Saturday, 20 August 2016

parkrun - Bromley!

Hello blog lovers.

I managed to get my fat ass out of the door this morning to do my local parkrun.  It was all Naggy Neighbours doing really.  She text me last night to see if I was doing parkrun, and of course, being the in pub with the Old Boy and Sister-in-law I had to say "Yes of course".  Its amazing how much a beer can affect your mood!  We didn't stop off and have a curry afterwards either, so I wasn't 'pigging' out.  Oh, apart from we did stop in Tescos, I needed the loo, and then we had to buy something of course.  As we didn't have any dinner I had just a nice little snack of sushi, the Old Boy had a sandwich..........oh and we bought 3 Kispy Kreme donuts!

So come this morning when my alarm went off to remind me of what I said last night I had to get up.  I think Naggy knows me quite well know. Sending me a text last night instead of this morning was a very cunning plan of hers!

So there I was, in the park with Naggy and chocolate (that's the dog by the way and not a pre run snack) and we were walking over to the start of the run.  The wind had picked up, and it was a lot cooler than it has been, so maybe this saturday will be the start of chipping away those slow times on my parkrun.  But really I should be just happy that I am at least out running.  Matthew Stevens was there this morning celebrating his 50th parkrun.  And there is cake!  I am hoping that will get me around a bit faster too!

The whistle was blown and the crowd surged forward, Naggy said "Come on then, get going" And with that she she disappeared along with Chocolate into the crowd.  She seems to run so easily at speed, like she is just out for a walk!  I must learn to run like that, like it is not bothering me at all.  I am sure my face contorts in to squished up raisin look as soon as I start running!

I stayed with the crowd and kept an eye on my Garmin,  I think next week I am going to run Garmin free, and just take the official time.  sometimes I looked at my watch today and saw that I was running a bit faster than I have been used to of late, so if I haven't got it going then I won't know!  Less pressure! I will wear it though, just so that I can count my steps, it would be sacrilege not to record all those steps!

I was finding it tough, but then I have always found running tough! The very odd occasion, way back when, I got into 'the zone' where I though I could run and run and run.  But I just want to keep on running.  I know that exercise boots your mood, gives you a natural high, and I know that I have been feeling off colour.  I blame 'this time of my life'  when mother nature decides for you that things need 'changing'.  It truly is awful!

My temperature gauge is now 'out of order'! My body don't know if I am hot or cold.  Even during the night my body thinks that I am in the Sahara Desert, and throws everything there is to try and 'cool me down'!  And apparently I have been a bit moody, (not noticed it myself) with everyone.  And loads of other things.  And of course the stress and bereavement of my mother-in-law has all taken a toll on me.

But from today (again) I need to refocus (again) and try everything to get back to that happy go lucky, Old Girl that I was before I become Ancient Girl!  On the second lap of todays run, (or was it the first? Another symptom, forgetfulness apparently)  I was passed by a lady and we started chatting.  And for the rest of the run we both used each other to pace ourselves.  She passed me, I caught up and over took her, she caught up and over took me.  It was a game of cat and mouse!  There were times she was so far in front of me that I thought I just wouldn't bother keeping up with her.  But I told myself off, even slapped my ass to get a move on again.  I caught her up.  with just the last little bit to do I even over took her as we came off the grass onto the tarmac for the short straight to the funnel.  I was puffing out my backside as I tried to remain in front of her. but I ran out of steam again, and she over took me!  I walked for just a little bit and then picked it up again.  I could see Naggy by the tree stretching out, she had finished her run and she was waiting to do what she does best when it concerns me and that's nag!  "Come on Old Girl, keep it going, push it, push it"  I picked up the speed again, I focused my steely stare at the back of 'my race' head as I followed her, breaching the gap with every three strides!  I just wish there was just a little bit more tarmac to run because I felt sure I could catch up to her!  But alas no.  She got in about 10 seconds before me!  What a great run that was!   I felt a bit sick afterwards but I managed to hold on to my dignity!  Probably just as well I didn't remember to get any of the cake that Matthews mum brought along!

So my official result from parkrun is 38:00 dead!  And my Garmin says......well, all the geeky stats are here! Almost 2 minutes quicker than last week!  I will take that!

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