Saturday, 8 October 2016

Beginners of Course!

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I am just loving these sessions with the beginners!  They are just all so inspirational!  I was there at 09:50 this morning with Naggy Neighbour and Tracy.  There were just a handful of beginners there and quite a few PWR's.  I was wondering if they will all show today!  But while I was talking, and finding out a few things (like who received emails last week!) then they all started to appear!  By the time we started on our fist warm up walking lap of the rec there were about 60 or so people there, including the PWR's.

So here we are, half way through our course and also for the first time, running longer than we are walking!  Their faces were saying "I don't know if I can do this" but I know they will all do so well!  After the second walking lap of the green we went into our drills to really warm up those muscles so that the running for 4 minutes will seem like a breeze!

And then it was time. Time to run for 4 minutes non stop, with just 2 minutes recovery!  There was still a buzz going through the group "Oh I don't know if I can do it"  But let me tell you, nearly every single one did!  There were a couple of exceptions, one was that she decided to come along for the first time today!  She saw us last week and really wanted to get in on the action, get some of this free getting fit action that is happening.  And who cam blame her!  We also had someone who was a bit sick.

Now let me tell you this, a warning, maybe we should actually write it on our website.  "If you start on the beginners course please be aware that you may think you become invincible!  You may experience feelings of 'I can do anything even if I have a rotten cold/flu or a slight broken bone somewhere in my body"  Yes, us runners do think this, I myself thought and still do, think this exact same thing!  In fact in 2012, while I was watching the marathon on the telly I really believed I could do it.......and so I entered.......and I got a place for the 2013 Virgin London Marathon!  So be warned!  But seriously, if you really are feeling under the weather it is best to rest up!  That is something that I take heed of now!

The reps seemed to go really fast again, we were soon on the fifth rep of the 4 minute running!  It's just amazing to see how they all have coped with it.  Ok, it's not easy, it takes a lot of hard work but the reward after doing all that hard work is the feeling you get!  It feels like you can take on anything!  It lifts your mood, it gives you this huge sense of achievement, it burns of calories! You can do it anyway anytime and get the same feelings over and over again! And........and.......the best bit, its free!  Do you know anything else that can do that, because I don't.

Of course it does give you ideas.  Ideas of other ways to keep fit......and now here I am with a cupboard full of old running trainers, drawers full of running tech gear, and a wardrobe slowly growing with....cycling gear, and the proud owner of two bikes!  Maybe that should also be added to our website, "Any purchases bought for keep fit is no fault of the club, unless its the club kit"

So there you are, fourth week completed with still a huge number of determined and enthusiastic beginners with us!  Can't wait for next week! Oh, and this week I took a few pictures, including one our Club Coach's his birthday today!!

Four minutes!

Birthday Boy DiscoRich

Oh look, there's me..!
The look of concentration!

They really are smiling!  It's all done!

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