Monday, 14 November 2016

Two - Again!

Hello blog lovers.

Two blogs in one again.  I am getting a bit lazy about writing up!  Seems running mojo and writing mojo needs a boost.

So the first one, well it was on Thursday morning.  I had asked in the facebook chat if there was to be any group 1 runners, when there was no response I just did a run around near me, then I could get home have a quick shower before going to see Kirsty!

The morning was quite nice (if I remember) and I felt good about when I was out.  I felt good when I got back too,  it's the getting out I am having trouble with!  I am sure this phase will pass soon!  I feel as long as I just keep on running it will pass.  I am just so grateful that I do lead a group on Tuesdays.

The route I opted for was just a short one around near me, it had to be short, as I left it a bit late, especially if I wanted to shower afterwards!  I also wanted to do a route that I haven't actually done in a while, just so all of that psyche shit wouldn't come up and haunt me. I just want to run, not worry about distance, or even how fast, just to enjoy it.  And that was what it was like on Thursday morning.  It wasn't until I got back from my run that I saw a post in the chat box that one of the beginners had shown up for a Thursday morning run!!  Boy did I feel hugely rotten!  I knew I should have just turned up, just in case!  From now on that is what I shall do!

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And so for my run today.  Again, that warm comfy feeling had a vice like grip on me as I sat with the dog on my lap, a cup of tea by my side.  Outside it was rather damp looking, grey, wet and just not comfy or cosy!  I procrastinated for quite some time......even getting two loads of washing on! But in the end I thought the only way to get my ass out of the door was to wind the dog up "walkies, walkies" I said to him!  His little face looked so pleased!  He loves going out for a walk, how could I possible let that face down!  So I went up stairs to get changed, with the dog wagging his tail and getting quite excited!  Already I was feeling good!

I chose the route carefully so that little Dexter could run free from the lead!  He loves it when he is off the lead.  So with two little greens to run around I thought that should do it!  We came out of the house, little Dexi on his lead and he just ran!  I was running after him trying not to let him pull too much on his lead,  his lead is attached to his collar, it's not a harness so I don't like him to pull on it!  I was having to run a bit faster to keep up with him!  It kind of made me smile!  I should really take him on all my runs, keep him on a lead and just let him set the pace!  Maybe I could get a PB on a parkrun!

Of course there is a down side to running with a canine!  The sniffing, the weeing, the pooping, (I had bags with me) and of course there is always friends to sniff butt with!  Short fast paced sections, with plenty of stopping to whistle for pooch!  But when there was another dog around, well that was it!  No catching him!  Every dog he meets is a potential playmate!  He just loves every four footed dog!  Well, there is a couple of exceptions! One huge Great Dane! For some reason little Dexter seems to feel that he needs to 'get in first' with the first punch where this dog is concerned, yet the Great Dane just looks at him like he's a naughty little scamp!  She wouldn't hurt a fly!

We did come across one dog that Dexter was particularly enjoying playing with and it took ages to get him to come to me and back on his lead!  It was a lovely young German Shepperd.  Finally as we get out of the gate I let him back of his lead so that we could do a couple of loops of the other green, at least that was my plan!  Dexter knew exactly where we were going, he is having a whale of a time nipping in to all the places I normally pull him away from because we are walking to school!  But now he is as happy as a 'pig in the proverbial'!  We ran all along the path, with him investigating every smell that its around.  Once through the gate  we stayed to the left hand side, close to the golf course.  Little Dexi was just running around have so much fun!  He really loves being off the lead!  I am glad it has stopped raining, I have already had to bath the dog this morning, a fox left a 'note' in my garden, Dexter decided to keep a 'copy' of the note on his fur!!

We ran all the way to the Parkfield entrance where little Dexi found yet another pooch to make friends with, but this time the owner of the dog was also someone I knew!  We started chatting......I know, I was trying to get away, but just as her dog was with Dexter, she wanted to chat to me!  I did turn off my Garmin for a while, I don't think I have it on auto pause, but it still shows up as a long stop! Oh well.  Because of that chat I did only have time for just the one lap around the second green before I had to get back!  Just as well, the postman had delivered another package!

It was a nice run, I always feel so good after I have run, whether it's for one mile, or more!  I just need to get my head sorted, find out what is stopping me from getting out on time, to enjoy longer runs!

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