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Two for one time again.  I didn't write about my running on Thursday morning.  So here it is.

Thursday Morning.

I was running late on Thursday morning so I sent a FB message to the group to let the know.  I knew Jenny would be late as well, she had already sent in a message.  But I still expected everyone to be gone by the time I got there, including group 1, I even saw one of the faster groups near the memorial hall as I was heading to the rec, "Is anyone still there?" I called out to them from my opened window. "Trish is still there waiting for you" Nicola called back. So I continued my way to the rec.  There was just one or two parking sports left in the rec, (one that I could get in easily) quickly parked up and met up with Trish.  "We still got to wait for Jenny, she's just parking her car up the road"  So.... I wasn't the last person!  Phew!

Because we started a bit later the route I thought would be best was taking the left path to the bridge. run along side the lines and then straight down to the river, up, up, up to the very top then turn right and heard towards the Tigers head, and then touch on Scadbury Park.. and then back home!  It sounds good, doesn't it.  Of course there is that hill!  We love a hill! Hills are are friends!  I Try and think of that mantra, hoping that it will take a hold of my heart, so that I truly believe it! Even the girls were complaining......slightly!  They were ahead of me going up the hill!  But I wasn't that far behind them.  In fact, I felt as though I wasn't that far behind them on the whole run!  They were actually pushing me to be a little faster than I would be if I was by myself!  It was good!  Just what I needed.  I need to know in my own mind that I can run a bit faster than I normally do.

We got back to the rec and I really felt as if I had ran faster but looking at the geeky stats, it wasn't!  But then I looked at the speed profile!  I touched on some pretty faster sections!  I feeling good about that, mainly because I felt good running it!

Geeky stats

Solo Monday Run

I had a very good weekend with my friend, you may remember her, I called her SmartyPants when she was running with me!  But she has moved oop North but came down for a visit.  We had a grand time, curry, wine, shopping and the theatre!  Not only that but we met one of the stars of the show that we saw, Shawshank Redemption!  We met Ben Onwukwe, him from London's Burning fame! Oh it was a great weekend, but I didn't do any running, didn't even think about it! So today I thought I should do something.  I had the dog, the dog who has only ever made my lazyitus even worse. the dog who looks at me with his puppy dog eyes and just wants to cuddle!   I put him in the garden today, while he did his business and when I looked at him he was shivering! SHIVERING!  The dog has a fur coat on and he is shivering!  How can I take him out for a 3.5 - 4 mile run!  Or am I still just using that excuse to stay cuddling the dog!

Ben Onwukwe, SmartyPants and me!

So the day passed, the dog was picked up but by this time of course I had the girls home.  I had to wait until they had been picked up by their parents.  I had made sure that I had dinner prepared, a nice salad with the chicken marinading in some nando's sauce.  At least I will eat healthily if nothing else.!
Then I had a text from one of the mums to say that she will be late!  I felt another excuse building up! I felt I may just hunker down in my lovely warm blanket and watch tv with my dinner on my lap!

I mentioned to the Old Boy that I was thinking of going out and he said "its going to be cold! Brrrr"  At 7 I finally finished work, but then I was nice a cosy in my blanket! "I don't think I am going to go for a run." I said to him when he came down the stairs. Then he started talking to me about electricity, loops, lights and switches!  My head was swimming!  I think in the end I said, maybe I will go for a run "Let me go see what it's like out there" he said and he popped his head of the door!  "I probably wont be so bad" he said.  I was already heading up the stairs to get changed!

I told him that I would stick to the road, the main road.  It will be a straight out and back, to the A21 and back.  It's all well lit with the street lights and it is the main road! I set off with out the satellites 'attached' to my Garmin, it was getting late and I just wanted to get out before I changed my mind.  It was just after 8.  I ran up to Farringdon Avenue and then left along Oxhawth.  I felt as if my running was going pretty good!  I couldn't see what pace I was doing as my watch was under my sleeves and I had those pulled over my hands to keep warm.!  I still wasn't sure if the satellites had found me!  

I had my music playing in my ears, I was enjoying that!  I noticed that whatever track was playing my running seemed to keep time to.  I kept having to skip songs because they were too slow for what I wanted!  Then this song came on!  I don't even know who downloaded it in the first place, but it was on Ipod,  #Crazy Bitch#  Ok the language has a lot to be desired by my pace didn't 'arf pick up!  I decided from them that I would skip the slow songs that come up and just run along to some good 'pacey' songs!

I got to the top by the A21 and then I crossed over and ran back down the other side of Southborough Lane, just so that I don't run over the same bit of pavement all the time!  Besides, on that side of the road it's just a little bit flatter!  Only a tiny little hill!  And I run close to the pub, showing off to the drinkers and smokers who may be there! Such a show off!  But I am working hard here, trying to get fit!  It ain't easy!  And what with this mojo hiding, the running solo mojo that is!  But I think the music helps!  I just got to build up the the distance in readiness for my races that I have booked!

I was feeling good, my legs started to tire a bit, I am pretty sure that is because I have not eaten the right things during the day, and I felt the running I was doing was faster than I normally run.  I know I had the walking sections, always I do the walking sections.  I think that is where I lack the confidence!  I watch NaggyNeighbour as she ran non stop for 13 miles!  I was totally impressed by that, I felt inspired! And yet here I was struggling to run a blimmin 3 mile short course non stop!

I won't beat myself up, I wont!  Just getting out of the door this evening, in the dark, running solo, was a huge effort!  And right now, I feel bloody good about it!  As I was running back up Farringdon Avenue I was actually smiling!  I did it! Solo run, in the dark and I feel it was some quality running, again faster than my normal group 1 runs, maybe not as fast as my track sessions, but it was a feel good run, with some good music........and loops and electricity an switches just a distant memory!

Geeky stats.  You can see where the satellites found me.  I am not sure if the first half mile is added on to the overall distance and it just knew that from the time I started the count down to where the satellites found me it was half a mile.......but there you go.  I will have to do this route again and make sure that I have satellites from the beginning!

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