Sunday, 4 September 2016

Two Runs, 1 Park!

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I did parkrun yesterday, it was slower than last week.  Last week I had Naggy Neighbour, pushing, pulling, willing and yelling for me to get around quicker.  I needed that to try and get a good parkrun time for our Club Grand Prix.  Yesterday, however it's back to mojo hunting!  Just running around, trying to get into the Zone.

Naggy drove us to Norman Park, we had to park out side of the park because of the road being blocked as it was being fixed (water main went last Saturday)  She had bought Chocolate with her, and I am sure she just loves those Saturday mornings running around the park!  At least she makes it look so easy, I suppose having four legs makes it easy anyway!

When we all set off Naggy ran ahead, she has her own agenda now.  She has got some big plans ahead with her running!  I saw her disappear into the throng of people!  I just looked ahead and tried getting into the zone.  Not running fast, but not particularly slow either.  I saw some other PWR's running ahead of me, but I decided to not catch up with them (they run way to fast now days!)  So I stayed by myself, but not for long!

As I was running down the short straight, just before we cut across the grass I spied Becky.  I was gaining on her.  "Hi Becks" I said to her once I caught up.  "Hello" she said to me.  From then on me and her just ran side by side together, each of us pacing each other, encouraging each other to the end.

It was a good run,  and I really...........enjoyed it.........yeah........lets start to really believe that!  Because running is hard! It's bloody hard!  Just because I have been doing it for years it doesn't mean that it gets easier!  It's not like, say, playing my guitar!  When I first picked it up along with a 'Teach yourself guitar' book, I was bloomin awful!  But these days,.......well I am no Nancy Wilson.......but I can knock out a few chords easily!  But this running malarkey.  It's hard, but you just find yourself going further and (not in my case) faster!  But the effort is still the same.  That lovely feel good feeling happens only after you have done it!

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Just like I felt for todays run.  Yes, I am trying to keep my blogs short.......just like my runs....for now!  So my run today, Sunday, it was a solo run!  Just me and my Ipod.  I was procrastinating though, thinking I had so much to do that I couldn't possible be out running!  But the Old Boy had Sunday lunch under control, my floors had all been steamed, and I had plenty of time!  So I got into my running gear and went out of the house.

I drove to Normans park!  I want to 'practice' around this park, I want to get 'better' at running around here.  Away from car fumes, fresh air and not alone in the woods! (although I am quite ok running through the woods, but the Old Boy don't like it when I do).  I started my Garmin and started my run from the Hook Farm car park end.  My plan is to try and run 'easy' relaxed as PhysioMike is always telling us to do.  That was my plan, that is what I was going to concentrate on.

Every time I felt tense I told myself to 'relax'.  I shrugged my shoulders, I rolled my head and I shook out my hands.  I must have looked pretty peculiar, but I don't worry about things like that anymore, just take a look at some of the pictures I have put up of myself!  I had another plan in my mind, but it was just a plan I thought of for just one fleeting moment!  It was a plan to get around in one go! No walking!  I will do it, and I will do it while I am running solo!  I know it's all in my head and I just have to get back to place where I just can't wait to get out and run, instead of all that procrastinating lark!

I ran around the park, doing the parkrun route, but it wasn't in any speedy style and I did have a few walking spells in there! So annoyed with myself!  But I am pleased that I went out, and I did enjoy it......after I had finished of course.  Here's to more happy mojo hunting!

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