Thursday, 2 February 2017

Thursday Morning!

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This morning was the only run I have done today!  I know Thursdays are usually a double day, but I had this awful affliction that came over me this evening!  Then only cure was......ribs!  It had to be done. I think I am cured, for now!  But I am pleased that I got out this morning for a run.  And I wasn't alone either.  When I got to the rec, Tracy and K were already there waiting with all the others, the faster runners!  J.J. came soon after, ready to go running through the woods!  She had seen Phil and Ian just outside the rec, their legs were covered in mud!  Guess where they had just come back from?  But before she told me that I had decided to do an out and back anyway, mainly because it had been raining and I though the woods would be a little too sticky in the areas that we always go, so it would have been a little difficult to do some decent running in there! Our route was the out and back, along the cinder path, just behind Crofton school!

It looked like the girls were a little disappointed, I think they are really come to love the woods too!  That's good, but it's also good to do some good running.  Along pavements and the cinder path we can do that, walking around the edges of big muddy puddles is a little harder to keep the pace going! We were running at a group 1 pace along Tudor Way, and it felt very comfortable.  The weather was just perfect.  I only had one layer on for this run!  I knew we would soon warm up.

We soon got to the nicer part of todays route, away from the roads, the path that runs behind all the houses at the edge of the woods. Even though it's tarmacked all the way to the end it still feels like we are running in the wood.  There is a stream on our left that we follow from the moment we get on the path behind the school, all the way to we reach the other end of the path.  There is a paddock and field and then the woods on our right!  You can almost believe that you in the country side, if it wasn't for the fact that you can just about hear the traffic still.  It's a popular little walk for dog walkers and ramblers.

It was a perfect run to the end of the path!  We took a little breather and then we ran back the exact same way!  Well, who wants to run along next to the traffic?  On the way back I could tell that Tracy was getting a little tired, the shuffle started.  I remember shuffling, and I know I still do it when I get tired.  But PhysioMiketheMods advice always comes to my mind now, about running correctly.  About your form, about lifting your legs up.  It does make a difference.  When I am tired I think about the form, and try and remember to move my hips in the right position so that my legs can move a lot better, more efficiently.  Then you actually find that you can run faster too!  I know! I tried it on the track......well, not today.....I know....that need to be done......ribs! But it does work.  I shall try it again, and always until it's just natural to run like that! So I can understand the shuffle but we were on the way home, so every step is closer to finishing our run.

It was a good run today, I really enjoyed it....even though I was a bit tired.  I think we were all a little tired, we have all been doing some great running lately.  Having off days is fine, or I should say having slower days is fine!  There was no sprint finish today and we arrived back the rec just as Michelle and Sacha got back.  They made a break away group from the others, just the two of them, as they others were running a little faster than they wanted to!

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