Tuesday, 11 July 2017

Another Wet Club Run!

Hello Blog lovers.

This is Britain, it is a green and pleasant land!  It stays green an pleasant because ......of the rain of course, I mean how do you keep your lawns and flowers looking gorgeous.  If there is one thing that we on this little island love to do is to moan about our weather.  But for some of us we embrace it, we continue to run in it!  "I have to go to work in it, why not play in it?" the Old Boy often tells me when he's off on a fishing trip in the pouring rain!

I already knew that LittleJ wouldn't be there, and J.J. she wouldn't be coming either, rain and her just don't mix!  Tracy had made her excuses......reasons.... for not being there but I hadn't heard from K.  But I think back in the dark recesses of my mind there maybe be something she told me about not coming!

Anyway, there were a couple of us regulars in group 1, me, IllustriousLeader, Selena (who I always forget her name!) Auriol and........dun dun dahhhhh! Kev2Balls!  He is going to be filming!  I know, it's piddling down raining and Kev2Balls will be filming.  He asked for volunteers to be in the film.  The title or the reason for the film.....Why I Run.  Now that's quite a thing to think about really, especially on days like today. It should be summer, it should be warm, it should be all sunshine a blue sky and running free through the woods.  Yet here we are, the five of us in group 1, with Kev2Balls filming with that "Why I Run" in mind.  Well, on days like this it is hard to wonder why I run.

But I know what got me running in the first place.  And that was my mum!  I am busy writing a blog about it actually, all about Why I Run, I will have it finished soon, I promise!  But today, well it really does make you think about it.  I think craziness comes into it!  But what the heck, we won't melt, right!

I was going to take my group just around the pavements, as running through the woods when it's wet and horrible is not everyone's cup of tea, but with the added excitement of the camera, the wet muddy woods is to irresistible, we just have to have a go.  So after I found out that Kev was coming with us I quickly rethought out another route which included a little bit of the woods before we finished on the pavements.

After all the leaders gave out their routes and pace/distance etc we started running, I was heading for the woods through Dog Poo Ally and then turning right to run up towards Orpington Road.  Kev ran up ahead to get in position to do some filming.  We just ran along at our group 1 pace.  I nearly gave Kev a brill shot for 'You've been framed' but nearly tripping up ......again......!  The bruise on my are is still quite large!  It's turning some lovely colours now tho!  After successfully getting up the hill, Selena doing it in one go, which she was very pleased with, we came out of the woods and unto the pavements.  I was taking them to the little loop around estate, the one with Kevington Road!  Maybe even get them to want to do some hill reps if I talk about how much hills are are friends! Yeah!  Maybe!

We started to run towards the estate, and Kev ran through a puddle, he dropped down and started to film us but we didn't run through the puddle, we were thinking we didn't want to get him wet, or his phone!  But then after he told us we are more than welcome to run through and splash about he started to look for another puddle!  We had the nice down hill towards the little roundabout, Kev had noticed that there was a puddle at the bottom, so he ran down and got into position, we all started to run towards him.

Back up the other side to Kevington road, with that little hill training. Hills are our friends!  I must remember to say this more often, and not only in my head, I need to share this good news with the others! Hills are our friends.  So we come to the little hill we do normally do a couple of reps on.  Could I persuade Selena and Auriol to do it.  Well, Auriol is coming back from injury, so I wasn't so sure, And Selena, well, she is just starting out on this wonderful thing called running, and she hasn't even come through the beginners ranks, she just turned up one Tuesday, ready to run!  Hills are our friends. "Come on then, up to the top, just by the car and then back down again" I said to my little group!  It's raining, it's been raining since we all walked out our door, we've been running in the rain for about 1.5 miles, do you think I could really encourage my group to do at least 2 reps of the hills.  IllustriousLeader of course was first up there and running down again, Selena ran up to the top and said "There's no way I am going back down to run back up" she said.  But the thing about this running malarkey, you just have to see if you can do it, and the next thing you know, you are doing.  Selena started running down again, ready to do a second rep, complaining all the way though!

We ran all the back to Orpington Road, Auriol had pulled something so was walking back, she wouldn't be doing the rest of the run, so Kev decided that he would walk back with her to the rec while we all finished off the route today.  But before he and Auriol went back to the rec he found a big deep puddle for us all to run and splash through!  Lovely!

So a good run today, a little added extra excitment of being filmed, just a little experiment for Kev2balls to see if it was possible.  The lighting was awful, so we shall just have to wait and see.

Geeky stats for you, I have just realised that the satellites had not picked us up until we got in the woods! K9 not looking completely together!  Which means that we did actually run over three miles!  (Just)

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