Wednesday, 25 May 2016

Max And Lillie, A Love Story?

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Who are Max and Lillie, I hear you ask, well they came running with us today. They had never met before this morning, and it looked as if Max was besotted with her ad soon as he set eyes on her.  She looked gorgeous, dressed in pink and no girl is complete unless she has diamonds, Lillie was no exception.  Max just rocked up looking as if he had just jumped out of bed, wearing exactly what he had on the night before probably, but Lillie did show a little interest!

While they made puppy eyes at each other, I know, it really was to sweet watch them both, I chatted to the rest of the group that was here, J.J. Tanya and Tracy.  "Through the woods we are going" I said to them, while the others were fine with that, Lillie was wondering if she should have left the pink indoors!  Max, well, he just thought "Bring it on!" Typical bloke!

We all set off, with Lillie looking a little nervous but she was tried to overcome that but actually setting the pace!  I was thinking that maybe I will be reeling her in, after all Wednesday day running is all about group 1 speed!  Tracy and Tanya were pacing behind with Max just letting Lillie have her limelight.  I can definitely feel that could be something in the air.

Once we got through Dog Poo Ally we turned left, Max who felt right at home and free from ties just looked around and just started to make things his own! Typical bloke!  With Lillie still maybe a little nervous stayed with me and J.J. in front, firmly tied to J.J.'s side I might say!  The paths were just a little sticky, with everybody just finding the driest route around them, successfully I might add.  I couldn't remember if I had introduced Tanya and/or Tracy to Goss hill, but I decided not to say anything to them, just let them see it, and learn to love it (as I am trying to do!)  Hills are our friends.

So after running down towards the river we turned left to run along beside it.  J.J. encouraged Lillie to go explore, you know let off the leash, enjoy the country side.  She did, Max ran up beside her and the two of them ran along together enjoying all that the woods can offer!  I was pretty warm when we were running by the river, although the sun wasn't out, it felt quite muggy as if it really was going to rain, I was just hoping that the mozzies were not about near the water feeling hungry!

J.J. and I spoke about what was next, I think Lillie must had heard because again she was literally tied to J.J.'s side again, but I asked her not to let on to Tanya and Tracy, we shall let them find out by themselves.  I got them to walk the last couple of feet along the path before we turned right to face Goss Hill.  "It's a hill, isn't it" said Tanya, "Am I going to like it?" she said said.......Is she going to like, she eckers like!  "Nah" was the answer I gave her!

I decided that I was just going to go for it, see how far I can get up this blooming hill before stopping, I will get up it again in one go, I know I will, just got to get it into my head,  "Just take it nice and steady till you get to the top" I said to them and then I started on the hill.  J.J. and Lillie were in front, Max, Tanya and Tracy were behind me.  I was on a mission, I wanted so much to get to the top of this hill.  I kept running as long as J.J. and Lillie were running I was going to run, no stopping, just keep on at it, don't stop.

I saw that J.J. and Lillie had stopped running and started to walking, I didn't want to stop, I was going to keep going, see how far I could get.  I passed J.J. and Lillie, "Go passed us" she said and I just kept on running!  I failed!  But I did get further up than I have ever done before.  I think next time I do this I am just going to do it!  Stop being a woose and just do it!

I waited till all the others got up, which wasn't that long at all really.  "I didn't like that at all" Said Tanya, I think Tracy was just glaring at me!  Still, it's all going to be down hill now.......after the other little undulations of course.

The little undulations are after we have come along behind Coopers school, we had to run up Botany Bay Lane and then turned right to go along the top of the woods.  By now both Tracy and Tanya know when there is a hill coming, apparently I can be read like a book with just one question asked of me "Are there any more hills!"  Maybe the bigger the smile on my face reflects the severity of the hill!  But I did smile when then asked me that as we were running down the bridle path.

It was a bit sticky in places along here and I managed to find the wettest bit with my foot!  But it was fine, we were nearly on the long down hill.  I think Lillie decided that if Max was even in the 'boyfriend' potential then he will have to like her when she is not at her best and she went straight through a wet muddy puddle up to the to of her feet! Max went around the outside of the puddle, maybe he was thinking he could get away with going for a run and not having to have a shower after, typical bloke!

So we made it to the top of the woods with just the middle of the woods path to run down.  It was just great, Running all the way down, looking behind to making sure that the others were behind us.  Almost there now, just a little further and then there it was.  Dog Poo ally, the end of our run, the rain held off too, it wasn't too hot and Lillie and Max seemed to have been able to get on without too much fuss too.  Maybe we will be able to take them walkies together next time we all go running!

Max and Lillie!

We walked the rest of the way to the rec, to give the little pooches a rest.  They did really well to keep up with running with us.  A great afternoon.

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