Saturday, 14 May 2016

Oi! Get Out Of BED!

Hello blog lovers.

Bromley parkrun had no parking this morning, and some of the others were heading off to Orpington parkrun.  I decided that I may just have a day off, have a bit of a lay in......or lie in......which is it.......answer in the comments box please!  Anyway, there I was in the land of nod when the Old Boy starts creeping about, a ridiculous time on a Saturday morning, making noises, closing doors running up and down stairs.  I tried to ignore and just closed my eyes tightly.  Yup,  fell back to sleep, almost!  It's Saturday morning, my routine for the past 14 or so weeks have been to get up and go running!   I decided to ignore the restlessness of my legs.  Nope, I'm not going. I'm snug in bed.

Then the still quiet voice starts in.  "Run, run, run!" Sh.......oot!  No rest for the restless legs then!  I got my running gear on and said cheerio to the Old Boy and went out.  I was only going to do a short run, as I am doing 10k tomorrow.  I wasn't going to go through the woods by myself today, so I went on one of my old routes, up to Turpington Lane, then turn left and head on back home again.  Just over 5k, thats all, and not speedy either, just to loosen my legs up.

I start running, destination in mind, music in my hat!  Not to worry, it was quite cool this morning, so maybe I wouldn't be needing my hat!  Heres some of my thoughts as I was running this morning

It's blooming cold out!
Ooo I like this song!
I need a poo!
I wonder if I should just do less distance?

It's weird what does go through your mind when you're out running.  Having music in your ears on a solo run does help to keep your focused, usually I'm chatting away with people, encouraging them, unless it's parkrun,  then I will try and chase my pb!

I wonder what we should have for dinner
Why am I thinking of dinner?
I need breakfast
I should have gone a poo
Curry was good last night!

Near Southborough Road they have 4 way traffic lights, cars passed me by and then joined the queue waiting for the green light.  I don't know what I do his to myself, but I 'pick a race' with a car.  I chose one of the cars that have passed me by, of course made sure that it stopped at the traffic lights and then raced it, to a point just up ahead of me.  So I spied my 'car race' I chose a spot ahead of me that I have to get to before the car and then ran!  Well, I won!  Of course I won, I made sure I did

I wish I hadn't of done that
I so need the loo!
What shall I have for my breakfast
I wonder if the Old Boy wants to go out for brekkie!
I hope I make it time!
Rory Gallagher......Yes....beat the intro!

By this time I was at Greenway and heading home.  My legs weren't feeling to bad, and I should think I would be able to cope quite well with the 10k tomorrow.  I am pacing, my pace is 'get you round' pace.  We could have some of our graduates that want to try it out!  So I just thought I had better just plod it out, have some fun, enjoy being out in the morning, a no pressure run.  Once I decided that little gem of an idea the distance just seemed to get eaten up.

What's this song, I have some complete random music on here
Ooo this is a good one!
I can't wait to get home!
Don't think about it, nearly there
Walk Donna, for goodness sake just WALK!
Right, just get to the bus stop without walking.
Ok, from here to the bus stop!
Way to go Old girl!

I was nearly home, I am glad I listened to that inner voice deep inside me, who wants to lay in on Saturday mornings eh!

Right, it's here, the road where I dare not stop.  Just this last road to do, no need to race it, it's not about racing

Since when do you race Old Girl?
I can't believe I'm thinking while I'm blogging!
Well stop it then and finish your blog!
I will!

All the way home I ran, not fast, but I ran all the way home.  I was hoping that I may have got a faster time, but somehow I didn't think I did, I will have to check out on my Garmin site.  But there was one thing, and that is I was really glad I went out, now let me get to the loo!

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