Thursday, 24 November 2016

Trail and Track!

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I finally did a double today after having a couple of bad weeks.  Ran this morning with the morning Thursday  crew and then again with the Thursday Track crew.

This morning I turned up at the rec and there were quite a few people there already.  The car park was totally full, but some of these cars are for the tennis people,  oh and talking of the tennis people, a woman beeped me again as I was walking up the entrance!  She did it last time!  I wouldn't mind if the entrance road is a huge long entrance but it's only a couple of feet long, well ok about 50 feet, but still blimmin rude!

There was also one of our beginners there too!  She is one of our faster beginners so she will be in the middle group with Nicky!  I was there all by myself but I was going to be running with J.J. she had called me to tell me that she could make it this morning, she would just be a couple of minutes late.  So we all ran out of the gate, I ran along behind the middle group, just to see how it felt! Blimmin Nora, I was out of breath before we got to the end of the road!  I was pleased to see J.J. coming around the corner, as it made the middle group just slow down a bit and have a quick chat with her.

We all headed towards Dog Poo ally after being overtaken by the faster group!  Me and J.J. took the right hand path, the same as the middle group.  There were pulling away in front of us with every step.  Me and J.J. just plodded up the hill.  The woods were a bit muddy in places, I had on my old trainers, I think I should have said something to J.J. when she rang me that we would be hitting the woods, her lovely orange trainers might get a bit sticky!

We had a lovely chat as we ran through the woods.  I do like running with people, but I know that I am going to have to find my solo running mojo so that I can enjoy the solitude of running again.  Last week was an emotional run through the woods,  running solo then was probably exactly what I needed to do.  Running through the woods with pals though, that is just so lovely!  Chatting, putting the worlds to right, getting stuff out of our heads, laughing.  No better therapy in my book.

We ran and walked all the way the easy way, all the way down Goss hill.  J.J. flew down there!  I had trouble keeping up with her. In fact when we were running she was running faster and I found myself having to push myself to keep up, which is good!  But the most cutest part of this mornings run was when we ran along the river.  J.J. nearly trod on this tiny little furball fluffy thing.  I thought maybe it was a dormouse, I am no naturalist so I am probably wrong as to what the furry little creature is, I took a picture of it.  I looked up when I got home, and now think it could be a shrew, what do you think.

Little shrew?

Close up!

It wasn't long before we were running through Dog Poo ally again and our run had finished.  It was a really good run.  I so enjoyed my run this morning!

Geeky stats.

Track Session

I managed to drag my ass out of the door.  My cold is a lot better than it was last week, so no excuses.  I need to really start to claw my fitness back.  PhysioMike had two plans in mind, depending on.....actually I don't know what it depending on for him to decided which one we were doing!  Cold maybe?  I walked up to the gathering crowd at the top of the track, and I notice Mr. S looking rather dapper in normal working clothes.  I thought he might be a bit uncomfortable running around in the gear!  Then he told me that he had bought shorts and a tee shirt, it was a tad cold! That was his excuse anyway!

But It could also be the reason PhysioMike had decided on which session we will be doing.  For the first ten minutes the faster runners will be doing tempo running around the track, the rest of us will be doing drills and getting our form right for running.  Then we all came together at the start line for the session.  At first we all had to pair up. We had to pair up with people who run at the same pace as each other. Well, I am the only one there that is from group 1.  In fact, I am not sure if there is any from group 2!  Do you remember back in the day, during school days at PE times, there was always some one who was last picked for the rounders team? Well that was me........back in the day and now, this evening!  There was no-one who ran at my pace.  PhysioMike found me a partner tho, a mere slip of a lad, still at school.  And I bet if there were team running races he would be in it.  You will see why a bit further on in my blog.

The session was par luffs.  I know, it's a peculiar name, basically it's relay running.  Our partner would run for 300 meters hand over the beanbag (our batons!) and then walk or jog in the opposite direction for 100 meters to wait for the bean bag. And that was to be for about 20 minutes.  LittleLuke took the bean bag first and waited at the start line with all the other beanbag holders, and then all us beanbagless others walked back for 100 meters.  As soon as we were in place the runners started.  I noted that LittleLuke wasn't slow at all, in fact he wasn't the last person to reach the point were I was! He is a fast little lad!  Do they not know about pacing, or at least about not running so fast that this Old Girl will be blue in the face by the end of the session!

It was my turn to run around, I tried my hardest to do as well as I could so as not to leave him standing around in the cold too long.  But just as I imagined and dreaded, there he was, all alone, while everyone else had taken off on the second run or walking back 100 meters! Boy did I feel a heel!  But we kept it going, at least on the other reps he wasn't standing alone for too long as the other runners, all running at different speeds, there was always someone to talk to him!  

We had a two minute break! I was so looking forward to it, because every time I ran to hand over the beanbag, LittleLuke was standing there, freezing, but every time LittleLuke handed beanbag to me I was just about arriving at the handover point.  He almost ran 300 meters faster than I walked 100!  Then we had to do it all again!  I must admit that last one, I knew I wasn't going to do another one.  I told LittleLuke to just run all the way round.  He took off with the beanbag, which was the 100 meters behind the start.  As he took off he got about 50 meters and then the whistle blew!  My time of torturing a little lad by leaving standing in the freezing cold was done!

It was a good session.  I enjoyed it, even with the pressure of having to try and run fast with a partner waiting!  Thanks PhysioMike blimmin enjoyed tonights track session.....strangely!

I only recorded half the track session, hey ho, but this is it! Oh and I forgot to record the first 5 minutes too! Tut, so getting old and forgetful!

So half of track session geeky stats.

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