Monday, 9 January 2017

Monday Morning - Just!

Hello blog lovers!

So this morning......late this morning I managed to drag my cold virus ridden carcass out the door with the pooch in tow!  At least he was keen to get out for some fresh air, I could quite easy just creep back into bed and sleep until it was time to do the afternoon school run.  I really wasn't feeling it.  But I have got such a lot of work to do to be able to give it my best shot in Paddock wood!  I have to start the training now!  So today, I started.  I will have to up the anti a bit, and stick in a couple of long runs during each week rather than just one! But thankfully it is only a half marathon!  I didn't get a place in the London!

So there we were, me and Deci-doodle ready to run!  He definitely was, he was pulling at the leash! If I let him set the pace then I would be completely knackered by the time we get to the end of the path!  I reeled him in a bit and we made our way to the path by the gold course, you know the one, the very original route of mine, turnaround lamppost!  But we will not be turning around, I am going to Normans Park.  Once around and then back again! It's longer than the runs I have been doing of late, parkruns and club runs.  Maybe Sunday I will do twice around the park!  That will add on another mile! I'm still not quite sure of my plan yet!  I think panic is setting in, that I just haven't done enough!  What with having a cold after cold!  I thought being active and eating healthy and stuff like that you are supposed to be super cool and just shake of any threat a virus attack!  But after the Old Boy got his cold I just knew I would come down with it!

Blimey, I waffled on, but making sure that I told you my excuse for it being a slow run!  Actually, I didn't really need an excuse as this time I had a reason!  The pooch!  After all that straining at the leash, trying to run really fast, when we got to the path way he was stopping every couple of feet, sniffing every single blade of grass!  Why does he do that?  It's not as if its a quick sniff, cock a leg and off we go to the next one!  He's there going over every single centimetre of the ground that the last dog peed on! In the end it was me pulling him to come along!  It was like that until we got to Normans Park!  There I could let him off his lead and he can run and sniff to his hearts content.....until we head on out of the park again!

He does love running around, playing with the other dogs that are there!  I have noticed when I am running with him that when he is up in front of me I am running all the time, it's only when he gets behind me that I slow or stop to get him to come to me!  So maybe my next run will be twice around the park before going home!  An extra mile and the pooch can play even longer with his doggie pals!

He was back on the lead when we left the park, he wasn't too pleased about that either!  Not only that he was dragging behind, and wanting to have a sniff again at everything he looked at!  I think going through our local park is the best way home, he can run off the lead again!  After coming out of the park we ran along the A21 and then down Crown Lane Spur.  I was going to take him down Green way and then along Magpie Hall Lane before we go into the park!  As soon as we are there he can come off his lead again!

I crossed over and ran along the grass verge when we got on to Magpie Hall Lane, I was thinking that being on the grass would be good for little Deci.....but no.....he walked along the kerb or tried to walk on the road!  All that grass and bushes to sniff at and he wanted the concrete!  Well, when we eventually got to the park I let him off his lead and the ran around again, but not as fast or as far as when we were in Normans park.  I think I may have worn him out!  Well, he has only got little legs!

I was having to stop and call him to me, but at least he did come along and was also asking for a carry!  I didn't carry him of course, we just took it a little easier for the rest of the way home!  He was pleased when we got back!  Me, well, I was a little disappointed, I should have worked harder, ran faster, maybe put in another mile! But then, on Facebook today I saw the picture that I have put up at the beginning!  Yeah!  It's better than not starting at all! .......No need to need to worry.........need to train.....need to get fit!  That is all!

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