Saturday, 15 October 2016

Beginners Course Week 5

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Today was the beginners group.  We are already in week 5!  Can you believe that!  This week they will be running for 6 minutes with the 2 minutes rest!  Of course they all asked about the run for 5 minutes! Nah!!! We don't want to do that!  We are on an even keel now!  Nothing odd!  No way!  We don't do 5!.........unless we are running 5k!

Sherry was poorly today, so I am afraid the group had me leading! All 55 of them!  Thankfully there are 15 PWR's to help too!   I still feel totally out of place up there in the front.....totally a fraud.......totally over whelmed that all these people will be listening to me!  Today it did show a tad......with just a few mistakes going on! I think I got away with......well I think I put them right via the email and facebook posts!

Anyway, enough about me.....let me tell you about all these fabulous runners.  They have been running, and practising, and running, and walking, and drilling, stretching and running for 5 weeks now.  When they first came along for that first week, they were all so pleased to be able to run for 1 minute and now here they are, jumping up from 4 minutes to 6 minutes!  There was a little bit of a shock, but I kept them busy, walking the rec, and doing the drills!

It was time now to start the running, the PWR's were all spread through the beginners ready to answer questions, encourage, or just run along next to them.  It's what we love to do, and we are hoping that everyone here will love it too.  It is a big deal, it is hard running if you have never done it. If you come and watch these beginners counting down the minutes and seconds they are running, waiting for the whistle then you can see it!  Even for some of the beginners who are surprised that there is only 30 seconds left of a running rep.  "Phew" they say as they begin the walking rep.

Some are smiling all the way, some or just concentrating so hard just to get to the end of the 6 minutes.  Some are chatting to their fellow runners helping the to take their minds off the running!  It really does work.  But one thing they all share at the end of the session, a huge big smile on their faces!  It's amazing to see, to watch them all achieve their potential, watching the start of their love of running! Brilliant!

Can't wait to introduce them to running through the woods in the summer, when they all join PWR of course!  That is a great run, through His beautiful woods, through fields and by rivers!  Extremely special!

So, just to remind myself more than anything, the itinerary for the next few weeks.

Week 6   22 October     8 minutes run/2 mins walk x 3
Week 6   29 October     8 minutes run/2 mins walk x 3(repeat of last week)
Week 7   05 November 10 minutes run/2 mins walk x 3
Week 8   12  November 14 minutes run/3 mins walk x 2

Yup, that looks about right!  ZippySherry will be back with us soon, she has had the lurgy, but hopefully by next week she will be as right as rain!

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