Tuesday, 3 May 2016

Club Run - Welcome Newbies!

Hello blog lovers.
Group 1 today, with two more
already at the top of the slope!

So, it's the Tuesday after parkrun and we had an open invitation to any of the graduates to come along to our club and check it out!  There were loads!  I couldn't count them all as they were already so keen to get going they were already at their chosen posts!

It was good to have Tracy and Tracey in my group, Carole and Michael came along, although Michael could quite easily run with group 2 he thought he would get Carole settled into group 1 first.  Such a lovely thing to do, a brilliant running couple!  Just fills your heart doesn't it! Who else did we have from the graduates, Dotty was there, as well as our regulars and the team! Plus we had  a completely new new comer!

I chose a route that wasn't to hilly, just a nice introduction to club running.  The banter that was going on behind me as I led the way was a a joy to listen to........it also made me think that maybe I should work them a bit harder.......next time!  I don't want to scare them off.....mwahhhaaaaaaa! (that's an evil laugh by the way!)  Just a few short weeks ago they were were beginners, and now they are PWR's.  Of course, this does mean that I am having to stay on form, make sure that I can keep up or at least just keep slightly ahead of everyone.  My own running mojo was at a very low ebb before the beginners, and my running was suffering a bit.  But since doing the beginners course it has picked up.
I am determined to keep my Saturdays as early morning running (to me getting up for 9:00 parkrun is early).  And besides, I have NaggyNeighbour and Tracy relying on me now, sort of, as I said I could do the driving!  Until the next beginners course anyway!  And then I get another fantastic mojo fixing couple of months when we do it all again.

We were all running pretty tightly, and my Garmin said we were running at the right pace.  I had forgotten to take of the Auto-stop, so my time shows actually moving time, which is always good to see anyway!  It was good to hear everybody encouraging everyone else to keep going as well.  I think once you know how difficult running can be you can really appreciate and empathise will all your fellow runners efforts, and so you automatically just encourage, it's just part at parcel of being runners, and being PWR's at that!

Anyway, the course took us across the 'troll' bridge and around Crest View.  We then ran all the way along Crescent drive after crossing over the road.  With the regular walking breaks and the occasional stop just for a catchup we completed the rest of the course.  Of course, when I got to the end of Shepperton I remembered the route that we went a different way the last time we came down here.  I like that route and decided to do it again.  With maybe just cutting out St. Johns road, we will stick to Beaumont instead, I can always add an extra couple of easy roads to make up the difference.

We ran over the rail bridge, passing the message back to 'Mind the lip'.  There is this little 'lip' thing on the other side of the bridge that has always got some of our runners tripping up on it!  But not this time as we all ran over it safely.  With just Beaumont road to go, more or less, I checked our stats and realised that we will need to run past the Daylight Inn and add in those couple of extra roads, Woodside and Manor way with Hazelmere thrown in for good measure.

It was a brilliant run and I thoroughly enjoyed it, and everyone was leaving with a smile on their face, of plans to register on the PWR website and when they are next going to run.  And more important they were asking how far they had run today!  So, take a look, geeky stats for you.

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