Monday, 18 April 2016

Beginners Week 7

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Well, week 7!  How has that happened!  Already everyone is running for 10 minutes! Ten whole minutes!  Not only that, we went running on the streets..........with a hill!  I think next week I will teach them my favourite mantra 'Hills are my friends, hills are my friends'!  I am still trying to really say this with conviction, it has only taken 8 years so far.  But at least now I can say without crying....too much!

I am absolutely astounded by how many people we have with us still.  I know that some are away for the week, others have had injuries and other issues with have prevented them from finishing this time round.  There is always the Autumn Beginners Course!  But just looking at all these smiling faces is brilliant.  There was a shocked intake of breath when I said that we are running for 10 minutes, but not as loud as when at the end of the session we said they will be running for 14 minutes!

This was to be our first venture into the streets of Petts Wood.  It's one of our usual little loops taking in a cheeky little hill going up with a fabulous, wonderful hill coming down!  The faster runners will be doing this at least 3 times with the slower ones doing it twice, at least that's how it went on the last course!  I think Wendimoo lead the slower ones around for a third time!  We had all finished our cool downs before they got back!  Note to self, let PWR volunteers know exact plans!  (You can tell this is my first leading beginners experience!)

It is just so amazing to hear them all talking about how they didn't think they could run for 3 minutes let alone for 10 minutes!  I am so sure that there is going to be some huge big smiles and maybe even tears (probably mine as I look at them all finishing) at the parkrun in a couple of weeks! When someone comes up and says to you "You PWR's have done an amazing thing.  We have just so enjoyed being here.  We feel so much better in ourselves, we are getting fitter and we are sleeping better! We want to thank you for your help and support these past few weeks" well, that there is enough to bring tears to your eyes.  But then to continue "We are definitely joining PWR's and the next beginners course, we would like to help out!"  Right there, right there is where it gets you in the heart!  That's what PWR is all about, helping everyone to achieve their goals, wanting to help, volunteering to share the love!  Brilliant!

So, next week, it will be 14 minutes running, with 2 minutes of walking.  I feel totally sure that they will all totally just ease on through it!  Even with the slight undulation!

No geeky stats as my watch was quite set up to how I wanted it!  But, let me tell you, they all definitely ran!

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