a few times, but now the results of the scoring. and I would tell you how the scoring is done but I just can't figure it out! But all the scoring is done by the first 17 of each club coming in. 17 being the number of the least member turnout, and that was NEJ.

So, for the winners of the February Mob match between New Eltham Joggers, Orpington Road Runners and Petts Wood Runners is................PETTS WOOD RUNNERS!  The first time in our history, I think!   So well done us!

This is the route, my geeky stats!

Photos 1 and 4 with kind permission of Jo (SingstarJo) and photos 2 and 3 with kind permission of Judie....ORR

Thursday, 12 February 2015

Thursday And I am On Fire!

Hello Blog Lovers.

You know some days you just feel ready to run, and today, for me, was that day! I just don't know what has happened.

This mornings run was with Michelle and Vivien and Wendimoo.  I had a route thoughtout, well, ok, it was one we have done before so not much thought, but its a great route through the parks.  But when I saw DiscoRich going into the woods I asked the ladies if they fancied it!  There was a unanimous 'Yes' and so a quick think from me as to which route to take.  "If it is still to unpassable without wading through it we can still do the route that I had planned" I said to them.

As soon as we were just a few meters in the wood it was obvious that it's still not quite ready for us.  Both me and Wendi really do need to clock up the miles, and tippy toeing through the mud is not going to cut the mustard!  So over the footbridges we went and then through Jubilee Park!.

Now, I know I said I was on fire, it wasn't this morning, I hadn't even had my dose of caffine by the time I left.  I think all I managed to do was to eat a banana!  I was hoping that would kick in half way though the run.  I was at the back, leading like I do, but I was keeping up with them, vivien was running along beside me as well, so niether of us was last!

It was pretty much that way all the way back to the rec, going through my local park, past (passed? !! which is the right spelling for this?) my house and then up Hollingworth.  A steep little hill, very short, but after a couple of miles it will feel a lot longer!

With just a mile left to do we all virtually stayed together as we ran along.  As we were running along Tudor way to the rec we saw DiscoRich driving back home.  He had finished his run, and his group had gone home.  I stopped the Garmin at 1:00 on the nose!

A good run, even if it was a slow sticky start in the woods!

Geeky stats.

Track Session.

I could feel the chill in the air as I stood watching on of my charges play footie with her class mates.  I just knew it was going to be a chilly evening.  I picked up WendiMoo, a little bit later that I said (I had forgotten to pick up some cash for the track!) and then we drove along to Norman Park Track.

I did a warm up lap with Wendimoo and then we waited for PhysioMike to get underway with the drills and warmups.  I was feeling ok, I tried not to think about it.  I had a little niggle in my knee, which was there this morning as well, but being addicted to running now I did what all runners normally do and ignored it!

And then the session started.  For group 4 and above runners they were doing 2 lots of 1200 meters with 90 sec laps and for those not running so fast, we were doing 2 lots of 800 m. Then there was to be a 3 minute break and then everyone was to finish with 4 lots of 800 m.  Sounds good.  Normally, I have found it hard to do the last laps on these sessions.  I usually just leave at least half a rep off if not a whole rep!

I had my determined head on this evening.  As I had said to one of the club members Thursday track sessions are my 'Get out there and do some hard training' because there at the track we have fantastic support, from all the other runners and from Hels and PhysioMike we have  great coaches and support from them!  What's not to like about these sessions, and Hels and PhysioMike and here standing in the freezing cold to help us achieve our goals then we just gotta get out there and do it!

"Go at your usual park run pace" says PhysioMike.  Well my usual Parkrun is about 12:00 minute mileling, so I may just have to push it on out a bit, just to see if I can keep it up.  WendiMoo has been getting some great times in Parkrun  so I thought I would try and keep up with her.  So we started running side by side when we started on our reps.

