Tuesday, 1 November 2016

Club Night - Move Up Week

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It's a different day to yesterday, weather wise that is......apart from it being Tuesday and yesterday was Monday!,  What a silly statement that is! I still put on a short sleeve top under my windcheater running jacket though, even though it's the 1st of November it is still fairly mild out.

It is 'Move Up' week where everyone is encouraged to move on up and try out the next group!  The leaders usually will run at the slower end of their pace range with maybe even a couple of extra stops if needed.  Even I had a 'move on upper' Tracy came along for the 1st time this year in group 1.  She has been doing the beginners group on Saturdays, and thoroughly enjoying it.  As soon as it's all done I am going to have to get her to put in for some races!  Get some more gongs to go with her 2013 Petts Wood 10k Gong!

This evening's run I took them up Birchwood.  I was taking them on the first route that I made when we first bought group 0 to the new 8 o'clock slot.  It's a challenge but not to hard that people will hate it.  with just the one long hill and then a couple of smaller undulations it gives us all a nice work out.  We were all pretty tight together running up to the top, in fact all of us, me, J.J. LittleJ, Tracy and Christine were all finishing together at the top!

We walked just a little way, just to get our breathing back before running again.  The dark nights don't make it easy to run along the pavements, the tree routes have pushed up the tarmac making it a bit of a hazard.  I must remember to bring a light along with me.  Carole had bought one, but she was taking advantage of the slower pacing of group 2 today!  LittleJ has a light and these cool light up arm bands too so that everyone can see her!

We started running again and crossed over the road, using the crossing.  I was taking them to Tillingbourne Green.  J.J. was telling Tracy all about the loop around the Green, the short upward undulation followed by the longer downhill and then the longer steady climb back to the beginning.  Tracy was all set to do this!  But I hadn't planned to go that route, we were going up the hill on the right to Poverest Road.  We are doing the undulations of Woodland Way, Great Thrift and Hazelmere with the extra loopy bit of Little Thrift.

Going this way round is easier, I think I will do this route again with them but in the opposite direction!  It's good to mix it up, maybe when I know there are  a couple of group 1's that have entered races, it'll be a good training route.  We only did the short sharp hill once this evening but we did it at quite a speed!  Again we were all pretty tight together, Christine didn't belt it as she is still recovering from injury, but the rest of us did!

All the way back down to Petts wood, with hardly any walking sessions.  We were all doing pretty well indeed, running at a perfect pace for the slower end of Group 1 pace.  The next road or roads should I say, was the long road with four different names!  And I was planning to do Little Thrift too, just to make up the mileage!  We were running around these roads on the right hand side, this is the 'shorter' route but as we were running along here I was busy chatting and then I heard Christine say "Are we supposed to go down here?" and she pointed to Little Thrift "Oh yes, we are" I said, "I almost missed this running on this side of the road" and then we crossed over and run to the top of Little Thrift.  Just a couple more roads to pass and we were heading for the Rec.  Run all finished and we were all together!  Perfect run!

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