Sunday, 10 April 2016

Beginners - Week 6

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Yesterday we really stepped up the running section, a jump from running 6 minutes to running for 8 minutes!  It seems crazy doesn't, just a few short weeks ago our runners began the Spring 2016 course, they were all totally amazed (ok, extremely pleased) to find out that they could run for 1 minute without stopping!  And now look at them.  running for 8 minutes with just a 2 minute break in between!

It was lovely to see over 30 runners turn out for yesterdays session, especially as for them, laid on at no expense for them, totally free of charge, for their enjoyment and use of, was completely natural, all over hydration system! .......... Ok, it was raining!  It was also just a tad chilly too!  Where has that lovely sunshine gone!  Anyway, it was so good to see so many runners on a day like that!  Shows total commitment!

Sherry was taking the lead today, she just does it so well.  Instantly putting fears to rest, making everyone feel really relaxed.  We started off with the walking around the rec, at a brisk pace of course, to start to warm up our muscles.  Then it was straight into the drills.

We were all soon warmed up enough to start our 8 minutes of running.  To see them all just starting out, fairly confidently, to run for the first 8 minutes was just amazing!  I know some of our runners are coming back from injury, or having babies, or just life that got in their way of their running, but for most, running around for 8 minutes no stop has not been done since they were kids!

Here is a couple of  pictures of our runners.

After the 3 round of running they still had a smile on their faces, of course they were pleased that it was all done and dusted, but their smiles were infections!  I was beaming all over.  Just the cool down stretches to do and that was it for another week!  They had their homework, to repeat todays session at least twice next week, and that was that!  Fantastic effort!  My geeky stats didn't quite work out as I hoped, so I won't put them up.  I had to stop half through the first run, because I was trying to adjust something! But here is a lovely panoramic picture of them all doing the cool down stretch!

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