Thursday, 14 April 2016

Three In A Row!

Hello blog lovers!

You wait for one blog and then lo and behold 3 come along together!  So I shall write three different headings and you can chose which one you would like to read!

Wednesday Training day

Wednesday I had a bit of a busy day, but I was so glad that I still had time to meet up with Tracy to help with the 'homework'.  Rupalee, Tanya and Abby had managed to do their homework earlier on during the day!  So Tracy had just me!  She said that she would have just jogged along to Bickley Manor and back if I hadn't have made it.  But it's always better with running buddies.  You have encourage each other along, challenge each other or inspire!  I'm not sure how Tracy was feeling, but I was hoping she was glad!

I remember when it was just me and her a couple of years ago, and she did well then, even entered and completed 10k race!  But running mojo needs nurturing and made a fuss of all the time!  It's like a child!  If you don't give it attention it goes away and sulks!  Give it attention every other day and you will find your mojo wanting to do more!  Things you didn't think you could do, which is how Tracy came to do our 10k.  But she found that as she didn't keep up with the training, running at least 3 days a week then mojo, running fitness goes and hides!

I was there to get it back!  Encourage all the way.  I picked her up half an hour after we usually meet and drove to Normans Park.  Eight minutes running and 2 minutes of walking was the session today.  As usual Tracy set off running fast, like she stolen something!  I had to reel her in! Something which she found amusing! "Wow, the Old Girl tell me to slow down!" she said.  I just smiled, thinking about the last round of 8 minutes running!

The second round of running and the pace was different from the first.  This is where you have to start to dig in and find it.  The first mile or 10 minutes or so of running, I find, is the hardest bit.  Your body has to suddenly find oxygen quickly to shove into you muscles to keep them going, you can imagine the conversation of brain, heart, lungs and muscles can't you

Muscles;  Oi, I'm moving here!  Wheres me oxygen

Brain:  Oh shit, she's at it again,  hang on I shall wake up the heart,    Oi heart!! wakey wakey, 
             She's at it again!

Heart:   Yeah:  don't you think I know that!  Look at me, just look at me!  Have a word with Lungs 
              will ya, I need so good oxygen not this shit stuff I'm getting!

Of course in the mean time your lungs have been violently shaken up

Lungs:  What the.......shit, hang on,

Brain:  Lungs, for crying out loud, slow down, slow down,  we need some oxygen, the good stuff, 
             Sort it out

Lungs:    Ok, ok, I got this iiiiiinnnnnnnn..........ooooouuuuttttt...........iiiiinnnnnnnnn..........out

Muscles: Come on, come on I need it!

Heart:  Ok, here it comes, stop complaining!

The things that go through your head when you're running!  But seriously, I am sure if my innards could talk out loud, most of my running days that would be the conversation!   And by looking at the face of Tracy as we were doing the last of the running sessions I expect her body was having the exact same conversation.

But I know, that usually, the last bit of running there is always just a little bit left.  Your body fools you into thinking you haven't got anything left, but you just push yourself you can find that secret bit of energy that your body was saving for some unknown reason.  Tracy found it,  she ran a tad faster, then she ran just a little bit for fast, that last minute of running, just looking ahead of her and ran like she didn't need to have any energy left!  Brilliant!  She was pleased to hear me say "That's it, all done!"  We walked the last 2 minutes when got us back to the car park!  And then the smile!  "I am glad I done that" she said!  "Thanks Donna"  

Seeing the smile on her face, and her knowing that she knew she worked hard was all that I need mojo encouragement I need to keep me going!  This leading runners, it's a two way street!  Perfect run day!

Geeky stats.

Thursday Morning.

It was a beautiful morning this morning.  I just knew it would be a great run.  I knew Janet was coming along, and she runs at my pace!  And Trish had that awful stuff called W.O.R.K . happening today.  But there was still five of us running along today.  ZippySherry was there, Diane, Tracey and Sonya.  All of them run faster than me!  It will be a 'Lead from the back' run today!  I also wanted to keep it to 5k, today, so the route was going to be through the woods, up the middle path, along to Botany Bay Lane and then up, again to the road and the pub, the Tigers Head.

But I do like to 'show off' a little, so running through two woods will be on the cards.  We all set out and then went into the woods through Dog Poo ally.  I told them we were going up the middle path.  Now, if you read the first part of todays blog, then you will know, with me, the first 10 minutes of running my breathing is all over the place, literally puffing out of my arse!  The other girls seem to be casually running up and up, well apart from Tracey,  she don't like hills!  But she was still in front of me!

We ran along the top, after turning left, to head for Botany Bay Lane, and we were all running pretty tight for a while.  Going down on the undulations was pretty good though as I 'Wheeeee' all the way down!  We were talking a little earlier that Sherry loves a hill, even the ones that go up!  Whether it's riding her bike or running up them, then she will seek them out and run on it!  I must try to find the love for hills, or even just like them, instead of fear for them!

Once we got up to the road, it was all fairly flat, we ran only the the main road, Chislehurst Road and then crossed over to run into Scadbury park! The sun was just shining through.  The girls just waited for me to catch up to the them, and I took this picture of them!  It gave me an excuse to stop moving all together too!

Me, looking warm!
The girls waiting

Back out on to the road and I tried to keep up with Sherry, I was running along beside her chatting away.  I was feeling pretty out of breath but I was doing it.  Then I did something silly, I looked at my Garmin and realised I was running at 10:10 m/mi!  Of course that put a huge doubt in my mind that I shouldn't be doing that speed and that I should slow down!  I guess that's the only downside of having a running device on you!!

We finished our run through Petts Wood when we crossed over the road again, and ran down passed the rail lines until we got to the ally again.

I really enjoyed my run this morning!  I am sure I ran faster in places!  Sometimes it's good to run with someone fast than you!  Maybe next time I won't look at my watch!

The woods wasn't too bad for running in, look how clean our shoes are!

Geeky Stats.

Track Session

I decided I deffo needed to do track session.  I had Mc'd's to burn off!  The evening was still perfect, no rain, and it still felt quite warm too.  The sun hadn't gone down an it was till lovely and bright as I drove to the track.  There seemed to be an awful lot of people around today.  The track looked pretty full with some very fast runners!  Our PWR's were all congregated at the other end of the track.

There seemed to be quite a lot of them too.  The session was to run 1k with 90 sec rest and repeat 4 more times!  Thats two and half times around the track.  I was feeling a bit tired.  I am pretty sure its has something to do with the dreadful time in a womans life that changes them for a pretty normal person to this moody sweaty angry tired person!  Something, so they tell me, can last for years!  Nah, I don't think so!  I don't like it!  I am just going to have to find ways of dealing with it.  At the moment is running!  And chocolate! And fact everything that I used to do before all this shitty stuff started, but now I have a reasonable excuse to have it....."Its for medicinal purposes!" I can say, "I need it"

Needles to say, I didn't do too well today, I think I did at least 2k as fast as I could manage this evening, and then I did almost a k, just twice around the track.  I felt that I had done enough.  I really felt, "Nah, you done alright Old girl, go have some dinner"  I chatted with Mr. S, about something, which helped me cool down, and then we did the cool down stretches.  Mr. S took some photos too, this is one of them, I am right at the back, doing a quad stretch, but not very well at all, my knees just was not together at all!

me at the back in white hat!

It was a good session, although I didn't do as much running as I usually did I was pleased that I at least got out, and the rain wasn't here putting the dampener on things!

Last picture curtesy of Mr. S.

Geeky stats.

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