Saturday, 27 August 2016

Got To Get Fast ParkRun - Yes I can!

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Naggy made sure that everyone saw me agreeing to come along to parkrun run today, by asking me on Facebook last night!  So this morning I went over to her house and we made our way to Normans Park.  It's the seventh anniversary of Bromley parkrun, so there is a bit of a party atmosphere and not only that but we are running the course in reverse!  Starting from the other end of the park, so at least we don't have the long walk to the other side, but it does mean that we have the long straight running upwards!

I was in two minds as to what I really wanted to do.Especially after Martin, the Run director said that we should take it easy, it is warm afer all, and it is fun! But  still, did I want to just plod around and see if I can do well by myself, or do I run with Wendimoo! Well I have missed her chat!  Or......and  this is subconsciously what I really I get Naggy to try and get me to sub 37, preferably 36 minutes?  I opted for Naggy! Of course I did.  Well, if I dish it out to all those that come under my wing then I must be prepared to have it dished up to me!  I don't tell people to do something if I am not prepared to do it myself.  Pushing through the mental barriers!  It's going to be blimmin hard!

My last parkrun was 38 minutes dead, so now I am attempting to try and cut off 2 minutes!  Well that is something I dont tell the beginners to do, I usually say try and cut of just a few seconds each time!  At least each parkrun will be a PB! See, I'm not just a pretty face.......seriously at the moment I am flushes does nothing to make you look good, even when I'm not running!

We started our run, I think I even managed to start my Garmin virtually the same time as the whistle went! So the time at the end should be the same as mine, but I won't be looking at my Garmin, I was thinking of running gadget free, but I just love Geeky stats! I just had to do it!  Naggy was on my case straight away, "Ok, this is a good pace, keep this going for the whole way round and we will be on for a 36"  Literally from that moment it was non stop.........encouragement from Naggy!

I ran the first mile, no problem, I usually do run the first mile no problem, once I get over that initial starting off.  And then thats when my Psyche starts on me.  And that is where Naggy comes into her own.  She kept me going for another half a mile maybe before I did a walk, which really was only for a few seconds, but it's a big be fat No No in Naggy's world.  "You can do this, it's all in you mind" she kept saying to me.  I know it is all in my mind, at least I think it is, it's probably with my mojo to be honest!  I know I had it before! I just kept glaring at the back of Naggy! Maybe my mojo is somewhere 'inside', you know just like the 'Fifth Element' that blue singing creature! Yeah, mojo is there, just got to get closer!
Look at all them missing mojos!

When I did walk a bit too long then Naggy came behind me and starting shoving me along, "Oh no you don't" she said, "You wanted me to push you, and that's what I will do"  She's tough!  But she knows me, she knows what I can do, probably better than I do!  That second lap around the park was really tough for me!  Going down the I shall re-phrase that, going up the long straight seemed like a 10 mile stretch before me.  The heat was getting to me by this time, Naggy had bought her water, I did have some of that a bit earlier!

I really wanted to do well.  Doing this in the opposite direction does make it 'feel' different, seems harder....or it could be that it's just warm, and I was running a bit faster than normal and other factors!  I stopped running and gave out a "argggh!"  "Don't you stop, you can do it" said Naggy. Just then a chap came running past me "Don't give up, don't ever give up, keep going" he called back at me as he ran on by!

From the car park at Hook Farm end of the park I really tried to stay focused.  Naggy was giving me a count down of what time was left for a 36 something finish.  I really wanted it, I really wanted it.  I ran as best as I could, "Look, there's the yellow sign, there's the funnel, you can do this, under 37" she said, "Come on, you can do it"  "I can do it, I can do it, ys I can!" I was saying in my head, I tried to pick up the pace just a little bit more, I ran as hard as I thought I could, the yellow sign getting nearer and nearer!  And then it was over!  I did it.  I stopped my Garmin as I went past the 'counter' marshal and then walked along the long, long.....long funnel!

Oh boy, I must have really did pushed hard, I mean really hard, especially that last bit.  My stomach decided that it no longer wanted anything in there!  I started heaving,.....and farting as I walked to the end to collect my token, but the heaving wouldn't stop!  I was nearly sick in the funnel, but I managed to 'hang' on for just a little bit longer, just not long enough!  I had to run out of the funnel, ignoring my token, to puke up by the side!!

My goodness, that was awful!  The puking bit, not the running.....all though that was pretty tough also! After just a few minutes of sitting on the grass, getting my breathing all right again I got up and walked over to the water to grab a cup, gratefully received from of our newest PWR's from the beginners group this year.  She and her hubby are doing brilliantly!  Both of them got in before me, and looking totally at ease with it all!  Sterling stuff!

Geeky stats, oh and my official time for parkrun today was 37:12!  One second quicker than my Garmin!

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