But after one of the faster runners squeezed through us on one of the reps, I was told to nip in behind WendiMoo, and then maybe to 'share' the slip streaming moments.  When I did nip in behind WendiMoo I just felt so good, so strong!  I didn't want to think about it, I just wanted to keep on running and pretend that I was knackered and couldn't go on after all that is how I usually am.  But today.....wow......I can only put it down to 'Chicken flavour Super Noodles'  I saw them in the cupboard and I just really fancied them once I saw them!  So I whacked them in the saucepan for my lunch this afternoon!

When we started the 5th rep I took the lead so that WendiMoo could slip stream behind me.  But I think WendiMoo was feeling just a bit tired.  This is the first week that she has done the 'double' (morning run and then track session) and it can be a shock to the system, she started to fall back a bit, I just carried on running.  I kept looking at my Garmin to make sure I was still on the same pace as all the other laps that I had been doing and had to 'slow' myself down a tad as I was going faster!  Can you believe that!

All the faster runners was waiting around, at the end, the end of the session had come.  I couldn't believe it, I had actually done all that was planned for us!  That's a first!  But then PhysioMike noticed that the 'middle' group was till coming in and he said "Actually I think you have one more rep to do, if you want to"  If I want to!?  Well, yeah, and I took off and finished.  The whole of the 6 reps of 800 meters planned, 3.2 miles with those minutes rest between. 

I had decided to do what all the other runners do and that is to stop the Garmin after each rep and then restart it after.  So my Garmin will show running time, done in 31:21 and then overall time!  Brilliant! Love loved love loved todays session!  Thanks PhysioMike and Hels!

Geeky stats.

Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Club Night!

Hello blog lovers.

I love saying Club Night, it seems as if I am out 'clubbing' on a 'school night'. But that is exactly what it is really.  Clubbing with my buddies! Having a blast, a laugh a chat, some even drink!......water! But occasional do finish the evening off with a pint!  Love Love Love club nights.

The enforced rest that I had all last week seems to have done me the power of good, although if you look at my geeky stats for my Sunday LSR then you probably wouldn't think that!  My Zero to Hero group was very small today, just two lovely ladies, Chloe and Stacey, ready to do battle.  I have found this new web site to plot routes easily and to share direct on to Facebook, even though todays route didn't actually get on to the Facebook page that I needed it to be on!! I don't know, old people and technology!!

I plotted out a nice route, taking in some of 'Cardiac Hill' but going in the right direction for the Hero group.....down.  It's all about confidence building, healing and nurturing!  Just running at their pace felt really good for me today.  A great confidence booster for me as well as them!  Doing the new new route as well it just felt good.  Not knowing what to expect from yourself at certain points, if there is a slight incline, or some superb down hills, it's all psychologically good for all of us.

Stacey and Chloe both had a great run.....me I had a great run!  Just love it.  I told them about our 'move up' week in March, where the leaders of the groups will run strictly at the lower pace of advertised pace and the shorter distance.  Groups 1 and 2 usually have an extra stop, for catch up time.  I am sure they could both do it!

Geeky stats for Hero group

Group 1

Illustrious Leader was taking the lead today.  She had a route planned that I do, in a masochistic sort of way enjoy!  It's Cardiac Hill.  It's like the thing with the spin classes, I glare at Bims when we are doing them, but at the end of it I am already looking forward to going back next week!  

I was feeling pretty good actually, pretty strong and well rested!  I hadn't done a spin class yesterday, I chose instead to go and see my mate Charley!  And why not?!  With the 11 miles hardly noticeable in my legs, a great Hero run I was so looking forward to this one!

I chose to be sweeper again, of course, along with Janet, and I was feeling pretty good that there won't be much of a gap between the front runners and us today.  Paula has even feeling ok today, last time I ran with her she was suffering with pains in her legs, her shins!

The route that I.L. had planned takes in this one road, a road that goes up!  I always have walked on some part of this, whether it's in the middle, towards the top, but some where.  I was determined not to today.  The group normally has a little break at the top, the faster runners who don't want to stop running can do a loop of the cul de sac while waiting for the back runners to get there, usually me.

