Wednesday, 27 April 2016

Wednesday Shenanigans!

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So this is the last Wednesday training run for our Spring beginners 2016!  It don't seem that just two months ago they were taking their first step to becoming athletes!  Runners!  A complete lifestyle change, as that is what it has to be.  When you become a runner you just have to make 'space' for it in your busy schedule!  It's amazing at the lengths some runners go to to make sure they get their run in.  Not our beginners......not yet anyway.......but you never know!  Some runners get up a crazy time in the mornings, to get a run in before they go to work!  Or wait to late evenings, 9 in evening or 10 in the evening!   Weekends are spent with trainers in your car, just in case you happen across a pretty looking trail that just needs to be run on!  Holidays are sometimes based around a half/full marathon!  Yup, getting into this running malarky can seriously change your life!

Maybe we should send out a warning in our emails to our new beginners!  But here they were, Tracy, Rupalee and lisa, all totally focused on doing what they have been training for!  Running around the park, 14 minutes non stop, walking for 2 minutes then doing it all over again!  The weather was just perfect for us, the sun was out, the rumours of storms were totally unfounded, but it was maybe slightly chilly.  But we will soon be warmed up.  We walked, a side skipped, and high kneed our way to where we will begin todays training.

The first 14 minutes began, and it was a good pace.  I was wondering just how far we would get before I whistled for the 2 minutes walking!  Everybody was getting into their groove.  Rupalee and Lisa were in front and I was with Tracy, keeping her enoucouraged.  She was really running easier this week.  She just didn't seem to be struggling at all.  Just shows you, you can struggle one week and the next week you can run like the wind!  Just breezing on through your set.  The mantra I like to think about when I am having a bad run is, 'There are no bad runs, just slower ones'.  And it's totally true!  If you're out thee running you are not sitting on your sofa wishing you fitter!

We ran all the way around the park until we got back to the car park when we started our first 2 minutes of walking!  How cool is that!  If we do that at the same pace twice more, Tracy could quite easily be on for a PB for her parkrun!  The other two will be doing their first parkrun, so it will be a pb anyway!

We started the next 14 minutes of running and still Tracy was feeling good!  The Rupalee and Lisa were in the zone, just running along.  Half way around the park and we were on time for doing the same as last time!  Perfect pacing.  Just the last long straight all the way to the car park.

I am so impressed by these ladies!  So impressed!  There were smiles all around!  We finished off with some stretching out before going home!

Oh and of course a quick selfie!

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