Wednesday, 20 April 2016

Not Long Now! - Homework Week 7

Hello blog readers.

It's not long now to graduation day!  The beginners are all getting excited, posting their their homework on the Facebook page, and really taking a huge pride in what they have all achieved so far!  It's just amazing.

Today I ran with Tracy.  I had a bit of a manic day today, running here there and everywhere and although I had remembered to post on the Facebook page that we were meeting at 1 today I had actually forgotten to tell Tanya, who is not on Facebook!  But it was so good to see that she was still there, running with little Max, after she turned up at our regular time of 12:30,  but she finished her homework, ran for 3 lots of 10 minutes and looked like she could have gone for more!  I actually asked her if she wanted, but she very sensibly declined!

Also with me today was Charlene!  She is trying to get her fitness back, so she came along today.  She is young, and skinny (which Tracy told me off for!) "Why you bringing a skinny fit girl along" she said!  So we started off our running, going in the opposite direction to what we usually do, chatting away as we do.  I noticed Tracy was hanging back a bit this time.  I encouraged her to pick up the pace just a tad more.  "Last week you told me to slow down, this week you telling me to speed up" she said jokingly!

I think you can tell if you are going to have a good run or an 'in the zone' run, We don't ever have bad runs. All runs are good, there are just some that you totally get in the zone and others when you just glad you managed to put your trainers on!  You know that once you got your trainers on, you are going out for a run.  Whether its 7 miles, or a mile!  You are running, you are out of the house, you are getting your heart rate going, burning up calories, feeding your mojo.  Today, was a tough day, Tracy was struggling a bit and young skinny Charlene was too!

The first 10 minutes of running and Tracy was behind, Charlene was in front.  I guess that in itself can work against you on your psyche!  But I know Charlene.  She takes of fast, and because she is young and skinny, she breezes through it.  But running is more than just being young and skinny!  It is fitness, and stamina, it is working out the lungs, muscles and psyche as well! There is no just rocking up and running a marathon, no matter what Run Far Boy Run says!  It's hard work, consistency and determination!

By the time the third lot of running was here, Charlene had started to get tired.  I knew she could run, I mean I wouldn't let her come with me if I knew she couldn't run for 10 minutes.  Charlene does cycling, and climbing, which is a different type of fitness, but it all helps with running!  But seeing young skinny Charlene walking during the running sections really gave Tracy a boost.  Charlene encouraged Tracy all the way to the finish of the 10 minutes of running!

Yes it was tough today, some days are like that.  But what is the best thing is, that those 'some days' are days when you have ran!  Brilliant!

This is us, at the finish of the session!

Geeky stats for you.

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