Thursday, 19 May 2016

Barking Mad And Cinders!

Hello blog lovers.

I didn't manage to write up my blog for yesterday, so I'm doing here, now.  And then I shall write up about todays one.

Yesterday I met up with Tanya and little Max, her adorable little dog in Normans Park.  I also had a little running partner too, Dexter, my adorable 'grand-dog' (my daughters dog!).  Although Dexter was pleased to see me, he wasn't too keen on going was absolutely pouring out!  It was the type of rain the when it hit the ground it bounced up again making bubbles on the floor as it did.  I had hoped that by the time I got to the park it would have stopped, or at least eased up a bit.

By the time me and Deci got there the rain had eased up a bit, and I was looking out for Tanya. We knew it was going to be a wet run.  Just as well we had agreed to run in the park and not the woods.  Our plan was to do just 2 laps of the park, but non stop.  No speed work, no interval running, just non stop all the way.  Of course, I said that entirely forgetting that we had our pooches with us!

Pooches have no intention of just running around, by our side, just because we said so! Oh no, there is investigation to be doing if you have four furry legs.  Trees to sniff, paths to explore.....going to the toilet, playing with new found friends.....ignoring my calls to heel!  So it wasn't a completely non stop run, and I had to run back after my disobedient pooch.  Tanyas little dog was so well behaved compared to Dexter.

I was glad I said that we were only going to do 2 laps, because I don't think Dexter wanted to do another lap, he was like a baby, jumping up at me to be picked up!  We got back to the car park and we decided that we would do our stretches at our homes.  The rain had started to get heavier again.  Dexter was looking for a nice dry warm towel and and cosy lap to sleep on!  He was shivering, muddy and worn out, but I think he liked meeting Max and making friends in the park with the other dogs.  He wasn't too impressed with our running though!  In fact, he probably thinks we are barking mad for being out here running in the rain!

Here's a geeky stats.

Thursday Morning.

This morning was a lot better than yesterday, weather wise!  It wasn't the bright sun shining day that I love, but at least it wasn't raining.  I drove along to the rec in readiness to have a great run.  Due to the rain yesterday I decided that the Cinder Path would be my preferred route.  I wanted to have a good run today, and not tiptoe around puddles.  Our Thursday group seems to be growing as well as the main Tuesday night runs.  (180 for this Tuesday!). In my group we had 9 or us and in DiscoRich's....well there were loads as well.

ZippySherry was with me, and Janet, my fellow sweeper on a Thursday run!  Plus, Trish, Gina, Debbie, Vishali, Tracey (from Tuesday Group 2)  and another lady whose name escapes me!  We set off towards Tudor Way, chatting away as we usually do.  It was a bit overcast but it felt warm, muggy even.  I guess after the rain yesterday it probably would still be a bit steamy out here as it all dries up.  

When we were running through the Cinder Path I noticed just how green everything is.  It's like the path by me when I walk the little girl to school, everything is just a lovely green colour.  I love it, it looks so fresh, I just love this time of year, it's not quite summer but it's doing a great impression of it.    It smells so fresh too, apart from the odd 'accident' from the animals on the path!  

We were going to go right to the end, and today, instead of going back to the rec via the road, we are all going to do the loop around the housing estate and then go back down the Cinder path.  Why should we run along by the smelly traffic!?  Breathing in car fumes?  Not when we can just nip back along the path!  So that's what we did.

We had faster runners and we had the slower runners,  let's just say I lead from the back today.  When we got to Tudor way, we I gave the option of running straight down to Crossways or going an extra mile by going past the pub and along the undulations.  Four chose to go the longer way while the rest of us took the more direct root!

It was a great run, but my legs were really feeling it today.  I was wondering then if maybe running this evening would be just pushing things slightly.  I made the decision later that day that I would have a chill Thursday evening instead.

Geeky stats.

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