Friday, 20 January 2017

Quick(?) Mile Dash!

hello blog lovers!

Guess where I went for a run today?  It was only a very short one, I am just trying to get up to 31 activities this month.  Well I went to Turn Around Lamppost and back!  It's been a while since I have done this little route.  It's where it all started out from.  This was my 'Struggle to get fit' route way back in 2008.  I think the first time I did this route it took well over the 20 minutes!  I was hoping that it was going to be a lot quicker this time!

I started to get ready, putting on my jog pants and top.  Little Dexter was looking at me, his head turning side to side as I spoke to him "You're not coming, you take too long" He looked at me as if he knew exactly what I was saying.  "No, you're not coming, I need to do this and I can't keep an eye on you." Then he pulled out the big guns, those puppy dog eyes, sitting in front of me, his tail wagging, looking at me as if to say 'that's ok, I shall give you lots of kisses when you come back, I love you nanny!'  Why do puppy's do that!  "Oh ok, you can come" I said.  I am sure he knew exactly what I said because he got all excited!

Once we were ready I was out of the door starting up my Garmin and waiting for the satellites.  Deci was pulling at the leash just wanting to run!  After a couple more seconds we were off!  He was pulling me along so fast!  Surely this could be the fastest one I I keep up with him!  Of course, he only goes fast until we get to the ally way. Then its sniffing, weeing, pooping and playing with all the other dogs! I let him off the lead but I still hang about to make sure he stays with me!

The weather was just perfect, the sun was shining and it felt quite mild considering the weather we have had!  I was smiling as I was running towards the end of the path, I looked at my shadow!  I tried to take a picture of it, I thought I looked pretty good! This picture doesn't do it justice though!
 I kept on having to slow down and to get the dog with me, or clean poop!  I just knew I was going to be breaking any numbers on this run!  So I thought I would show you TurnAroundLamppost!  Here is a quick video of me running up to it! I've never add a video that I have done before, so I hope it works.

A quick touch of the lamppost and then turn around and come back again.  You would think that the dog had sniffed everything on the way up, but no!  He wanted to sniff everything on the way back!  I just settled in to a nice little pace, just enjoying be out really!  Oh well, next time I will have to be harder on myself.....and the dog, and leave him at home on the short 1 milers!

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