Monday, 15 August 2016

Finding Mojo!

Hello blog lovers.

Look at this, it's Monday and I'm writing up a running blog!  I am seriously looking for my mojo, my solo running mojo, that is.  I know it's somewhere around.  I tried to look for it at parkrun, with hundreds of others, but it wasn't there.  This evening I decided I needed to get out an run, see where my mojo is.  The Old Boy decided to come along with me.  His mojo for exercises has hibernated!  So we are both looking for it.

I had thought I would do about 3 mile or just over, my usual route along the pavements, but with the Old Boy with me we decided to go into the woods instead!  It's always a huge bonus going through the woods, and we still had the light with us.

We took the car to the carpark of Jubilee Park and began our run from there, where we used to run together.  I have a feeling though that this evenings run is going to be a lot slower than when we ran together way back then!

I always struggle with that first mile, my breathing is all over the place, I'm panting like hot
dog!......mmmmm hotdog..........? No, back in the room Old Girl.  I am trying to keep my diet as healthy as I can as well, it's day one!  So far I had breakfast.....2 weetabix, lunch....chicken salad wrap and dinner.........dusted lemon sole with salad.  So food is on my mind!  I like eating, but I like being lighter too, not as heavy as I am now.  That is going to take a lot of hard work, I know that.

This run today, on a Monday, is the start of a new regular routine! Just need to stay focused.  by the time I get to the other side of the park I am thinking "Ok, so far, so good"  It's only half a mile!  I know by the time we get to the bridges it will be a mile and I should be into my stride!  Oh if only it happened that way, because, of course, after the bridges and just along the road, we turn left and we are faced with Goss Hill!  I so hate hills! I really do!  I am trying to kid myself that I hate them that much it is bordering on love!  You know that whole fine line thing?!  Maybe this is the year that I can really 'enjoy' hills!  But not this evening!

I walked some of the hill, it's understandable, but while I was walking that hill I promised myself that I would run up that other hill, the one just before the top of the woods, the one that my group 1 ladies did the other week! I had that in my mind, I kept my running nice and easy going with that in mind.  I really wanted to run that hill and not give up!

The Old Boy seems to be doing really well, considering he hasn't done any cycling for quite some time, but I guess working still keeps him fit.  Hewas encouraging me to go a little faster but I knew what my plan was, it's all about working hard but not going eyeballs out!  That to me is not fun.  I know some people really love to push themselves really hard, but that is not me.  Michael, Carole's hubby, now he pushed himself a couple of weeks ago at Thursday track, and he felt a pain in his calf!  It must be a bloke thing........actually not entire true!  I know of at least three ladies who push themselves to the extreme! Jaz, Kat and Sue!  Ultras, tri-athlons.....Ironman!  Me, I will just push myself just a tad more than I usually do on a Tuesday!  I am happy with that, and hopefully, slowly, slowly my fitness will come back and my weight will fall!

That hill came next.  The Old boy took on the hill (like he did with Goss Hill) with his own pace, his own agenda, his own time.  I looked up to the top, I took a deep breath in and then started to run up.  My pace was not to bad as I started, I kept going, kept telling myself not to stop, my legs were burning, my breathing became all out of whack again as I started to pant.  I wanted to stop but I didn't, I didn't stop until I got to the top, just by the junction of the paths at the top!  I felt satisfied with that, I did it.  I walked along towards the middle path, feeling like I did what I needed to do.  It's all downhill now and I will try and run as much of this as I can.

It felt good running down hill, the Old Boy just slightly in front of me, I was running at my own pace, but maybe just little be quicker as I tried to keep up with.  I didn't want to stop, not on the downhill sections.  We got to the bottom, just by Dog Poo Ally and then turned right to run along the path by the rail lines.  Up and over the three bridges.  I tried to run up each set of stairs!  Blimmin eck it hurt! and then through the back of the woods and into the carpark!  All done!

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