Sunday, 2 July 2017

Park Run

Hello blog lovers

So a day late for my parkrun blog, but it's finally done.  I really wasn't 'feeling it' on Saturday, in fact I thought I would just go along and support.  But I still got my running shoes on and made an effort, see how I felt when I got out side!

I did feel a little better but decided that I would be running at the back with Tracy, whether she likes it or not!  But I had decided that I wouldn't nag her today, well, if I can't actually do the whole thing how could I possible nag someone to do it too!  We all started together, me, Naggy, Tracy, K, PinkladyJo, LittleJ and......boomerang Wendimoo!  Yup, she is back from her travels and is down this end of the island for a bit!  She is kind of looking for her running mojo too, a new place, new friends, it will take time to get back into it, but she will, our Wendimoo is a lovely soul!  Naggy wasn't feeling it either, so she offered to pace someone to their PB!  No one took her up on it, but those faster runners all moved ahead of me, K, Tracy and PinkladyJo.

After a little while it was just me, Tracy and K left from the 'gang' and chatting along, but then K started to get ahead.  Good, that's exactly what I was hoping.  Although I wasn't going to nag Tracy around todays parkrun I wanted her to see that she needs to push a little bit more, but that she needs to push herself along.  It's all psychologically, I know, I've been there, I am there and I know I will be there again!  But the sight of K pushing ahead, I was hoping that it would do the same for her too.

We were also joined by Helen as well!  Now that lady totally inspires me!  She had cycled down to get to parkrun on time, she has had hip replacements and she is in her seventies! In total awe of her!  She was chatting to us, and she also gave Tracy some advice too which was good.  Parkrunners are great people!

We plodded around the route but the last bit we did some very small interval running, or fartlek training!  Just to get the blood pumping.  Tracy is very good at sprinting, she can really get some speed in there!  Of course we had to do the sprint at the end.  With just a short way to go I said to her "Come on Tracy, over take me! I promise not to speed up any more that this"  I was just in front of her, matching her pace, but I wanted he to go pass me and get to the finish.  Michael saw us as we got nearer, "Come on Tracy, you can do this" She then started to pick up the pace, she managed to catch me up and then she over took me. She started to make some space between us and so I picked up my pace to match hers!  She was running so well, I really pushed hard to try and get to her before the funnel but I didn't manage it!  The girl done good!  Well done Tracy!

So Geeky stats for parkrun 1 July 2017!  I can't believe we are already in the 7th month already!

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