Today however .......no.... I didn't do the loop.....but I did get to the ones who decided to take a breather and I waited for those doing the loop!  Usually I get there, have a couple of seconds breather and then we off again!  

With some of the undulations of Lynward to do before we attempted Cardiac Hill, I was still surprised at how energised I was!  But that bloomin hill beat me.  I ran up some it but I did do some walking.  I am not going to beat myself up though, as usually I walk most of it!  Willet way was next and along this road was some little close's.  I.L. had suggested that all the faster runners could run down each of this, a bit like playing 'In and out the Dusty Bluebells', a song I used to sing when I was child!  

But, I decided to again, not do this part! I just did the straight run!  Lazy mare!  but it was such a brilliant run. I totally enjoyed in and I really did feel so good......and dare I say....fit!

Geeky stats

Sunday, 8 February 2015

Sixth Sunday Solo Slog

Hello blog lovers.

Sorry about the title, it could have been worse, I was trying to figure out a word for long beginning with an 'S' but I think 4 of them is not bad.

I planned to do the route that I have been doing on the Sundays, but I wanted to do it in the opposite direction.  Get those hills out of the way first.  There will be a couple of minor little lifts some where along the way, but I am sure nothing like the ones that are through Petts Wood.

I was by myself, WendiMoo was going to be coming, but after after loosing her mum, whom she has been caring a long time for, she finds herself able to do things spontaneously!  Wendi, my deepest sympathy to you, I know you are going to miss your mum!  Also Bims won't be joing me on any part of the run either as she has her little man to look after, you just gotta love grandkids!

I had plotted my route out using this plotaroute.com place, it seems a lot easier to use that any of the others that I have tried. I put it on my Facebook page for all to see!  No other takers.  So this is it.  My own discipline is going to have to carry me through all 11 miles today!  I can imagine there will be quite a few 'thigh slapping' moments to come!

I do love my solo running, but the long runs are hard going, but there is always my music!  That is going to be so needed to keep me going!  The weather today was just gorgeous! The sun was shining, it was warm....for February... and just about everyone was out and about!  Where on earth all this hard winter and snow 'they've' been talking about!  I had on long sleeved Autumn running top and long pants, I wasn't going to take a drink this time round. My next long run is when I shall be taking water and nibbles!  Must remember to dig out my running belt thingy for carrying water and sweeties!

I felt pretty positive and looking forward to my long solo run.  It's been a while since I've been running long distances by myself, it's also been 9 days since my last run!  Well I did do the spin class on Monday!

Enough faffing!  Start 'journalling'! Out my house.......and chat to Naggy Neighbour! She was just coming out of her house to go for a walk with her pooch! So eventually, get running.  Trying to remember the route! Up Farringdon and then turn right to go up Hollingworth.  This is the climbing bits, and coming from this way, there's not too many of them either!

I am ok about the relative flatness off this run as the London Marathon is just fine, it's flat and no hills at all...that I can remember!  I am not sure about the Paddock Wood half, but I have heard that one is also a flatish route!  The hills on my training are just that, training!

I ran up to the mile and then took my first walking break.  I really wanted to press on, but I shall stick to my plan, I think it's a good plan.  I ran up Shepperton Road and then turned left and started to run along there, as I tried to remember the next bit.  It was then that I realised that I was heading the wrong way!  I should have turned right! So I did a 'Uee' and headed in the right direction, towards the Off Licence that isn't an Off Licence.

I was going to run up towards the new bridge over the rail lines along Chislehurst Road.  So far so good.  It was so good seeing loads of people out enjoying this unexpected sunshine!  I was thinking maybe I should have bought some water with me, as Naggy Neighbour had said.

I did Cardiac Hill as best as I could, which thankfully included (I think....I may have just walked it anyway) the one minute of walking.  I stuck to the route that I had planned.  I was looking forward going through the park, Jubilee Park. It will be the first park of todays run. I was looking forward to the 'clean air'!  When I eventually got there the park was full of people!  Families on bikes, or walking with the pets!  It really is a feel good factor seeing smiling faces in this unexpected sunny day.

