Thursday, 15 September 2016

Single Session!! On A Thursday!?

Hello blog lovers.

Can I say again, "Phew, what a scorcher!" No, well Ok I shall take it back!  Blimey, it was hot!  It's the last of the summer!  It must be, its mid September! And it is also my 32 Wedding anniversay!  and I forgot! Tut, tut.  Anyway, I met up with the rest of the hardcore PWR's.  It was only going to be me and Becky in group 1, and then there were about 3 or 4 in group 2 and about 6 or seven in group 3!  If we can, we just get out there and run!

I was just going to be doing a loop, taking in the three woods, or is it two.  I shall have to check out the geeky stats after.  I was thinking of doing a bit of a longer run, but the heat wasn't do it for me!  And I wasn't quite sure how Becky would feel about it, although  towards the end of our run she enquired how much further would we go.  But it was too late really, I couldn't think of where we could add a mile quickly enough!

But I think the run we done was just about perfect.  It was a warm one, and I was hot and sticky before we even entered the woods anyway!  That first mile still is so hard, but it is along my favourite bit of path.  Its down the left hand side, and it's a mixture of down hills (mainly) and wooden paths and running along side the Kid Brook, very pretty path.  And then that lovely down hill to the other  bridge over the Kid Brook. It does put you in a good place!

But then we were faced with the up hill!  Boy did it look steeper than ever!  Just to the gate, just to the gate, and then rest before tackling the rest of it.  We both set off up the hill towards the gate by the house.  I was determined to run the whole thing, despite the heat!  Becky was running next to me, side by side we ran up the hill!  I started flagging before we got there and stopped running, "Come on, we can do this" Becky encouraged, "Come on keep going"  That was all I needed and I immediately I started running up the hill again!

We walked some of the next bit, just to recover somewhat!  And then started running up and up!  Right up to the road!  We didn't make it the whole way in one go but we had a bloody good go!  We had a bit of pavement work to do before we got back to the woods, or 'touching on' Scadbury park!  That is a nice route through there too.  I know Scadbury Park with quite big and it's easy for me to get lost in!  But I just make sure that I keep the traffic noise on my right and I know I can't go wrong.

We popped back into Petts Wood woods and continued on.  Just the last bit, along the side of the woods and then following the path back down to Dog Poo ally

A great run today.  We got back and did some stretches, and just as we were chatting group 3 arrived back and we did some more stretches with them. Viral has this routine down, he says he never changes it, it just abouts stretches everything.  Mind you that whole kneeling on my left leg hurt.....I think I may have housemaids knee!

Anyway, geeky stats for you.

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