Thursday, 28 April 2016

A Wooly Story!

Hello blog readers.

It was a beautiful morning, blue skies, a slight chill to the air, perfect for running!  I was only planning on doing a shorten run today, just a quickly through the woods.  I didn't know if it was raining at all during the night, but it didn't matter, the woods was just calling us.

I was a tad late arriving, I drove into the rec and was faced with cars everywhere!  The nursery were having a day out, so all the mummies had parked their cars there to join them.  I saw a space, did a quick three point turn to claim 'my prize of empty parking space' only to  be put off by a big black van that had driven up behind me, and sat there watching!  Now those who know me, and knows how I feel about driving and parking, will know there was no way was I going to try and parallel park between a wall and a car with a hedge by the side, with somebody waiting to drive past me!  It's an impossibility, I freaked!  So I just drove back out of the rec and parked up the hill!

So I was just a couple of minutes late as I ran into the rec!  DiscoRich had 'nicked' a couple of regular Thursday runners, but it was probably just as well, considering I was planning this shortened version.  But Janet was with me and also was one of our spring beginners!  A most welcome surprise!  So, again, probably just as well I planned a shortened run today.  We were just running towards the gate when Tracey came running towards us, "I don't 'feel' the fast run" today she said "I'm coming with you"  Sometimes you do just need to get out plod along, a long faster run just seems a little too much sometimes!

My route was the little loop of the left hand side of the woods, straight up Botany Bay Lane, across the top of the woods to the Chislehurst Road and then back down by the rail way lines to Dog Poo ally.  It really is the shortest of routes, probably an ideal 'first introduction' to trail running with our beginners when they come and join us after their graduation parkrun, well those that haven't already joined us of course.  There was only one thing that I had forgotten, to change my shoes to my 'dirty mud running shoes'  I just hoped it wasn't too sticky and muddy in there.

It wasn't that bad in there, yes there were a very sticky puddles we had to tip top through, find the harder ground to run on, but otherwise quite runnable!  We made good time to the top of the path that leads to the farmhouses.  We ran down there, all the way to the bottom, by the little babbling brook!  It was just so perfect I had to get a picture of us all, here we are!

After that we had the long climb back up to the top of the woods, but I looked to my left and just by the fence was the really adorable sheep, just stood there looking through the fence, at the world going by.  I just had to get a picture of him.....and with him (or her, not sure how you tell on sheep!), After we took this picture, the sheep made it's self even more comfortable by laying down to people watch for the rest of the day!

We chatted and ran, and ran and chatted.  We had the occasional walk all the way along the top of the woods back to Dog Poo ally!  It really was a very pleasant run, albeit short, but I really felt good after, and just hoped that the others did too.

I knew I wasn't going running this evening as I had a course that I had to go to, from 6;30 until 9:15!  Not even a chance to have a quick run before the course started or to sneak in a late one after!  Oh well!  One more week of missing out onThursday evening running!

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