After I got through Jubilee I decided to call Bims, just to see, but as  I said earlier she had her grandson with her today.  From this moment I knew I would be by myself the whole way round.  I was hoping that I would be very disciplined and just stick the the plan.  I know it's been a well over a week since my last run, but I am hoping that would be I have tons of extra unspent energy to get me round.  Just hoping....I know!

The next park was soon here.  As I was running towards the usual entrance....well exit (as up till now I was coming out of this gate!), I noticed another little ally way.  I ran past it and I suddenly realised that it was another way into the park!  It would mean spending more time in the park than on the roads!  Next time I will be using that path!

Again this park was so busy!  Everybody out enjoying the day, the park was full, mums, dads,  grans and granpas pushing baby buggies, dog walkers and again kids and families on their bikes! Just makes you feel bloody pleased that you're able to get out their and do.....stuff!  There are many that can't!  But right then I was very happy that I could! Smiling I ran through the park, occasionally singing along with the songs that I was listening to.

The park was soon over and done with, it's only a small park.  I wished I could have just ran round and around there, but I am sticking to my planned route, no deviations!  I ran along Addison road to the A21 and crossed over to get ready to run down Hayes Lane.  I was really looking forward to the next park! It's Normans Park.  I already knew there would be families there, it's just obvious!  But also there was a chap there flying is model plane!  It looked brilliant as he looped the loop, and twists and turns!  I know exactly how had it is to even control a remote control car!  So these planes, wow, I probably wouldn't even get it off the ground!

I was getting pretty tired now.  My legs were aching, and I also started to think about getting a drink. This is the moment when I know that having a drink with me is definitely on the cards for my next run.  I know during the VLM there will be water every mile, but training runs are all done with me supplying the goods! I hate carrying things around my waist! But I shall get used to it! I may even try running with my bike ruck sack.  It sits neatly on my back, I can do it up so that it's not flapping and jumping about, I may just dig that out!

Again, all too soon the park was done with and I was back out on the roads, the A21 precise, and heading towards Trinity Church.  As I was running along here, I saw young LouLou out on his bike with his mate.  He had been to Maccy Dees' Just then I started thinking about the golden arches, popping in there and grabbing a cool drink! But I had come out without any cash! And LouLou didn't have any drink on him, oh well.  It's only another 3 miles I had to do.  I said goodbye to him and carried on.

I looked at my Garmin again and I realised that it wasn't another 3 miles, only another 2 miles! and a tiny bit!  I was thinking that the route I had planned on plotaroute had actually given me a few more roads that I don't need to know.  I did map it out using the 'straight lines' rather than automated using roads, but that was because of all the parks that I use, so maybe I wouldn't have to go up to Lovelace Avenue!  Now that made me smile.

I ran up to the Bus Garage, and then turned left.  My last park to run through was towards the end of this road.  I was guessing that around the park is maybe just under half a mile.  I was thinking I definitely don't need to run along Lovelace!  I can run out of the park, down Whitebeam and then just to make sure, run down Larch way to Farringdon and then onto my road!

Perfect!  I was really looking forward getting back and supping an orange squash!

Yes, I was tired, I was in need of a drink, and maybe a bit of sugar!  Just exactly what I expected!  A good training session, to get to know that my body requires of me to get around. Next week, I will treat my body to some hydration and fuel to get me round the next mile feeling in top gear!

Geeky stats.

<iframe width='465' height='548' frameborder='0' src='http://connect.garmin.com:80/activity/embed/693167167'></iframe>

Monday, 2 February 2015

Cross Training = Cross Old Girl!

Hello blog lovers.

It's Monday, and it's a day that me and Bims will use for cross training, only, of course, if I haven't done a long run on Sundays!  So today, due to the fact that we only booked up this morning, we did exactly the same as last week!  Spin and Body Balance!

