Tuesday, 5 April 2016

Club Night - And It's Warm!

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A perfect spring evening for a run.  It still felt quite warm out and I was wondering if I had actually over dressed, with my long sleeve top on.  Too late now, I am just going to have to go with it. I was just a few seconds late, but not late to miss my turn to announce where we are going.  It's the second week of using the 'poles' and as I was running towards them the faster group was running towards me!  But I still made it before all the other groups said their bits.

It seemed a little better this week as after each group leader announced their route and pace they didn't actually run off and leave straight away, and so they could hear all the other groups routes and to give encouragement to the slower groups.  Also it gave anybody else a chance to change their mind and hop into one of the faster groups, considering it is move up week, it worked out ok.  I still miss the huddle of the circle, but I guess we need to 'progress'!

I had most of my team back with me today, which was brilliant, Janet, Wendimoo and Auriol.  J.J. is still recovering, but she will be back with us, stronger than ever!  There was also two other new people in our group today, both getting back to running after having babies.  Six of us in group 1 on a move up week is brilliant!  Jenny and Becky have moved up to group 2 this week, I think they will do brilliantly!

My route this week is one of my favs, it has undulations but most of them going in the nicer direction, with the longer hills going down instead of up!  We had Kingsway to do, but that isn't too long.  Then we were going along to the Memorial  Hall and then across the footbridge.  We were all running pretty tight, perfect pacing for everyone.  No one was struggling behind, and everyone was chatting too.  I was feeling pretty good, I think the run on Sunday had done me some good.  I am hoping that I will be able to keep my solo running going.

We were all running along just nice and steady, walking when necessary but I felt we had done some good running today. Everybody did really well, and we all ended our run with some stretches in the rec.

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