Thursday, 7 April 2016

Beginners Home Work!

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I am a day late writing this, in fact I have also ran again today, but I shall write that up later,  This is for the beginners who made a show yesterday at Normans Park!  I normally meet Tracy and Tanya anyway on Wednesday afternoons but I suddenly had a brill idea,  they come to me occasionally, usually when its rather late in the day though.  My idea was to see if any of the other beginners are around and ask them to join us!

I picked up Tracy on the way to the park.  It was a bit overcast, with that horrible 'heavy mist'.  I couldn't see anyone waiting when we got there but then I heard some way say at the other end of the car park "Ok, we give it two more minutes and then we run by ourselves"  Ok, I was about 3 or so minutes late, but to see them really keen to get running is brilliant!  "We're here!" I called out to them, "I heard what you said" I joked with them.  There was Rupalee, Kayliegh and Abby, what with Tracy and Tanya that made 6 of us.

It was bit chilly, so as we did our warm up walk to the gate to start our running, we did a few high knees and stuff to warm to wake up our muscles.  The first run section was going to be a nice slow steady one to really warm us up properly.  Tanya had bought her little pooch along, which kept Rupalee on her toes! But she got used to him the longer he ran with us.

We continued with last Saturdays session, so a nice 6 minutes of running with 2 minutes of walking.  Abby and Kayleigh were the faster runners among us so I devised a plan that when they got to further away I would whistle and then they will turn to run back to us.  Well, that soon changed when I whistled for them to turn around and run back to me, as they were getting further away, because they stopped running!  They thought they thought the 6 minutes were up.  So a new plan was to let Kayleigh and Abby run for the full 6 minutes and then when I whistle they will walk for 2 minutes back to us!  That plan was tons better.

It worked well, we were already through the third round of running, and then I told them my next idea.  Something that we don't do on Saturdays, but something that I usually get Tracy and Tanya to do.  For the last 6 minutes of running we are going to put in a couple of fast blasts, only about 10 seconds at a time.  You probably wouldn't even notice it!  Ten seconds of running at around 80% of what we have been doing! Easy peasy! Everyone agreed, at least I think that is what Tanya and Tracy said, (they have done this before remember!) and so that last 6 minutes of running, with about 4 or 5 ten second speed blasts!  We had got right down to the end of the second long straight, near the car park we all parked in!  Perfect!  We finished off our session with some stretches to cool us all down.  It was brilliant!  I think they all enjoyed it, and were totally pleased with what they did!

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