Thursday, 12 January 2017

Before The Snow!

Hello blog lovers.

Before the snow people went about their business.
Before the snow the kids, they were smiling less.
Before the snow I walked in the chill of the morn to school
Before the snow I drove normal, not a crawl!
Before the snow I even ran with Tracey in the woods,
Before the snow we wrapped up in buffs and hoods.
Before the snow the trains and traffic flowed
But now its mayhem, all because, you guessed...It snowed!

Can you believe our little island (do you know even to this day I still look at the word island and say is land!) still has problems dealing with a snow flake or two!  At the beginning of the week we had the gritters out, even though there was nothing expected, but today, when it snowed no gritters, people were late, trains and flights cancelled, traffic coming to a standstill, all the kids loving it and wanting to go out and play, even though before they couldn't wait to get indoors!

But there is one thing; I managed this morning to go out for a run with Tracy.  I met all the other PWR's at the rec but there was only Tracy this morning that was running with me.  She usually runs with the middle group, but after not running for a while she decided to break herself in with a slow comfortable run with me.

I am running on Sunday, it's our clubs annual Train Run, it's always great fun but it is about 5 and half miles, so I wasn't particularly worried about doing a 3.5 mile run and just planned on the shorter route of 3 miles.  We went around in the opposite direction.  This time last week the woods were hard and frosty.  The ground was solid making it a little challenging on keeping your ankles from twisting about!  But this morning it had softened up, the rain had done its best to create some lovely sticky muddy puddles!  I was glad that I changed my shoes!  I was thinking about keeping on my clean new shoes to go through the woods, thinking that it would still be solid ground in there!

It really was a slow one. I had every intention of seriously thinking about, if the weather wasn't too bad, of going to track this evening, so generally I just have a nice sociable run around the woods anyway!  My chest is still not completely clear, but I am feeling a lot better, I just wish this stupid cough would go!

So with the sticky bits of the woods and me losing a bit of energy we managed to get around the woods in three quarters of an hour.  Tracey felt good about starting back to her running, I enjoyed my run too.  I am beating myself up as well though, I feel as if I should have pushed myself a little bit more.  But I keep coming back to the fact that at least I have done something and not sat in doors.  I have done 9 activities so far, out of the 12 days of January!  So, I need to do a couple more doubles to make up the deficit and I shall be on track!

Oh, by the way, no track for me this evening, because of the snow I was working till quite late, I would never have made it to the track, and I would never have made it to the track in this weather, I am a little nervous driving in snow!  Plus the track was closing early anyway!  So no excuses but plenty of reasons!

Here's my geeky stats for today’s run

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