Wednesday, 2 November 2016

Barbara WoodHouse? Not Me!

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This afternoon I was in a bit of a rush.  I came back from toddlers and then got chatting to my neighbour, then I spied the postman coming over with a parcel!  I waited till he got to me before I went in to get changed.  Phone calls and other things then happened and I still hadn't got changed into my run gear!  I finally was ready and out of the door only to be greet by a wave and a call from another delivery man with another parcel for me.  So I waited till he bought it too me and then finally I was heading towards my car to pick up Tracy.

We drove to the park and then we walked over to our start line.  I started up my Garmin and we both started to run!  It was then that I realised, as we ran along, bouncing along the path, that I hadn't actually got fully changed when I was at home!  I hadn't forgotten to strap the 'girls' down!  I still had my everyday bra on!  There is no way 'the girls' are going to stay in place while I was running! I don't know how girls can run without a proper sports bra!  I know ran like it for the first few weeks when I started to run, that's when I knew that everything needed to be strapped down!  Seismic waves could have catastrophic otherwise!  When I looked down and saw the 'rippling and moving' underneath my shirt it reminded me of Barbara Woodhouse, you know, the lady that used to train dogs!  I recall her bosom used to always create waves under her blue knitted sweater!  Tracy, in fact remarked on the idea a bit later on in our run!

Barbara.  You can see that
is not a good fitting bra!

So there was me, trying different ways to try and control parts of my anatomy that refuses to be controlled.  Not only that but then my bra straps seemed to want to fall down too!  Then I remembered that I had left my phone on show in my car! So the run so far was rather strained!  I was trying to find ways to run comfortable without drawing attention to myself as well as to encourage Tracy and keep an eye on the time, without worry about my phone!  I tried the 'just don't worry about it' approach, well after seeing one of the PWR's after a particularly hard slog and the state of his tee-shirt, with the tell tale red stains, I quickly dismissed that one.

I then tried the 'Cockney grabbing the top of your braces' method.  It did work, I ran quite comfortably, by I was expecting Dick Van Dyke to come and jump in and start singing 'Step in time!' I looked a bit of a plonker! I settled for the arms held right arm and kind of hugging my bosom!  Not ideal but it worked.  Oh and after we ran for one lap, I ran to my car and retrieved my phone, which I stashed in the usual place, and it helped, every so slightly, to lock 'the girls' down!

Shhtep in time!

So, after all that rambling, let me tell about our run.  I had already said to Tracy in the car on the way to the park that I think we could quite easily do 10 mins run and 2 mins walk!  She didn't look to convinced but I knew she could do it!  After all, if we didn't have the half term break we would already be on 10 minutes running anyway!  So that's what we did.  The first 10 minutes went by no problem at all, well, apart from all that I mentioned above!  Tracy looked strong and was chatting as we ran.

The second one was a little tougher, but we kept going, what's 10 minutes, it's only about 20% longer that we were doing last weekend,  it's nothing! (is that right, I am useless at maths?)  I think it was on this 10 minutes run that Tracy said to me "I'm not a dog you know, I am coming"  after I said to her "Come on Tracy, you can do it"  It's at these times that I know she is working hard!  The daggers come out, flying towards my back!  But she will love this when it's all done!

The third 10 minutes started and the huffing and puffing started, with the 'groans'.  I so remember this, in fact I get like this when Naggy is running with me!  And I know that after I have done it then I feels so blimmin good!  I know Tracy is going to feel so proud of her self.  She was started to get right behind me, tactics that I have and still use myself!  She's thinking of going slower or walking!  Trying to get directly behind me so that I can't see her over my shoulder!  I know this tactic.  I use this tactic......and it doesn't work!

We had to run past the car park and run towards where we started our run.  Tracy's strides got shorter and shorter.  "We are not going around again?" she asked!  Well, there wasn't time to get to the top of the park, just a little further along and the 10 minutes will be finished, but I did encourage her to push a little bit more, after all, there was no need to save and energy now!  And she did, in fact she was getting faster than me because I was trying to keep 'the girls' in place!!

Geeky stats.

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