Tuesday, 17 May 2016

Club Run - Piece of 8!

Hello blog lovers.
A big group today!

It's always a surprise when I get to club run on a Tuesday to see who will be running with us in Group 1 and this evening I had a huge surprise!  There were 19 of us!  I don't think I have lead such a big group so far.  There were the regulars and some PWR's coming back from injury plus we had some newbies.  The newbies looked very professional runners!  I was wondering if maybe that should join group 6 or something.  But they insisted they wanted to start here.  It's probably best to try each group really, does your mojo a ton of good if you can move up a group every couple of weeks!

It's still not quite the right light to go through the woods yet. so I chose a nice route, with a couple of undulations, which is of course nothing new.  But it is a route that I can keep a good eye on the group, make sure it's not getting to fragmented, and if it does, then I had a plan up my sleeve!  After everyone gave out their routes and paces we all went to our posts to see who would be running with us.  That's where I saw just how many I had to lead!  The newbies, all built like racing snakes I might add, huddled together looking nervous.  I don't suppose they noticed how nervous I was at leading a big, probably very mixed ability group like this one.

I let all the other groups go out first, and then as group 2 left we followed behind them, even following them right, along Crossways.  But then we turned right to run up Kingsway.  I shall introduce them to the 'Run like Scooby Doo' over the 'Troll Bridge'  PhysioMike's idea about the Scooby Doo running, and it's something that I have remembered too.  I am sure it has helped with my running too!  There we were, all 19 of us running, yes running, very quietly over the bridge.  That troll didn't even know we were there!  Perfect running, and I am sure even PhysioMike would be impressed with that!

We ran around Crestview still a nice steady pace and then we crossed over.  Crescent Drive is where we are heading, the nicer way with the undulations going in our favour.  I looked back and I could see that we were spreading out again, so my whistle came out once we got to Shepperton to have a quick pitstop while we regrouped.  Once we were all together, I told the faster ones to run all the way to the end of the road, and if we are not there with me then they can either wait or loop back to us.

Once we were all together again we ran along to the bridge and walked under it.  I told her that we need to look extremely happy and fit and enjoying ourselves when we run past the Daylight Inn! We had a quick break once we got back to the Memorial Hall.  Now my plan comes into play!  Just so the faster ones don't get bored, and so that the sweepers can bridge the gap, my plan was to jog along all together but then I will say "Change!" meaning everyone will change their pace, once we got to a lamppost of my choice. The the faster ones, and those that want to, will sprint along to the next lamppost, once there they will jog or walk back to join the rest of the group.  The slower ones, could speed up or walk to the next lamppost.  In theory, and remember this theory was formed in my head, I was thinking that we should all finish together, and all be suitable worked hard and feel totally satisfied with their run today!

Well, it seemed to work well.  I even remembered to send them along Little Thrift,  while some of the others ran along to Crossways with the sweepers!. We almost finished together as one group, not too bad.  But also not only was our group finishing but the other groups were all making their way back to the rec!  Yup, I am pleased with that.  I just hope that the runners had a good time, and no-one felt left out or felt they were holding everyone back, because to me, it all came together well!

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