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Dash and Hash

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Two blogs rolled into one!  I bet you all thought I let another day of January go by without an exercise involved in there somewhere.  Well I think I have probably failed the 31 lots of exercise in January, but I think I have done more than I usually do! There is still time! But seriously, I don't think I am going to make it!  I am, however thinking of keeping the 'dry' going at least until Auntie Evie and Uncle Tonys Wedding Anniversary party!  Which is next month, on the 18th, so only a couple more weeks! Dash and Hash? Well the dash is of course my mile dash!  The Hash, no, not the weed, nor even been, but I did feel as if I had made a hash of my parkrun! (but read on, I have got over that now)

So the first is all about my quick dash to Turn around Lamppost and back yesterday, Friday.  Well, what can I say?  It was a run of two halves! First half I really thought I had it!  I ran my little heart out, thinking about the way I run on track on Thursdays, thinking about what PhysioMikeTheMod tells us.  I didn't have my music with me, I just wanted to run this as fast as I could.  Well I did.....the first half, but from that turn around I just lost it!  I really struggled to find my pace again, get back into the zone.  Every time I slowed down or walked it felt like I was going backwards!  I really told myself off!  Maybe next time I do this I should put my loony tunes in and just not think about anything!  Or maybe sort out another 1 mile route and go with that one, mix it up a bit! Yeah, I deffo got to do something!  I will keep at it though, I am almost beginning to like these 1 mile dash mornings!  I may even keep them going after this ridiculous, non drinking, non smoking, non eating, full on exercise January!

So the geeky stats for that Friday dash, well, I have been slower and not just with the dog!

K, PinkLadyJo, Tracy,  Michael
Carole, Gary (back) Becky, me, Tim
and LittleJ (front)


Would you believe I nearly didn't make it to parkrun this morning.  I had forgotten to put my alarm on!  I woke up at 8:15 this morning!  I was to pick up Tracy at 8:30!  I kind of fell out of bed, opened my drawer and rummaged through there to find some running clothes!  I have loads, I found tee shirts galore, but I wanted a long sleeve one!  I eventually found my black one.  I pulled out jog pants, three quarter length, I wanted long ones!  I eventually found one!  I couldn't find my shock absorber!  Both of those were in the tumble dryer! (thankful not the washing machine, it would have been cold!)

Well I made it in time, I picked up Tracy and drove to Normans park.  The only good thing about the winter route is that it starts from Hook Farm end of the park! Other wise there is nothing.....well apart from all those running, volunteering, watching.....and the water, biscuits.......and even the coffee van.....but apart from that there is nothing to like! Ok, it's the laps, I hate the laps.  Three times down the long straight, it really does my head in, that is the only bit I really dislike!

We sat in the car and waited just for a few extra minutes.  The weather was, well, mild!  After that freezing day on Thursday to this positively spring like morning, it was just perfect running weather!  Michale and Carole pulled up next to us and so we got out!  We all walked over to the start line and saw LittleJ and Kay, and Ali, and some others as well!  I just love parkrun!  I must say this, marathon training gets people doing crazy stuff, like today, Ali had already covered 11 miles before she got to us at Normans park!  She must have got up blimmin early! And she still had to run home after parkrun too! See, crazy!

Andy was run director today, and he gave out the safety instructions and stuff and then it was time for the off!  The crowd started to move slowly at first.  The speedsters were all at the front just eager to get the best time.  Us mere mortals were at the back, we have our own times, we know what we can do! I was running along thinking about nothing in particular, apart from my how lead like my limbs feel.  The one thing I wasn't thinking was how cold it was!  That was going through my mind actually. The weather!  How can it be that just the day before yesterday it was blimmin freezing, yet this morning it was a very mild 6 degrees!  I'm not complaining mind, but it does get me thinking how very changeable our weather is! Just so very British to be talking about the weather, right!  Well if it takes my mind of the running then it's fine!

  I was talking to another young lady, who's name escapes me (I am just useless at recalling names!) but she was another great distraction from me thinking about my aching limbs!  We ran about three thirds of the way around the first lap, but then she was just keeping the pace up, I started to wimp out again.  But by that time Becky was by my side, the three of us were running together for a bit.  Afterwards it was just me and Becky!  We ran the rest of the way around together.  Keeping each other motivated was our goal.  I couldn't believe that I was the first one to stop running and did a walk.  Becky said that she was grateful though, but I still think I should have not done it!  It was like that the whole way around.  

On the last lap we were both flagging a bit.  Running up the long straight Becky spotted the bench between the two buildings, "To the bench" she said, meaning that she would run to the bench and then take a walking break. I had already had it in mind before she said it that I was going to run to the building, the second building, so a bit further than Becky had said. "Come on to the building"  It looked a lot further away, and I was wondering if I could get there without wimping out, "Ok!" Becky said. We put our heads down, figuratively speaking, to get to the building.  We managed it, and we were pleased that we had too, but oh I was so pleased that I was taking a walk! We walked a little further than I had planned but we were soon back to running. It was the last lap, our cheer leaders of Sian and her crowd had gone now, they had been there for the first two times we got to the top of the park, they had probably gone to meet their friends at the finish! 

The finish! Oh so pleased that this is the finish!  Just this last short straight now, to the funnel.  I really was flagging, Becky seemed to have tons of energy! "You go Becky I shall see you at the end" "No, you keep going, you can do this, come on" she said
"No, I shall just walk a bit" 
"No, come on it's just here look" she urged me.
Of course I started running, I really was angry with myself now! Fancy walking on this last bit! "Thank you Becky, of course I can run this last bit"  I think I even shook my head, that's how angry I was with myself!

We headed for the funnel, Carole and Michael were there, they had finished by they came back to run this last little bit with us, urging us to finish!  It was a good run, not my fastest even though it felt like it was faster!  It wasn't.  I kicked myself even more that I had walked!  But as Becky said when we were out there running, at least we were out there running, doing it, not curled up in bed still!  Yeah there is that!  No run is a bad run, just slower or faster than the previous!

Geeky stats.

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