Wednesday, 21 September 2016

Wednesday Run!

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What a beautiful afternoon!  Just perfect for a nice run out through the park.  I was planning to run with another lady, to put her through her paces of the beginners course, but that didn't happen today.  Which left me all dressed up and no-one to train!  What's a girl to do!  I could go home, get the ironing board out, nah....... I could go home and do some housework........nah......I could go home and t.v., have a nap......nah!  My running legs were just not listening to my brain!  Maybe that is where my solo running mojo is!

So I headed for the park, I was going to do three miles, no more, no less, it's no good knackering myself out before my holiday! Is it?  So today, nice steady no pressured run, just me and the open.......park, with runners, walkers, school kids, dogs......but still just me!  I had to do it, I need to give my solo running a boost!  But there I was no music, so it literally was just me and my thoughts.  I don't like to think to much when I'm running solo, I generally say things like "You should slow down a bit here" or "It's time for a walk now" or even worse than that, "You've done one lap lets call it a day!"  That is what it has been like lately!  Tough! Mentally at least, tough!  

But I started off running, nice a easy, pass the workmen fixing the fences, to the trees, pass the school kids, lounging on the grass!  It looked so good to be lounging on the grass in the sun! But I wasn't there for that, running, running, that's what I have to do......oh where is my music!  I do like running solo with my music!  

I decided that I was going to do just two laps, but two laps parkrun style, which is of course 3 miles, or 5k!  When I was running along the first of the 'river runs', that's where we cut across the grass, run to the other side around the river and then back to the other side to continue with the lap. Well, that bit, there, that I just wrote, that bit, when I was running back  along the river to the second of the short straights, some cute little dog decided to follow me, and run with me, and then bark at me.  But the mutt had her tennis ball in her mouth and she stood in front of me barking with the tennis ball.  It looked so cute, I reached for my phone to grab a picture and realised I had left it behind! Darn it! I slowed down off course, in fact I stood still.  It is a barking dog after all!  

So I continued to finish the first lap and then started on the second.  Running down the long straight towards the play park.  My mind was still trying to stop me from running, to give up, give it a rest, but my legs kept on running.  Running by the river again, I really wanted to stop running, in fact I did.  But then my mates popped into my head.  Surprising not my running mates this time, it was my cycling friends.  The Pangua Ladies members have been to Ireland riding around some ridiculously long route, over about three days.  Now if you know Ireland then you know how brill that its.  It's hilly, its all green and lush too.  It's green and lush because it gets 'water' quite regularly!  Yes they were riding huge hills around the some of the coast in Ireland!  Crazy ladies, but they were raising money for a worthwhile charity!.  And also another friends of mine was tackling some ridiculous hills in Spain!  I mean really ridiculous!  One of the ride they did over these last couple of days, well, the profile looked like an upside down ice-cream cone!  A sharks tooth!  And they were doing it for fun, for fun I tell you!  Fun!!  And there I was thinking about walking some of a very easy peasy 3 mile slow run! Tut tut!........I still did some more walking thought! But every time I looked at my watch while I was running I was well under the 12 minute miling, sometimes as fast as 11.5 min miling!  Not bad I thought. But then add that together with the walking sections (some of them I really told myself off for doing)......well lets say, it's not a pb!  But quite frankly I am pleased about that.  How would I have felt if I got a pb for this route and no email to let me know that it was!  Exactly!

Anyway, the second lap was totally uneventful, apart from my cycling buddies popping up in my thoughts while I was running, they have no business popping up in my thoughts on a run day! No, Hang's ridiculous, not unless my subconscious is thinking about a tri!!  I have toyed with the idea....I quickly dismissed it again, but it was in my brain for a split second!  No!! Deffo no.  So, uneventful second lap,  no dogs barking at me, people still walking minding their own business school kids still lounging.........don't they need to be in school?  But I was smiling.....if not on the outside I was on the inside.  Three miles done, fairly nice pace in sections.  Yup I was pleased with that!  So I guess that just leaves me to add the geeky stats to my blog!  Oh and by the way, thanks for reading my ramblings, I often forget to say thank you to people! So a huge thank you for your popping ins.....comments and likes!

Geeky stats. And you can see on the stats, exactly where I was ambushed by the gob stopped pooch!  I don't usually like running past a dog that is barking, even if said pooch has tennis ball in its gob!

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