Wednesday, 4 January 2017

Just A Very Short One!

Hello blog lovers!

Well, I guess I can tell you now what my plan is for January!  Its to run every day!  Well, at least to get 31 active, cardio, sessions between 3rd (when I started running again) and the end of the month!  That's my plan, as well as the whole dry January thing, and the diet thing, and......well I am going to tell you about that very soon!

Just because I am going to doing something every day, it doesn't mean that it's going to be all running, and if I am doing a run then it won't necessarily be from 3 miles!  Today's run was just a tad over a mile!  But I did the interval running, and it's a mile running that I don't normally do! So for me, it is an extra mile!  A faster mile than I have been doing, but looking at the geeky stats, not my fastest ever mile!  I am blaming weather, the cold, my fatness, my chubby legs, recovering lungs.....oh and me!  I know it's all me that has to blame for the way I am......well apart from the cold, I can't do anything about that! I tried keeping away from all those with the lurgy, but some of them did reach me!  And the weather, I can't be blamed for that, even though I am on the 'hot line' to the Big Boss upstairs from time to time!

My 1 mile route is all round the estate, one big loop. Ok, small loop, but it is the second activity of my 31 activities of January 2017.  I really do mean business this time, and I really hope it's not the whole 'January thing' because I really want to get fit and slimmer!  There I've said it, I want to be slimmer, I am fed of my chunky thighs, bingo arms and goodness knows what's going on around the middle! Muffin top, they call it, mine is more like and explosion from the Quatermass experiment, of an atom bomb proportion!

I did it, I ran it, and no, it wasn't my fastest as I've said, but it's a start.  And, more importantly.....I enjoyed it!  I am enjoying kicking ass with fatness! Officially day 4 (which is when the no smoking and no drinking began) but day 2 of active activities! Geeky stats enclosed! Eat that fatness!

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