Monday, 24 October 2016

4 for 1 - Bargin

Hello blog lovers.

Yup, I have been running just didn't blog it! Tut Tut!  So I shall squeeze them all in this one, keeping it as short as poss, I promise.......!

Wednesday Wander!

I picked up Tracy for our training run/homework run around Normans Park.  It's the 6 minutes running and 2 minutes recovery!  We chatted on the way to the park, having a laugh and a joke, like we do and then it was time.  It was not too bad, weather wise, at least it wasn't raining.  We made our way to our start line walking briskly as our warm up. And then we started.  Nice and steady, Tracy was setting the pace.  I was just letting her do her thing, like last week and letting her run as fast as she wanted.  She was doing pretty well, going out faster than usual.  She will need motivating a bit later on, on that final 6 min run!

We chatted all the way on that first rep, putting the world to rights, like you do. Then before she knew it the first one was done!  We were at the other end of the park too, which means by the time we have done all four reps we should be by the car!  Perfect, of course, that is only if we keep this pace going!  I know, if I set off too fast, I flag somewhere in the middle and then start taking more walking steps.  But we can't do that now, this is a training run.  6 minutes of running, no more (unless I forget to look at my watch) and deffo no less!

As far as I remember, (as now it's Monday evening and I'm still not finished this!) we did brilliantly.  Tracy kept up, flagging only on the last rep, but I don't think I felt any daggers in my back this time round!

Thursday Morning.

Thursday morning was a fairly mild morning, I met up with my running buddies at the rec.  I didn't know for sure who would be running with me.  As it turned out it was just me and Auriol.  I needed to be with Kirsty at least by 10;45 so I planned on a short run to make sure that I wasn't late.  Just a loop, which included running through the housing estate with the huge house. 

We ran up through the middle of the woods, a path I haven't actually run up for a while, I'm usually running past at the top and the bottom!  It was a toughy, but we just did our own thing.  In fact the whole of the run was done at our pace, we walked and talked and ran and talked.  We looked at the houses on the estate.  And we shared, we shared our time together, our thoughts and feelings.  It was just what we needed.  Running through His beautiful creation we just chatted away, it really was what was needed. We soon had ran/walked for 3 miles and were back at the rec. There was only one thing left that I felt was needed, a word with Him upstairs, in the middle of the carpark, where else!

Thursday Evening

What can I say about this! But.....Yeah baby....I did it!  It was tough, but I did it, I ran in the running bits, and I walked in the walking bits. The session on Thursday evening was 15 minute tempo run, then rest. Then run hard for 2 mins with 90 sec rest, run hard for 2 minutes 1 minute rest, run hard for 2 minutes 30 sec rest and then run hard......then rest for 3 whole minutes! Then repeat the running hard section!  If you look at my stats you can see that I did actually runn just a bit harder than the tempo run!  I was blimmin, blimmin pleased with that!  I so wanted to not run hard, but I did it!  Everybody did it, PhysioMike just encourages everyone as they come running past him.  Mr. S. was there too, but he wasn't running with me....he told me to run with him!! Well if you know Mr. S.  he has this unique run style, in his monkey feet, but boy does he go fast!  Needless to say I couldn't keep up with him.

When it was finished I I was walking back to the start and I actually did the whole fist pump in the air thing!  Huge smile on my face and feeling blimmin marvellous!  Bring it on!.......ok so I was lapped by every single body on the track.......but I ran further and faster than all those on the couch!! 

Saturday Morning Beginners.

Well, I made it there, picked up Tracy too, who managed to get up!  You see, Tracy had organised a surprise 50th birthday for partner!  A surprise 50th at that!  We had to keep it all quiet!  Well, lets just say it was a great success, the party was rocking!  Beer was flowing!  And I had my fair share, Tracy was busy making sure that everyone was happy and then had them back to her house after the party, so she had a late night!  But we were both there, Naggy Neighbour was driving, thankfully, I don't think I could have!  Running, that's a different matter!  Who hasn't ran with a hangover before eh!?

ZippySherry was also leading on Saturday, the lurgy has left her, she had managed to sidestep any work and so was taking the lead!  It's just amazing to see how many people were standing in front of us!  Still have 50 odd people, when I say odd I don't me odd per se, I mean there are around 50 or more!  Mind you, us runners have been known to do crazy things once we get hooked on running!  Half marathons, full marthons, in the case of Naggy Neighbour, she's thinking about running around the Isle of Wight! And of course there's our lovely PWR crew to run along with them too.

Eight minutes of running, eight minutes.  That first week seemed like a long time ago now when they were saying, "I couldn't wait for the whistle to blow" and that was just on the one minute rep.  And now, running for eight!  You could see that they were a bit nervous and a bit doubtful of what they could do, others were looking at it as if to say "Bring it on!"  But I know, once they have reached this point then it's all in the bag!  These people here, doing the walk warm laps, doing the drills and silly walks and skips, these people will be the ones that are going to be at Norman Park for their graduation parkrun!  

There is one thing they were pleased about, we are only doing 3 reps!  Once we all started running I suddenly remembered my heavy night out!  I was fine when I was running at the back, chatting with the slower runners, I was just fine!  But when I tried to run along with some of the faster!  I almost had an 'August parkrun' moment!!  So I decided that I would just run in the opposite direction and chat to as many as I could.

Eight minutes times three.....done!  Smiles all round! Done.......ish.  But I was sure that there would be smiles once they realised exactly what they had just done!  It really is so rewarding to be able to lead beginners out on a new venture, watching as they reach new goals and smash them!  It's just brill!  What a privilege it is!

Geeky stats are all up on my Garmin site, for what ever run you would like to see. just click on this one, which is the Track stats, just because I am totally proud of this one!  You can scroll through if you want to, to any of the others!


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