Sunday, 8 January 2017

49th park run!

Hello blog lovers.

So yesterday I was at Normans Park!  The next time I'm running a park run will be my 50th!  My goodness how time flys.  My stupid cold has really gotten to me now, so much so that I didn't even go out running today. And yesterday I was not feeling too great any way. I decided that I was going to run anyway, I have a schedule, Wendimoo will be in the area next week so it just makes sense to do my 50th next Saturday. Yesterday's run was just a get round as best as I could.

NaggyNeighbour J.J. and LittleJ were there as well as Michael minus his Carole, Sue my 'twin'. Also running at park run was PhysioMike aka #mikethemod with his 'scooter'. It's an amazing 'fancy dress' that PhysioMike has and he will be running with this on the Brighton Marathon raising money. You can sponsor him Here, they are great charities and I'm sure he will appreciate it.  Here, this is us here,

LittleJ, me, Mikethemod, J.J. and Sue

And this is me when I'm dressed up!  Well ok maybe not!

We are on the winter route now so it's three laps of the park, not my favourite thing in the whole world.  We were soon off, 600 runners all moving as one!  It's a popular place that's for sure!  When we were only on the first half lap a young lady running along asked how many laps we were to run. When I told her it was three she looked as if she wanted to give up there and then. Now you all know what I'm like, if I see someone struggling then I just have to get in there and encourage them to keep on going. J.J. and LittleJ where both running along beside me and were also encouraging her to keep on going.

We found out that this was her first parkrun, a friend had told her about it and the she just registered and came along!  Never been running before, I could see why she was struggling!  So from there I ran along with Rolna.  There was no way that she would be running the whole 5k in one go, and I know that running around for 3 miles just seem so daunting when you have never done it before! So I pointed out a few goals for her to get to before she stared her walking.  For the next two laps that's what we did. She did blimmin well to run for half a mile none stop, that was more that managed when I started out on my running life!

She did really well, not bad for a first time parkrun with no previous running beforehand!  And she ran a a fairly decent pace too.  I could see the agony on her face but I could also see the determination, that she really wanted to finish this. I just encouraged her along the way and kept her running all the way through to the funnel!  Now that's what parkrun is all about!  Of course I told her all about us at Petts Wood Runners too, there is always room for newcomers here! I am hoping that she will be there on Tuesday evening!

So my geeky stats, not fast but I did it with Rolna! My official time was 43:52.

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