As we gently jogged down to the gym we both questioned 'Why?, Why did we agree to do the spin again.....it's bloomin hard!" I think it's our subconscious making us do these things, our subconscious knows what we need, it knows we need hard, hard work!

The cold air was refreshing, it certainly made sure we were well awake for our 9:30 start! It also really affects my bladder! "I need to wee" I said to Bims "You always need a wee" she said as we both just carried on jogging towards the gym.  Fortunately it's only half a mile a way!

Once there, and once I've been to the loo, we adjusted our static bikes ready for the 45 minute session.  It was a pretty packed studio, with maybe just one or two bikes free.  And then the instructor begun "Ok, here we go 13 to 15 my regulars, 10 to 13 beginners......" I am deffo still a beginner! I think I will always be a beginner! My legs are going to hate me!  I can just imagine what the convo would be if my legs could speak

Legs:     So, you really want to do this?
Brain:   Yes, I think it will be good for you.
Legs:     So, baaaaiiinnn, what will you be doing while I'm pushing pedals?
Brain:   Well, I will be telling you when to stand up and what not.
Legs:    While you sitting up there, all nice and comfy, with not a muscle to move?
Brain:   Well....yes...someone has to be the sensible one.
Legs:    Sensible.....sensible?  You do remember I covered 10 miles yesterday?
Brain:   Ah, well yes, but you do realise its the sensible thing to do, you know, build up the mileage and not just go 'gun-ho'
Legs:    YOU TRY IT BRAAAIIINNN, see how you feel
Brain:  Oh.....Now what is it that Emma says......Shut up Legs!

I did try, I tried my hardest, I am not sure if I worked as hard as I did last week, but I do know that I needed my towel and my water!  Jelly legs, sweat and thoughts of......"Well, I think I could come back to another class" after it was all done!  I think I have finally flipped!  I was a tad 'cross' with myself, I kept thinking that maybe I should have just pushed that little bit harder, but, maybe next time!

After that it was the lovely 'bendy' and balancing class.  I do not bend, and my balance certainly needs working on! One leg is definitely more stable than the other!  We did everything that we had done the week before.  I was disappointed that I was not more flexible!  How long does it take to get really bendy.  In this day and age, everything should be instant, zip zap done, bish bash bosh!  Why does it, in fact, seem I am more inflexible that I was last week?

But still, it was a great class, and just what is needed after a long run, the day before and a spin class just before!

Sunday, 1 February 2015

5th Long Run - Finally Broke The Double Figure!

Hello blog lovers.

Marathon training going well. Ok so I am not up to half marathon distance yet, and I am not even doing it in speedy times, but I am getting out there!  It's tough going, but then any long distance running is.  And to me long distance is over 4 miles.....at least!

I posted my route up on my facebook page, just to see if anyone wanted to come along and join in with me.  My sister Bims had plans of her own today, something about cuddles kisses and giggling with her little man.  Grandkids, you gotta love em!  WendiMoo was keen to come along again.  She is doing a marathon as well.  It's always good to  run along with others while out training on these long runs.

WendiMoo was going to meet me along the A21 one again, as I was 'recycling' last weeks route, with an added extra bit of road in PettsWood, up hill!  Not my fav pastimes of course, but where else can we go.  The Old Boy was going to be doing a bit of cycling himself and as I was running along the path by myself he decided to just cycling along behind me to keep me company!

I told him WendiMoo hoped to meet me by the church today, see how far she can get.  We both left our houses at the same time, so by the church is probably just about right, if we are running at the same pace!  She was just a little further back when I spotted her, but both of us had ran about a mile when we met up! Perfect timing really!

We were both very determined to beat this double figure route and we both were feeling very confident.  I just love running along with WendiMoo, her chatting just helps me through all sorts.  We had got to the Normans Park and I had a cramp like pain in my hip.  With just a quick bit of pressure on it and listening to WendiMoo I ran through it!  I knew that there will be bits of pain here and there now, what with the long runs and everything, but not just yet. Not at mile 3.  I could only put it down to it being blooming cold!

