Thursday, 11 August 2016

Wanted! For being the Best At Hide And Seek

Hello biog lovers!

So this morning the dude turned up at my house this morning so his mum can go to work.  We headed for the rec to see if there were any other kids who were going to be there this morning.  But alas, it was just me and dudie!, my grandson!  Obviously not enough to do team games with so, as like last week, I was forced to run again!  This week though I was prepared!  Had my tea and breakfast early!

We said our cheerios to all the Thursday runners and we headed out for the woods.  Just as we came out of the gate and just a little way along Crossways the dude said "My legs are tired!"  I think we had been running for about 2 minutes!  This is going to be the longs 1.5 miles I've done in a while!

And so the walking with a tiny bit of running begins.  We had a great time in the woods, and of course I had my camera out, and before I knew it, a little story unfolded!  Here it is!

It was a warm morning and Nanny decided to take dudie to the woods for a nice walk.  Here he is, look how happy he is!

What a sweet boy

Doesn't he look like a good little boy. They walked on up through the middle of the woods and Dude spotted a great tree to climb, here this is him atop of the tree.....ok just to the first branch! Nanny got the first picture and Dude disappeared. Can you see him?
I can climb trees

Dude called out to Nanny "Nanny, look, I can see you!"

I'm hiding

Nanny had a job to spot him, can you?
I'm getting good at this nanny

Nanny and Dude continued on the run.......oops sorry, their walk up to the top of the path, they turned right and walked and ran just a little, along the top.  Nanny told Dude to look out for a clearing in the woods and a stone with a sun dial on it.  Guess what, he found it!

What's the time nanny?

When Nanny checked the lovely picture she took of him she looked up to show it to Dude but he had disappeared again.

Can you spot him?

Hi Nanny, I'm here

They continued on there rather surprisingly pleasant walk even though there was just the tiniest of showers falling through the clearing.  Dude took his Nanny's hand as he chatted away about all sorts of things, his foot ball skills, what he wanted for lunch, how fast he can run (he may run fast for 30 seconds, but then his legs get tired!).  "Oh look, a fallen tree" he said and ran off towards it.

Can you spot him?
I walked along here!

They were going down hill now, back the way they came, they said hello to so many friendly dogs, big ones small ones, senior dogs and puppy dogs.  It really was a young boys dream walk.  Full of trees to climb, sundials to look at and logs to walk along, what more can a small boy possible want. Ferns, that's what! "Nanny, nanny, can you see me? I'm hiding!"

Can you spot him?

They make great arrows!

He decided that he could have another little run and was doing well, until they came across a fallen tree, with the roots upended! "I can climb this big tree" And with that he disappeared again!

Can you spot him?

It must have been a big
wind to take this down

They were nearly at the ally way again, "My legs are tired, are we nearly out of the woods nanny" Dudie asked, "Yes we are" she said, "look there is the entrance to the ally"
"Oh good" he said. And then he disappeared again.

Can you spot him?

Just what I needed!

"I only had a little lay day" he said with a cheeky smile on his face. He held his Nanny's hand as they went through the tunnel, and near the end he ran off again, "Just one last time" he said giggling

Can you spot him?

just the last time!

What a fun morning run.........walk they had through the woods.

Nanny even had her Garmin running, here look at the route they took.

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