Monday, 24 October 2016

Homework - With the Beginners!

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"Not another one?"  Well, yes, but now I am all blogged out, because this one is all about todays run.  I had noticed that on the PWR Beginners page on facebook that a few of the beginners were meeting up at 8 this evening.  I offered to come along with them and support them.  Martina and Ann-Marie were the two ladies that were meeting up.

NaggyNeighbour also saw that I had offered to go along this evening and she said that she would come along too.  That would be blimmin perfect!  Because then, I could deffo suggest going out on the streets!  See if they would like to 'preview' the route that we will be taking in a couple of weeks time when we take the group out on the road for the first time!  They looked as if they might like that. "Its just a loop, but on the roads" I said.  "So, do we turn left or right" asked Martina.........Well, neither really, " it's actually more or less straight up" I said.

The hill...incline wasn't a surprise for Martina, she had walked down here in the first place! As it was 8 in the evening, and a bit chilly, although fairly mild still, our warm up was going to be a slow jog up the incline!  We started our run, that hill is a bit of a shocker when you first see it!  It's a cheeky, steep little hill, that flattens out before an everso small incline till we get to the top of  Kingsway.  You just get into the zone and the run.

The first time we ran up the hill, I was there, right by them, Naggy was there with Chocolate, she loves a run, and we were encouraging them all the way, giving little bits of advice.  The down hill was welcomed....including by me.  The first 8 mins took us as far as the beginning of the down hill section.  Normally I would run every down hill, but, this is on the timer, the homework we set for the beginners, and so we stopped running and started walking.

The next 8 mins started half way along the down hill section, that's better,  let the hill......incline do all the work, relax the arms and shoulders, shake it out and just lift up your legs!  It's that easy on the down hills!  But then of course, the 8 mins took us back to the up hill again.  This time it was me that was struggling!  Way too much socialising and stuffing my face over the weekend!  It certainly shows.  But then, also, having left over curry for lunch probably not a good idea either!  I know, excuses!  I was just glad that Naggy was with me, she kept right on behind Martina and Ann-Marie talking them through the hill!  I just kept a few paces behind them!  I will have to play catch up when we get to the flattish bit!

It's surprising what you can do when you think that you can't do it, and probably wouldn't do it if you were on your own, for that hill, that second time round, I would most certainly have walked before the 8 minutes had finished!  But, I did exactly what I tell the beginners, "Slow your pace, smaller steps, use those arms to hoick you up the hill" because the second time round it was a blimmin hill!  And if we have to do it again then I no double I will upgrade it to a mountain!

As it it happened, the third 8 minutes........took us up the hill! I almost suggested going straight into the rec, but I thought the gate would be closed and I didn't want to stop the running so that I could open the gate!  The third 8 minutes took us only half way up Wood Ride! But I kept up with them, and probably would have kept up with them to the top of the hill.....that's my story and that's what I'm sticking to!  I guess that maybe they could have been running a bit easier on the third one.....!

We walked down to the rec, and finished off the homework with the cool down stretches!  I can see these two young ladies joining PWR group 1 very soon, and then moving on through the ranks!  A great run today, thank you ladies and thank you Naggy for coming along too!

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