I was feeling pretty strong actually, and I really didn't want to dwell on that, bad karma, it's a bit like saying 'good luck' to actors, best to say 'break a leg' to them.  Well, I don't like to think that I am running well.  I just want to get on and do it. As I said to WendiMoo, much later in the run, I can only remember getting 'in the zone' once, where I was running so well, feeling pretty strong and felt like I could run for ever! But when I realised that then the moment went! I slowed down, and couldn't get back to the sweet spot!

We turned right after getting through the park, and the hill, the tiny little hill was towards the end of this road. I was hoping that we would be near it and then the mile would be up and we could walk some of it.  I am really trying to like hills, or at least give them some sort of respect!  But it's hard, it hurts my legs, it plays on my psyche, it taunts me!  I work well with praise, with love, with kid gloves!  Those down hills, now they now how to raise my game! "Go on Old Girl, enjoy, run, run have some fun"  Even those flat sections, "Come one Old Girl, one foot in front of the other, and you're eating up those miles"  But those pesky hills, those little tiny inclines "What on earths that! You call that running? Let my raise it a bit higher!"  That's what those little hills do.

I should learn to use Emmas' mantra "Shut up Legs" but usually I am too busy saying "urgh, ahhhh, ouch"  I will get there.  We had to start our running while we were still climbing the incline, to the top, we also had to cross the road, the traffic was against us this time, but we only had to wait a few minutes.  Going through the next park and I was still feeling pretty strong!  I tried not to think about it.  WendiMoo was suffering a bit.  I did have those aches, like the ones everyone gets, knees at that hip every so often but then my back started to play up.  Usually the only time my back plays up these days is when I sit down!  But I did wake up this morning with a slight ache!

Anyway, like any true runner I ran through it!  If it's not sharp and horrible and just 'feels' wrong then just keep running.  We were soon running towards Jubilee Park.  There was a couple of extra little walks but not as many as last week, and again I started to think "Blimey Old Girl, you're doing ok!"  That next hill was looming though, psychologically it started to get to me.  But I was determined to do it!  We ran up.......we walked up the steps to cross over the rail lines and then WendiMoo was beginning to feel some pain in her foot, just the angle of going up the steps was enough to make her need to stretch out after.

I was thinking that maybe going up the hill was maybe a little too far for her this time round.  And maybe going the same way as last week so that she could run home will be better for her.  I did give her the option and she thought also, that maybe this time round best to get going on the homeward bound.  I can always tag on a couple of miles at the other end!  So that's what we did. And secretly I was so pleased!  I would have done it, of course, but tagging the extra mile on the flat is sooo much easier!

We ran through Willet Way rec and then on through to Petts Wood to run over the walking bridge near the NewsShopper.  Now my route was to go all the way down to Turpington Lane, which is where I will leave WendiMoo, and then back via the route that I used to always do, my 3 miler route.  I put my earphones in after WendiMoo had left me, I told you I need the distraction, and ran as best as I could, trying to keep an eye on the mile markers.

I was on MagpieHall Lane when I noticed a big smiley face in a car, it was my mate Pat, I waved.  I think I was walking then and decided that I would run, just in case I see anyone else. Getting on to 'the road I dare not stop' was actually a relief, because there was no pressure.....sort of....no looking at the Garmin, I was to just run and run until I get to my house.  I did it, I looked at my Garmin and decided to just run along a tad further, just to make sure my Garmin don't have a hissy fit and decide to stop working or do what ever it does on the odd occasion!

So, double figure route done!  Not smashed it, but it's done!  Now to start thinking about hydration and energy!  Water for next run, dextrose, lets just see.

Oh, and just to let you know, I did do a run on Thursday morning, I just didn't get around to blogging about, blooming cold if I remember rightly, and of course lovely company with Nicola and Michelle!  the route and timing can be found on my Garmin site!

So geeky stats for this run!