Saturday, 15 July 2017


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This morning my alarm went off way to early!  It was the Old Boys work alarm!  I turned it off and tried to get back to sleep.  I don't think I was 'feeling it' this morning!  But I got up, it's a good job I say that I am picking up Tracy otherwise I could quite easily have stayed in bed!

I got myself ready and went over for NaggyNeighbour and then we went to go pick up Tracy, Ade was also joining us today, and he deffo wasn't feeling it! He said he didn't go to sleep until 4 this morning!  A good run is just what is needed then to kick start the day!  I said that to myself as much as to Ade! At Normans park we parked up and walked over to the top end of the park to the start.  There was also a cycling event taking place this morning, that would be starting at around 10:15 I think Matt (Run Director for today) said.  So it was quite busy in the park.

We waited at the top of the park and then everyone else met up there, Carole and Michael, Dave, Kay, Mat!  And an awful lot of blue shirts!  It's the Zero to Hero's graduation day today!  A new influx of runners into this crazy sport, keep fit malarkey!  After all the preliminaries had been done the count down started, 3, 2, 1 go!  We all started running, Naggy and Carole were running together, Naggy was going to pace her to help Carole get a new shiny PB.  She didn't think she could, but by the way that Carole has been running, she has deffo not reached her peak yet!

I just started to run by myself, Tracy and Kay would be running along together.  Then Ade came up and said that he would run with me again.  Oh good, I have someone to nag......encourage to get round. We started chatting as we were running, it's good to help take your mind off the actual running! And I guess going to bed at 4 in the morning is going to take a lot of effort!  Ade  really was struggling but I just kept at him to keep going! We were still gaining on some people though so I overtook a them expecting Ade to be next to me.  I carried on running, and checked behind Ade!  I even looked up in front of me to see if he had over taken a few extra people. But no!  He was even further back than I thought, and he was looking for Tracy and Kay.  I don't think so Ade, "Come on, get back here with me" I said to him. We carried on a bit more, just around the other side of the little brook. A quick stop type stop was needed for him to do his shoe lace up but then we were back to running.

This week though, Ade was really finding it hard to get to the first mile, again he was just a bit behind me so I got him back to my side to get to that first mile.  My legs were feeling quite tired, but I knew if we just keep on running this will soon be all done, that rush of endorphins will come and a big smile on my face will be guaranteed!  We got to the first mile and Ade took a little walking break but only for a short while.  The faster runners started to pass us by as we ran along the long straight!  Their run nearly over, we still had to do one more lap!

The second lap was a bit slower, but I tried to keep Ade going, he wanted me to go on without him, but you know me!  That wasn't going to happen, well, not yet, not while we still had the whole of the lap to do!  Once we got to the Long Straight again we ran together, Ade again said "Go on, you go I'll see you at the end"  Well I did have a place in mind where I would take off by myself if Ade had said that, but we were still only half way along the Long Straight, so I stayed by him until I got to the top end of the park "Ok, I'm going from here, see you at the end" I said to him and I just picked up the pace.  Ade had only one way to go, there really wasn't and room for him not to finish now so I felt confident that he will finish todays parkrun.

I picked up the pace a bit more and crossed the top of the park and started on down the short straights. I dare not walk now, Ade could see if I did or not, after the nagging I gave him I just had to keep on going.  I could see the pavilion and now started to get a bit faster, then I heard the gang, Naggy, Carole and Michael "Come on Old Girl, you can do it"  Naggy started to run next to me, and you know what that means! "Come on a bit more, you can give more" I started to push a bit fast, I caught up with the blue shirts of the Hero's group, the people that me and Ade had passed earlier but then they over took us "Oh look a race" they said, I expect the encouragement from Naggy is all they could hear!  I managed to get past them and got into the funnel.  Then that familiar feeling came over me, the feeling that maybe I shouldn't have pushed so hard!  Nausea!  But at least it wasn't as bad as that first time I really felt nauseous, heaving and farting!  So lady like!

I just stood bent over for a few seconds to recover!  It was a good run!  I enjoyed it! I enjoy the finish, and the beginning, it's the middle bit that I struggle with!

Here's the geeky stats.

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