Saturday, 2 April 2016

Beginners week 5

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ZippySherry said yesterday in a Facebook post, that today the rec will be bathed in glorious sunshine!  She doubted her statement, and added a little comment saying that she may have been optimistic about the sunshine.  Well, she shouldn't have doubted her self, because the rec was indeed bathed in beautiful sunshine!  Not only that but it began to fill up with 40 or so beginners and PWR helpers!  All ready and eager to do todays session.

I was leading todays session, and it was 6 minutes running with 2 minutes walking, a bit of a surprise for some of our runners today, with some concern thrown in for good measure!  But as Sherry said it's all about percentages, from 4 minutes running to six minutes running it's only a about 50% increase, not like it was back when it was 100% percent increase when we ran from 1 minute to 2 minutes!.......I think ZippySherry explained it much better (maths are not my you will notice further in my blog!)

As I said up there ^ we have a good few other PWR helpers today, Mag, John, Janet, Trish, DiscoRich  and Illustruious Leader (Anne) as well as me and ZippySherry.  We certainly love having our members come along and support all the beginners through the course.  We started off with the two laps of the rec, I had remembered to do this first, before the drills, unlike last week.  I have also taken off the 'auto pause' so that the timings will, hopefully, be same as Michaels!  He keeps a close eye on me, making sure that I don't go over the started running times!

After the drills we started our running rounds, only 4 running rounds today, but of course 6 minutes each time with that all important 2 minutes walking.   It's always that first bit of running that is the hardest, your body is getting rudely awakened from being nice and relaxed and snuggly from your night times sleep, then you drag it out, shove trainers on your feet and then expect to be able to run!  This is why we do warm up drills, just try and gently let your body know that you're expecting it to be flung around the rec speedier than your normal walking around pace!  No wonder that first running is hard!

The second run section and I could see that everyone was doing just that bit better! See, it is working!  There is always the 'why doesn't it feel any easier?' questions asked, but when you think about it, from the very beginning, running for 1 minute seemed almost to much to hope for, and now, running for 6 minutes, 6 times as long, then you just know that all the hard work is paying off.

The third rround of running, remember up there saying that maths was not my forte, well I had to quickly get my maths head one!  So, well, what can I say!  Sorry, I think should be the first thing, but the second thing is "Well done indeed!" to all of you.  As usual I as busy chatting to all the runners, to see how they are getting on, see if I can help and to give tons of encouragement, but in between  my chatting and my Garmin watch giving me alerts about how my HR is doing, I kind of missed the alert to say they 6 minutes of running was up! Everyone actually ran for an additional 1 minute! Yes, I know, sake the leader!  So next week I shall also remember to turn off the Hi/low HR alerts!

I did my maths, and figured out when we had to do our running after the 2 minutes of walking!  And Then I had to figure out when to blow the whistle for the final time!  I was running around speaking to all the beginners and they all seemed to have coped really well with 7 minutes of running, one lady even said it was the best round of running!  Thats when you know that you are getting fitting, just little things like that, it may not 'feel' easier but you do notice that you can run for longer, further and faster, although in my case I am still waiting for the speed to kick in!

It was a brilliant session, it was so good to be running in the warmth of the spring sunshine, seeing all the smiley faces as they strive to get fitter and heathier!  They will surprise them selves at the end of this course when they finally run their first park run, the official timed run, in Normans Park!

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